Your Gut Can Influence How You Feel: It All Starts with GABA and Serotonin

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Your Gut Can Influence How You Feel: It All Starts

In the most recent issue of Psychology Today, Dan Hurley explores the fascinating connection between the brain and the gut...

Beets, Beets — the Magical Root: Root Juice Vs. Prescription

Just Beet It! Add fermented beets to your salad dressing. Blend the following ingredients in your Vita-Mix or high-speed blender and...

Have Your Gluten Free Bread and Enjoy it Too: Three

Don’t have time to bake? We recommend trying the delicious high quality breads from Grindstone Bakery. They are specially fermented with...

Women: Here’s How You are More Responsible for Your Granddaughter’s

Maternal grandmothers have a profound effect on their grandchildren’s health. Find out how each and every one of us can...

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