Body Ecology: The Probiotic Diet

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Body Ecology: The Probiotic Diet

These days, people are reaching for more than just yogurt.

Fermented foods, cultured vegetables, and probiotic beverages are available on market shelves more than ever before. Not only do fermented foods enhance digestive health, they also fortify the immune system and help to fight off infection.

Because modern diet tends to focus on foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars, most of us who eat on the go and for quick energy tend to gravitate toward foods that are packaged, processed, and otherwise devoid of life force.

Fermentation enhances and preserves life force.

Traditionally, fermentation was used as a storage system for foods. It prevented food from rotting so that it could be preserved and eaten at a later date. The friendly microflora in say, sauerkraut, not only help to keep the color and crunch of fermented vegetables intact, but these microflora also enhance the enzymatic power of foods and produce valuable micronutrients.

Besides dairy and vegetables, currently some markets also sell fermented sauces, salsas, dips, and bubbly fermented teas. While fermented foods are a welcome addition to the refrigerated section, they have only recently become

While probiotics may be the latest health trend, it is important to support your digestive health with your daily food choices – by enjoying fermented foods and probiotic beverages in your diet.

If you spend any time listening to the health concerns of family, friends, and co-workers, you may notice that many ailments involve:

  • The Immune System: This not only means frequent colds and fungal overgrowth but also cancer, allergies, and autoimmune disorders.
  • The Endocrine System: For example, weight gain, loss of energy, PMS, and even insulin resistance and type II diabetes.
  • Digestive Health: This includes bloating, physical and mental fatigue, allergies, constipation, and inflammatory conditions like joint pain.

What else do these health complaints have in common, besides being fairly ubiquitous?

They are all made significantly worse by modern diet. Modern diet:

  • Excludes traditional foods like raw dairy and fermented vegetables.
  • Emphasizes inexpensive foods that can be mass-produced. This often means bypassing the important process of soaking and sprouting grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts before incorporating them into the diet.
  • Uses extreme food preparation techniques such as chemicals and high heat in order to produce food, destroying any enzymes or bacteria in the food while also removing many of its inherent nutrients.

What is important to remember is that systems in the body are connected.

This means that what is going on in the digestive tract somehow has a relationship to the endocrine glands and to the cells that keep the body’s immune defenses up. Those of us who follow the Body Ecology Diet know that food choice is one of the most powerful interventions available in treating many common diseases and disorders.

On the Body Ecology Diet, when we eat, we eat for the health of the entire body – rather than individual systems. For example, eating a piece of candy does not only provide glucose to brain. A condensed unit of sugar affects the gastrointestinal tract, the immune response, the pancreas, the liver, cortisol levels, and influences the body’s microorganisms; we know that other systems are affected and involved in each and every process that takes place in the body.

Food choices that are based on the health of the entire body, rather than individual systems, are forward thinking and fairly new to both the modern diet and the medical community.

Body Ecology is THE probiotic diet and the only diet on the market that emphasizes the use of beneficial bacteria, proper food combining, and the proper preparation of the Body Ecology grains.

Getting back into traditional, fermented foods and away from sterile, lifeless food is one step closer to nourishing the entire body. Fermented foods allow the digestive tract to safely and easily assimilate raw vegetables and dairy, if dairy is tolerated. Fermented foods also support the detoxification pathways of the body and mitigate the harmful chemicals and metals that are found in today’s modern environment.

Everyone has a unique collection of microorganisms, and Body Ecology promotes sustaining this inner microbial community with fermented foods first, rather than relying completely on a probiotic supplement.

The most common health disorders are the same disorders that have arisen in the last 100 years, during the period when the modern diet with its increasingly processed foods has become common fare. Currently, doctors are finding more and more evidence supporting the relationship between food, environment, and neurological conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and dementia.

Body Ecology is THE probiotic diet and the only diet that offers a comprehensive tool kit that supports the health of the entire body.

Nourishing the body with a probiotic diet is essential in rebuilding the gastrointestinal tract and restoring immune system function to those of us who find their health compromised. In addition, Donna Gates is on the cutting edge of research and a network of doctors, practitioners, and healthcare providers that seek to uplift and educate our individual families, as well as our larger communities.


In today’s world, restoring inner ecology and boosting digestive health with fermented foods and probiotic beverages is nonnegotiable. These fermented foods and probiotic beverages are currently becoming popular on the market and offer us tools to ease a number of health concerns plaguing the immune system, endocrine system, and digestive health.

Unfortunately, these common health issues are made much worse by the modern diet full of processed foods that are devoid of nutrients. The Body Ecology Diet is THE probiotic diet that focuses on eating for total wellness since all bodily systems are connected and work in balance. By sustaining our inner ecology with fermented foods and a probiotic diet, we can protect our total health starting with a robust digestive system.


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