Is Plastic Getting in the Way of Your Hormones?

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Is Plastic Getting in the Way of Your Hormones?

What you eat matters. But what about how it’s packaged? BPA (or bisphenol A) is used in plastic goods and...

How to Protect Yourself Against BPA

Have you heard of BPA—otherwise known as bisphenol A? Prenatal exposure to BPA is associated with breast cancer and prostate...

Cleansing Environmental Toxicity and Heavy Metals

Over the last several generations, we have seen the emergence of a new kind of disease mechanism: environmental toxicity. At...

Think You’re Genetically Predisposed to Disease and Obesity? Find How

You are what you eat. The more time scientists spend with the human body, the more they realize that what...

Happy Birthday to Our Canned Food: The Food Can Celebrates

Reading the ingredient list on a canned food label doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.  Read more about...

What Type of Bottles, Containers & Other Packaging Are Most

Drinking water should be healthy for you, but some plastic water bottles may leach a dangerous chemical into your water...

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