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Soda Tax: Do We REALLY Need A New Tax to Eat Healthy?


Do you crave the energy and sweet taste that soda gives you? Well, the health detriments of soda are so prevalent that the government is being asked to consider a soda tax to stop people from drinking it. If you love the quick energy boost of soda, learn how you can avoid the dangers and indulge in health-promoting elixirs instead!

Craving a Pepsi or Mountain Dew?

Before you gulp one down, think again: Not only are these chemically flavored sugar drinks unhealthy, but they could also cost you a bit more in the near future. Legislators across the globe are tossing around the concept of a “soda tax” or “obesity tax.”

This new tax holds the possibility of solving both a budget fiscal crisis and obesity issues by implementing an 18% sales tax on non-diet soda and sugary drinks. New York State Governor David Paterson, one of the strongest proponents for the tax, believes it could raise $404 million starting in April 2010 (the new fiscal year), which could go toward funding obesity-fighting public health programs.1

The general public makes unwise health decisions everyday, but do we need the government and legislation to start deciding for us?

Advice and suggestions are welcomed and essential for our health education, but we encourage you NOT to wait for government intervention to make smart, healthy choices for you and your family.

By utilizing the Body Ecology diet as a guide, you can make your own changes in a step-by-step fashion that’s comfortable for you and your lifestyle.

Get Energy and That Sweet Taste Without A Soft Drink!

Soda isn’t just an obesity culprit. It can have immediate, negative effects on your health, such as:

  • Soda can cause lower calcium levels and and higher phosphate levels in the blood, which leads to weakened bones, especially among children.
  • Additionally, the sugar in some soft drinks is damages white blood cells by limiting their ability to ingest and kill bacteria for several hours. 2

Why drink these toxic substances when there are so many other options?
If you want to boost your energy AND the health of your body, here are 5 insider tips for getting off soda for good:

  1. Energy BoostInnergyBiotic is a delicious, sweet-tasting and gluten-free probiotic liquid with a kick – it helps increase your body’s natural energy production without those nasty sugar highs and lows. Red Bull and other various energy drinks are packed full of  ingredients that over time STEAL your energy and health.

    Unfortunately, we are in a 24/7 society where people feel like they need to have a lot of get up and go at all hours of the day. This coupled with a “quick fix” pill popping mentality makes coffee, energy drinks and soda the go-to solutions for a fast hit of energy.

    Don’t be fooled...the quick burst may feel good in the moment, but over time, it takes more and more of these artificial energy boosters to sustain your energy. Probiotics are a much better solution. Working WITH your body’s natural energy system, probiotics help nourish your body so that you can build true energy over time.

  2. Drinks

    Drink to your long-term health. Instead of being tempted by the sugary caffeine high from sodas and energy drinks, you can take charge of your health with all-natural alternatives. Probiotic liquids, like InnergyBiotic not only help boost your energy naturally, they also have fringe benefits like anti-aging, aiding digestion and helping with weight loss and immunity. Whether at home or on the go, try delicious InnergyBiotic or our popular Coco-Biotic as a probiotic-rich alternative to the damaging effects of soda.

    Fizz – The fizz in soda and energy drinks is also fake. Yes, man made fizz is made from health-detracting ingredients. However, probiotics create a natural fizz of their own! Because probiotics are live and active, probiotic liquids have a fabulous fizz, so open the cap slowly when you want to enjoy the benefits.

  3. Flavor – OK, let’s be honest here, most of you like the flavor of soda right out of the can. You might be used to 12 oz. or more of this sweet, fizzy beverage with lunch. Maybe you like the convenience of just popping open the can at meals. Oh, and they’re really cheap, sometimes only $1.00 for 2 liters!

    The real question is, is it truly WORTH it? With the high fructose corn syrup that has been shown to lead to obesity and with ingredients that do nothing for your health or long-term energy…do you really want to treat your body this way in exchange for some quick energy?

    Here’s the thing: you only need 2 oz. of probiotic liquids to help boost your energy and aid your digestion. Once you pour the 2 oz. into a glass, you can flavor them in a number of exciting ways!

    Here are some examples:

    • Naturally sparkling water and Stevia– 4 – 6 oz. of naturally sparkling mineral water will give you a full 8 oz. drink. Now add 5 drops of Stevia and you have an all-natural, healthy and deliciously sweet energy drink.
    • A twist of lemon or lime. Lemon juice and/or lime juice add refreshing flavor to your probiotic liquid energy drink.
    • Smoothie fixings – Love your morning or afternoon smoothie? You can make the healthiest smoothies rich in probiotics with these fruit smoothie and vegetable smoothie recipes !
  4. On the Go – While some people like probiotic liquids right from the bottle, others enjoy the above elixirs and want to take them on the run. Make your favorite energy elixir in advance and carry it in a glass Ball Jar or HDPE plastic non-spill container (Nalgene makes a non-spill container made with HDPE plastic, which is safer than the plastic #7).
  5. DIY – To enjoy the health benefits of probiotics even more affordably, you can do it yourself by making your own young coconut kefir at home! One box of Kefir Starter can make up to 42 one-quart batches of probiotic-rich young coconut kefir. Now that’s something to celebrate!
And to find out the fringe benefits of probiotic liquids, like weight loss, anti-aging, reducing cravings and boosting immunity, read: The Eight Ultra-Healthy Uses of Probiotic Liquids, Recommended Serving Sizes & Storage Tips, and More

Whether or not the soda tax takes effect, you’re already armed with a host of better, healthier beverages that will help safeguard your health for the long term. Have fun concocting your own sweet and tasty drinks and enjoy the real energy boosts!


[i]  A Tobacco-style Tax on Fattening Drinks:

[ii]  “The health effects of drinking soda,”

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