Do You Need an Enema for Your Brain?

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Do You Need an Enema for Your Brain?

As good as it feels to get cozy under blankets and sink into your pillow at night, sleep isn’t a...

Improve Brain Health and Performance with This Surprising Superfood

Products that may interest you: [product id="4"] In 2009, a team of scientists teamed up with the National Education Departments...

Improve Your Memory and Focus!

Products that may interest you: [product id="37"] Even though your brain represents just 2% of your body weight, it receives...

A Natural Remedy for Depression and Trauma: Watsu Body Therapy

When it comes to emotions, the brain is often held responsible for all things psychological. The brain is where neurotransmitters...

Your Gut Can Influence How You Feel: It All Starts

In the most recent issue of Psychology Today, Dan Hurley explores the fascinating connection between the brain and the gut...

How to Protect Your Brain from Aging

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Secret! Whatever you do in life that brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment requires your...

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