The Problem with Vegan Protein – And How to Fix It

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The Problem with Vegan Protein – And How to Fix

Is your vegan protein fermented? It better be. Unfermented plant-based sources of protein contain molecules that bind to minerals and...

Top 5 Causes of Belly Bloat

Products that may interest you: [product id="13"] Feeling bloated immediately after a meal or a few hours after a meal...

4 Steps to Eliminate Heartburn!

Over-the-counter relief often provides little help. This leads many to turn toward pharmaceutical grade antacids, which either do not work...

Trouble Digesting Breast Milk? How to Remedy Infant Acid Reflux

If your newborn infant is not properly digesting breast milk, your doctor may suggest that you feed your baby formula....

3 Ways to Heal Heartburn Naturally and Fight H. Pylori

Heartburn drugs may provide little relief. As common as heartburn is, many people turn to conventional over-the-counter or pharmaceutical antacids,...

5 Natural Ways to Ease Heartburn

Just how common is heartburn? Heartburn is pretty common. In fact, it may be the most common digestive disorder in...

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