Your Gut Responds to Where You Live

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Your Gut Responds to Where You Live

Products that may interest you: [product id="20"] Microbiologists speculate that bacteria in the human body, mostly residing in the gut,...

Bacteria Respond to Your Hormones: How Stress Feeds Candida

You’re not the only one that can sense stress. The bacteria living in your body can too!  Stress signals to...

A Unique, Easy and Healthy Approach to Making Cultured Vegetables:

Find out how Certified Body Ecology Coach Roxanne Bockman stumbled upon a cultured vegetable recipe that got her kids and...

If You’re Taking Antibiotics, Here’s What You Need to Know

Now you have another great reason to enjoy your green tea! New superbugs have developed antibiotic resistance, but green tea...

Inflammation: The Real Cause of All Disease and How to

The Body Ecology Diet book addresses the sources of inflammation - one of the silent causes of aging and disease. Get...

Get the Bile Out! How the Growing Disease Called NAFLD

LivAmend is a specially formulated supplement that supports liver function, increases bile flow and improves bowel elimination. Are you certain...

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