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Little Known Ways That Probiotic Beverages Can Restore Your Health

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If you are on the Body Ecology Diet because you have gluten sensitivity, suffer from leaky gut syndrome, have struggled with candida or parasites, have a compromised immune system, experience fatigue, or have simply decided that you may be addicted to sugar, consistently maintaining a high level of beneficial microbes in your gastrointestinal tract is essential.

Why Your Gut Craves Probiotics

Whether you are drinking InnergyBiotic for a restorative boost of energy or Dong Quai Biotic as a hormone tonic that provides intestinal support, you probably already know that these probiotic beverages are light, refreshing, and make your gut feel good, but what do the cultures actually do? And how do they work synergistically to support one another in the gastrointestinal tract?

All of Body Ecology's Probiotic Beverages contain important organisms:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus delbrekii
passion-750_1Looking for one quick way to balance your inner ecosystem? Body Ecology's ready-made Passion Fruit Biotic contains beneficial microflora to aid in digestion, flush toxins, and absorb vital nutrients.

The Lactobacilli are anaerobic bacteria that produce lactic acid.

Lactic acid suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Lactobacilli are not only associated with a healthy gut, but a great deal of research has also shown that these friendly microbes reduce systemic inflammation and have a distinct anti-cancer effect.

    • Lactobacillus acidophilus

If beneficial bacteria have a poster child, it is L. acidophilus, which literally means "acid-loving milk-bacterium". In the media and commercially, no other friendly microbe has received as much attention and seen as much popular application as L. acidophilus. This is because it occurs naturally in the gut and, in the adult gastrointestinal tract, is one of the most common beneficial microbes. L. acidophilus takes up residence predominately in the small intestine and can also be found in the large intestine.

    • Lactobacillus delbrueckii

Lactobacillus delbrueckii is another anaerobic bacterium that produces lactic acid by metabolizing sugars. What sets this Lactobacillus apart is its use as a fermenting agent in yogurts. Until 1984, it was known as L. bulgaricus. Named after Bulgaria, it was first identified in 1905 by Stamen Grigorov. Today, we now know that L. debrueckii, formally known as L. bulgaricus, has four subspecies, delbrueckii, lactis, indicus, and bulgaricus. We also now know that, depending on the subspecies, L. delbrueckii is able to ferment a variety of sugary substrates besides lactose, such as glucose, fructose, mannose, galactose, glucose, and maltose.

L. delbrueckii is a transient probiotic, meaning that it survives in the gastrointestinal tract only for a short period of time. Like a friend who comes to stay with you for the weekend, transient probiotics brighten up the gut and have their own health benefits. L. delbrueckii synthesizes folic acid in the intestinal tract and, like L. acidophilus, produces lactic acid and inhibits pathogenic bacteria from colonizing.

The 4 Body Ecology Probiotic Liquids: Which Types of Probiotics Are Best for You?

Probiotic liquids are quickly becoming a popular way to get your dose of beneficial microflora because they are delicious, energizing, and most of all, convenient. While many Body Ecology followers love making their own fermented foods and drinks, the ease and convenience of getting healthy probiotics just from opening a bottle is an appealing option for today's busy health enthusiast.

But the big question that everyone asks is: which probiotic liquid is best for me? So we'd like to shed some light on this important question.

The most essential concept to recognize about Body Ecology's probiotic liquids is that they all do some very beneficial things for your health.

ALL of the Body Ecology probiotic liquids will help you:

  • Receive an energy boost
  • Create strong immunity
  • Balance your inner ecosystem
  • Re-colonize your intestines with good bacteria and yeast
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Boost the nutrients in your foods
  • Create important B vitamins and vitamin K that your body needs

If you have specific health goals, this is where you may want to zero in on the ideal probiotic liquid for your needs:

  • InnergyBiotic: Another probiotic liquid that tastes great right from the bottle, InnergyBiotic was formulated for that energy boost you may need in the morning or afternoon. Think of InnergyBiotic as a healthy, energizing replacement for sugary, caffeinated energy drinks or sports drinks that only zap your energy over time.
  • Dong Quai: Dong Quai is an herb (also called "female ginseng") prized for its hormone-balancing properties. Since fermenting increases the nutrients of food by hundreds of times, Dong Quai brings you a power-packed, probiotic-rich drink that helps to balance female hormones AND has benefits for men too! The herb Dong Quai offers benefits as a blood tonic, boosts circulation, helps male and female fertility, eases menstruation and menopause, helps eczema, alopecia, and rosacea, and has been used for anxiety and mood swings. When you think of Dong Quai, think balance.
  • CocoBiotic: CocoBiotic is a wonderful way to get some important minerals, like potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which help make your hair, skin, and nails stronger and shinier. And if you have symptoms of a hangover or dehydration, reach for CocoBiotic to hydrate your system and boost your thyroid, adrenals, and endocrine system.
  • Passion Fruit Biotic: Passion Fruit Biotic is a refreshing, hydrating, and cleansing probiotic that can help to increase daily energy. Most importantly, the Passion Fruit probiotic also includes prebiotics, which can help to support the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Like our other probiotic liquids, Passion Fruit Biotic has a tart and tangy taste, plus naturally sweet undertones.

All of the Body Ecology probiotic liquids have the right probiotics for the human digestive tract so that your inner ecosystem will benefit from hardy strains of good bacteria and yeast that work together to help create your best health. There are many overall benefits to probiotic liquids, although each one can be used for specific health, taste, or convenience goals.

It's fun and beneficial to try a range of fermented drinks so that you can get a variety of healthy probiotic bacteria and yeast to populate your intestines and boost your immunity.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

The microflora present in Body Ecology probiotic beverages all play different and equally useful roles. The resident Lactobacillus acidophilus and transient Lactobacillus delbrueckii both support each other, creating a truly balanced inner ecosystem. They break down food, allowing you to get the most benefit from what you eat, break down and neutralize toxins and carcinogens in the intestinal tract, and synthesize nutrients and vitamins that promote overall wellbeing.

  • Dong Quai 750mL

    Dong Quai 750mL

    Help Maintain Hormonal Health with Dong Quai

    • Fermented liquid beverage that contains dong quai herb
    • Promotes overall body balancing and restoration
    • Helps maintain a healthy balance of microflora in the digestive tract

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