New 90-Day Detox Mentorship Program

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New 90-Day Detox Mentorship Program

This Summer, I have been invited to be one of three VIP guest teachers in a brand new 90-Day Detoxification...

Century-Old Phages May Be The Answer to Help Prevent Food

Government officials recently found 62,000 pounds of raw beef, from an Aurora, Illinois company, possibly tainted with E.coli bacteria.  In...

A Review of the Most Popular Diets

Whether it’s a New Year or not, you may be hopping on a new bandwagon to try a new way...

Autism Truths: Causes and Prevention

http://www.bedrokcommunity.org/ http://bodyecology.com/autism.php Donna Gates, creator of Body Ecology, speaks about the cause of autism. Autism can be prevented with proper...

Increase Your Well-Being With The Body Ecology Diet

By Donna Gates, as seen on: There are about 100 million people in the U.S. who deal with digestive disorders....

10 Action Tips for Supporting Your Body & the Planet’s

By Donna Gates, as seen on: Why have we become addicted to foods that taste good yet make us feel...

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