Study Shows Meditation May Slow Aging: Here’s How

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Study Shows Meditation May Slow Aging: Here’s How

You may have experienced the calming benefits of meditation, but did you know it can help you live a longer,...

Does Acupuncture Work? How, Why and Other Options You Should

Acupuncture may seem like hocus pocus, but recent scientific studies confirm what the Chinese have known for over 2,500 years:...

How to Wake Up in the Morning: 5 Key Steps

Oh no, is it really THAT time? There's nothing more disappointing than waking to the jarring sounds of an alarm...

Challenges You May Encounter when Culturing Your Foods – Including

Got a shockingly bad batch of cultured vegetables and don't know why? Learn how negative emotions could be the culprit...

How to De-Stress and Refocus on YOU after the Holidays

If the end of the holiday season has you hitting the snooze button one too many times, NOW is the...

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