Is Your Diet Causing Acne, Wrinkles, or Eczema?

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Is Your Diet Causing Acne, Wrinkles, or Eczema?

Do you want to get rid of acne, avoid wrinkles, and slow the aging process? You can limit the number...

2012 Update: Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Working

Some of us are all about New Year’s resolutions - while others believe that every day is an opportunity to...

Increase Your Well-Being With The Body Ecology Diet

By Donna Gates, as seen on: There are about 100 million people in the U.S. who deal with digestive disorders....

10 Action Tips for Supporting Your Body & the Planet’s

By Donna Gates, as seen on: Why have we become addicted to foods that taste good yet make us feel...

How the Bacteria in Your Gut Affect Your Body Weight

Do you limit your food intake and still find that you gain weight? Have you tried dieting, only to gain...

A Review of the 7 Key Healthy Eating Principles

Usually when New Year resolutions are made, weight loss and better health often lead the list. Yet many of us...

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