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Parasite Alert: 3 Signs to Watch Out For!

The defining characteristic of a parasite is an organism that benefits at the expense of another.

If you harbor a parasite, any work you may do to heal your gut will be constantly undermined.

In many cases, you could be carrying a parasite without even knowing it! Once parasites have been treated and removed, you can begin to repair the damage that has been done to the gut wall with a daily probiotic, like the Bifidus Power Blend capsules.

While this seems straightforward enough, sometimes a parasitic infection goes completely undiagnosed:

  • Parasitic infections are more common than you may think.
  • Many times, a parasite can thrive in the human body and show no signs of its presence.
  • Other times, a person will feel constantly ill, be on several medications (including antipsychotic drugs), and have no idea that a chronic parasitic infection is at the root of their problems.

Parasites come in many shapes and sizes.

One of the most common parasites to infect human beings is the yeast-like Blastocystis hominis, a single-celled parasitic organism that causes abdominal cramping, bloating, gas, and sometimes anal itching.

Other common parasites are:

  • Tapeworms, which can grow as long as 60 feet while living in the human intestines. There are currently more than 5,000 different species of tapeworm.
  • Hookworms. If given the chance, they will suck blood from your intestinal walls.
  • Giardia, a single-celled parasite that is usually the result of drinking infected waters. It typically survives in chlorinated water and commonly lives in mountain streams, earning it the name, “backpacker’s diarrhea.” About 2.5 million cases are reported annually. 1
  • Blood flukes. They mature first in snails and then complete their life cycle by burrowing through human skin and swimming through veins. Blood flukes infect more than 200 million people. There are also other species of flukes found living in the liver, lungs, and pancreas.
  • In the case of malaria, a new generation of parasitic microbugs will burst from a single red blood cell.
  • Pinworms, the most common roundworm in the United States. Worldwide, roughly 209 million people are infected. 2 The most common sign of pinworm infestation is anal itching at night, which is when the female pinworm migrates to the perineum to lay her eggs. Children are the most common carriers.

The strength of your immune system can determine whether or not you know that you are hosting a parasitic bug.

While it is true that many times one person can harbor a parasite without ever knowing it, another person could be infected with the same parasite and feel completely devastated and fatigued, without ever knowing that a parasitic infection is at the root of a lingering illness.

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Why is this?

  • When the immune system is weakened by fatigue, there is always the danger of initiating an inflammatory cascade throughout the body.
  • This is especially true of the gut, which has a direct line of communication to the brain via the vagus nerve.

3 Red Flags That May Indicate You Are Carrying a Parasite

1. Chronic digestive issues.

If you harbor a parasite, any work you may do to heal your gut will be constantly undermined. This is because parasites often create intestinal inflammation and destroy the intestinal lining of the gut.

If you are eating a highly alkaline diet, ingesting good bacteria and cultured foods on a daily basis, and still experience severe digestive pain, gas, bloating, and fatigue, you may want to consider a parasite cleanse.

  • Remember, even without a parasite, it may take as long as six months to begin to see improvements in digestion while following the Body Ecology principles.
  • This is because it can sometimes take as long as six months to completely cool down an inflammatory response in the gut.

2. Various forms of mental distress.

This includes depression, anxiety, body aches, headaches, eye aches, visual hallucinations, behavioral changes, and a strange sensation that something is stuck in the head.

  • Very often, these symptoms are treated with anti-depressant pharmaceuticals and go unresolved. Diagnosis can even go so far as schizophrenia. 3
  • Additionally, these symptoms are usually paired with digestive issues.

The gut is full of both neurons and neurotransmitters, specifically serotonin. It makes up what is known as the enteric nervous system. As we mentioned above, the gut and the brain have a direct relationship, commonly called the gut-brain axis.

  • This relationship means that distress in the gastrointestinal tract can show up in the nervous system.
  • When there is inflammation in the gut, this can lead to inflammation in the brain.
  • Likewise, inflammation in the brain has also been linked to directly cause inflammation in the gut.
  • Inflammation of the brain will cause mental distress, like depression, anxiety, and cognitive disorders.

If something about your health feels “off,” it could be a dormant virus. Our Antiviral Protocol can help get you back on track.

3. Autoimmune disorders.

Many times, autoimmune conditions have a relationship to one another. The autoimmune flare-ups that have been documented to be specifically related to parasitic infection are gut and joint related, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and reactive arthritis. 4,5

  • Parasites infecting the gut can ignite an inflammatory cascade within the body.

Finding the Root Cause of a Disorder

Keep in mind that the strength of a person’s immune system and endocrine system largely determines how severely a parasitic infection will affect that individual.

This depends on:

  • How the parasite lives off its host.
  • The toxins or waste products it eliminates.
  • How a parasite activates the immune system.
  • If an individual’s immune system is weak or fatigued.

Chronic disease can be troublesome to treat, mainly because it is necessary to find the initial cause of the dysfunction.

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Consider help from the Body Ecology Parasite Cleanse if you eat a perfect diet, practice stress management, and still struggle with:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Mental distress
  • Autoimmune disease

Many times, it's a lack of a strong inner ecosystem, and a lack of good bacteria inside of us, that have much to do with a large amount of us who are infected with parasites today. Some amount of parasites living in the body is considered normal. But most of us have far too many. An untreated parasitic infection can have a huge impact on health, mood, and behavior.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

In many cases, a parasite infection will go completely undiagnosed. Yet parasite infections are more common than many people realize. The strength of your immune system will determine whether or not you are vulnerable to a parasite infection.

Here are three red flags that indicate you may be carrying a parasite unknowingly:

  1. Chronic digestive issues, even when eating a highly alkaline diet rich in good bacteria.
  2. Mental distress like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and behavioral changes.
  3. Autoimmune disorders like reactive arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

If you eat a perfect diet, practice stress management, and still struggle with the issues above, a parasite could be to blame. Please consider help from the Body Ecology Parasite Cleanse.


  1. Furness  BW, Beach  MJ, Roberts  JM.  Giardiasis surveillance—United States, 1992–1997.  MMWR CDC Surveill Summ.  2000;49(7):1–13.
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  • Amanda Avalos

    Use Diamond G Gum Spirits of Turpentine! Trust..

  • Kristy Glenn

    I have. Parasit that lives hair and it's crazy it comega and goespecially fast and it moves in and out of the skin dot Some Time Green Dots .Someone Please Help Me Nobody belives me I can fell them and see them . Now they are I my ears and on my private parts I have even gone down to putting bug spray all overy me I have try ex everything .

  • Debra Kay Anderson

    Hi all...
    Gosh. Reading through all these comments makes me sad. I had a huge parasite problem that began 3 years ago, and after researching and diagnosing myself I finally found the answer. I'll try to make this short...
    At the beginning of my nightmare my hair started to fall out, my eyes were blood shot, I lost most of my weight, anxiety, depression, and pooping was difficult (constipated with nut and berry sized poop). I was miserable. I sold my house and went to a clinic in Mexico, near San Diego. I was there for two weeks, major detox, mediation, clean vegetarian foods, yoga, etc., high vitamin and mineral IVs daily, infrared saunas, I mean the list goes on...this was wonderful place for detoxing, which is what I thought I needed to do because of the business I was in for 20 years (floor cleaning).
    Came home and still felt that there was something wrong. Met a guy who told me about MMS. I tried that and bam! There they were. I contacted the MMS people and they told me that MMS will kill most but not all and told me what else I could do. I ordered the parasite cleanse from Keavy's Corner. Bam! Extreme amounts were eliminated, and the male fern got out a tape. After doing that cleanse for two months I felt like it was not enough. I researched what I came to find out was a rope worm. Lots of them, and they grow fast. It's coming from our foods, and air, the water, everywhere. I read the book by Kerri Rivera called Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism (2nd edition) and there they were! Pics of these things and kids have them too. A friend, who has a great doctor got me the prescription for mebendazole and combantrin.
    It's been a year and a half and I do the protocol in this book at least 2-3 times a year.
    Today, my joints don't hurt, my brain is not foggy, my hair and skin are healthy looking, and I feel like myself again.
    Of course there is so much more to this story... but if anyone needs help please let me know.

  • 420express

    para smart is a packaged wormer/parasite cleanse. it relies on black walnut husk ,clove, wormwood. available online or in many healthfood/vitamin stores

  • Dina Vadney (dededidit)

    Hi all, I have been suffering the same. It's awful. I have found my diagnosis on my own. I am trying many things no luck yet and it's killing my skin, mostly face and arms. It is morgellons or fiber disease. Doctor's don't know much about it and the CDC against so many people with this issue are just ignored but we need to do something!

    Good luck to all of you! I pray each day that more will become known about treatments soon.

  • Michelle P

    If you are woman with any type of breast implants, and you have these symptoms, it is likely the implants are the underlying cause. It is known as Breast Implant Illlness. The sold out medical industry refuses to acknowledge Breast Implant Illness (BII) so we have our own communities. All biomedical implants create a Biofilm slime around the smooth polymer surface. The Biofilm slime protects, and houses, pathogens in the body. It is the reason for antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are thousands of us who had compromised immune systems, and felt immediate healing of most issues after implant removal. One of the common symptoms we all had are parasites. The detox didnt happen until 2 weeks after explanting. I freaked out at the detox things leaving my body. They are everywhere and they include dormant viruses. I took this stuff and cleaned my sinuses for some reason. *Rx DRUGS for DETOX:
    Alinia or Nitazoxanide (generic): A Thiazolide Anti-parasitic Agent. I did a blitzkrieg clease with whatever doesnt damage the liver.

  • Latriece Tibbs

    When i was in 2 grade i had worms (pinworms) i think they were pinworms i had the anal itching at night. It never got treated i told my mom about it but she never believed me even when i showed her the actual worm. Anyways i stopped seeing them and i stopped getting that itch at night in 4th grade, so i thought they were gone in 7th grade i found one one day n havent seen any since then.... Im a 10 grader now and i still havent seen any since is it possible that i could still have them but am not showing symptoms, i dont wanna bring this up with my doctor and its just nothing

  • Latrice Nicole ♥

    Anybody searching for fast cheap affective help from parasites look into turpentine. Do your homework tho. Good luck.

  • Donna M. Rink

    I 've been sick my whole life. Starting with severe psoriasis, severe anemia, severe bleeding, huge fibroids, thousands of severe food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, immune problems. My friends and family don't believe that I'm sick. I lost my best friend because she thinks that I purposely avoided her for many years and she doesn't believe my health problems. I couldn't function or work for many years due to all of my severe symptoms. I went to so many doctors and after praying for many years I finally found a natural doctor who told me I had parasites. She only had a device that kills off parasites, but I needed to take something everyday. I did one parasite cleanse, but it was a 25 day capsule and I believe it helped, but not enough. I've been doing allot of reading online about parasites and every health problem that I've had over the years is parasite related. The natural doctor that I found asked me if I had any cats or dogs. She said cats are the worst. You can get parasites from your animals. As a kid I was around probably 100 cats. that my grandmother had at her house. I didn't know, I let them lick me when I was a kid, and that is one of the ways you can catch parasites. I think that I caught my parasites as a kid and I never got rid of them. You can get them from other ways but I believe my main problem was all the cats that I played with as a kid. I recently put my dog on a parasite cleanse. I have 40+ years of parasites that I need to get rid of.
    I read online that a liquid parasite cleanse works better than a capsule. One that they rave about online is, Purify Parasite Cleanse from The Life Tree. I hope my story helps other people. I just started this new cleanse. I lost 20 years of my life, I hope to get it back soon.

  • Will Smith

    We all suffer with body parasites... which why we need to detox daily, we can control them and get rid of the unwanted guest that been living in us since the day we were born... which why detox and stop given what they like to eat... that right we give them what they like... FaceBook... MY Breakthrough....

  • maggie

    I have black specks on my vaginal area mostly, when you squueze them and pull a black blob come out followed by heaps of suddenly Invisible fibres!! I'm not mad, it hurts like hell, something really big is trying to force its way thru
    Can anyone help

  • Diego

    Hi everyone,
    Can a parasite cause you several neuro transmitters are canceled ?
    I'm developing a theory about autism because our nephew has this disease. My question may be silly since I'm not an expert on the subject. Thank you .

  • Julia

    I am interested in hearing from anyone who has used parasitic drugs to irradiate dientemoeba fragilis or other parasites. What did you use? Was it succesful? Someone earlier had posted they had to eventually go the drug route for their son which seems the case with these difficult parasites. Also...has anyone had recurrent bladder issues ( interstitial cystitis like symtoms) with parasites? Until June I was a very healthy person....had to take antibiotics for a bladder infection...and bam!!! Haven't been well one day since. After a fecal analysis they have discovered the dientemoeba parasite. This is all new to me and hoping and wondering others have had similar symtoms with the constant bladder issues to share. Thanks.

  • Christine

    I went to an integrative medicine doctor to figure out what was going on with my hormones and increased food allergies, only to discover I had parasites!!! Yep. Multiple ones including liver flukes. These caused leaky gut which created the new food allergies and backed up my liver from being able to process hormones, etc. I think I had too much candida in the intestines and low stomach acid which made my body a friendly place for parasites. Well, it has been one month since I had a serious drug"parasite purge." My doctor likes to go the natural route with herbs, but for parasites she prescribed more serious drugs to not mess around. I also had to take alternating drugs the 4 weeks following the purge to ensure no eggs hatched. Since the initial purge, I lost nearly 5 lbs of body bloat, I have energy again, my female cycle is less "hormonal", my liver is happy again and able to process hormones. The rest of my life I will focus on making my body unfriendly to these critters! This includes incorporating the BED!

  • julia

    had them since we had rats in my house...doing colon cleanze for 10 days getting some much better.been collecting fiber-like worms...white in color...crawling skin in back of i have been soo sick..dizzy,nausea,brain-fog,migraine sufferer..everyday mygraines...slow walk gai twalk, 1 yr today chestpains,been checked thorough tests normal... gonna try diatomaceous earth next...

  • Lynn

    To Kaywood - MMS cures Myasis - I have been taking it for years with no bad side effects at all. It kills parasites. Hope this helps.

  • Christine

    Hello! I wanted to share my story. I've been pursuing a healthy lifestyle for the past 6 years. In the past 2 years, I sensed something was "off." My biggest complaint was hormone issues like bad PMS, and increasing food allergies. Things got particularly worse recently so I decided to stop self-diagnosing and head to a Naturpathic doctor. Boy, I'm glad I did! I have been hosting multiple types of parasites for who knows how long!!! I'm blood type A and have low stomach acid and in the past ate a diet high in grains and sugars - likely causing imbalances in the intestines like Candida. In blood testing and stool analysis, several clues suggesting I might have a parasite issue. I then took a test for specific parasites and got the shock of my life! I have multiple ones like Girdia and liver flukes (which apparently go together). I'm not messing around and my doctor prescribed some parasite drugs, colonics, and detox herbals. While I like to avoid drugs, I'm not messing around with these critters!

  • Audrey

    Hi everyone,
    I've seen a lot of advice given on this site as well as the numerous others I've visited trying to understand the what/why/how of the parasitic infection I've recently been treated for. Like many of you, I went from a very outgoing person to someone full of anxiety and slowly getting sicker by the day. My IgG and IgM have been chronically low. Elevated C-reactive protein, night sweats, fevers and weight gain. I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, Lupis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, depression........ the list goes on. It took me over 10 years to figure out what I hope to be a major piece of the puzzle.
    Why I'm writing is to say that herbs, good nutrition, good hygiene are very important to keeping us healthy, but am wondering if any of you know that you CAN eliminate a lot of the more common parasites with an over the counter medication called Pyrantel Pamoate. A couple of brand names are Pin-X and Reese's Pinworm medicine. They're labeled to treat pinworms but this particular medicine also treats roundworms, hookworm, and other parasites in the nematode family. For some reason, doctors in the United States overlook parasites, somehow believing our soil is sterile. It is not, nor is the food we are eating which is grown abroad. Our arrogance....... or maybe ignorance is really hurting us. If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, have walked outside in bare feet, have pets...... in other words, have a life (lol) than chances are good that you have parasites. The majority of the world has them including people in the U.S.
    In my case, I took this medicine out of desperation after reading a lot of information. Within 8 hours, the parasites leaving my body would blow your mind. I took a sample to my doctor the following morning and he couldn't believe the amount of parasites which could be seen by the naked eye. Took pictures with my iphone. Wish I could show them to you. The only egg you can see with the naked eye as far as I know is the tapeworm egg. The majority can only be seen microscopically. All other stool tests taken prior to my taking Pyrantel Pamoate were negative. The stool sample taken the day afterwards showed 4(!!!!!!!) parasite eggs, and two parasites. One too small to see with naked eye, the other was thousands and thousands of 3 inch parasites(roundworms). It's been 6 days since I took my 3rd dose, and just 3 days since I've stopped passing them...... at least the adults.
    I'm not poor, educated, and do practice good hygiene. But I have pets and live in the country. I've gone barefoot outside more times than I can count. I juice daily, take supplements, ect. but still got them. This is not a cure for everyone, but if what I did to finally end the cycle of doctors, illness, and anxiety can help someone else, I had to say something. More than most of you, I'm fed up with egotistical doctors who think they're so smart and I was so crazy. I'm one of the lucky ones who finally showed chemistry labs to support that I was sick. Unfortunately, it led me down a lot of wrong roads but also some good ones. I went from taking tons of antibiotics. Some helped (Flaggyl the most) some didn't. Had my elbows injected with steroids because I couldn't even lift a coffee cup without pain. Drugs for sleep. Drugs for energy. Drugs for pain. Got sick of it and swung to left. Juiced religiously, meditated, did herbal parasitic cleanses, even read self help books and turned my back on modern medicine that really wasn't working.
    What I've learned is that maybe the right road is the middle one. There is a place for medicine and place for holistic living. Over the years, I've taken 4 different anti-parasitic herbs for as long as a year. NOTHING gave me relief from my symptoms as much as this dewormer. I've already lost 10lbs and am finally feeling so much better so quickly! Maybe instead of taking these herbs for months and years at a time, try a dewormer and use these herbal treatments as a preventative or to treating smaller parasitic loads. If you're to the point where your life is effected, then it's doubtful the load is small. Although it's labeled as a one dose treatment, it took 3 doses, 5 days apart to finally get rid of them. My doctor is now going to treat me empirically for other parasites. Since my immune system is shot, lord knows how many things I've picked up over the years. After I'm all cleaned up, I plan on continuing with homeopathic deworming twice a year.
    I wish you all the best. Sorry for my rant, but felt I had to say something. Herbs are amazing, but why wait for months and months to see results if it's possible to get results so much quicker? There is a place for modern medicine and this is without a doubt one situation which would benefit people greatly. Hope someone out there benefits from my experience.

  • Stacy

    I had no idea I had worms!

    I only have symptoms of chronic fatigue, abdominal bloating daily, and poor memory. After doing a cleanse with coffee enemas I discovered that I had candida and worms. The more I do coffee enemas the more worms I pass in my stools the next morning. And I always feeling amazing after the enema. Parasites don't thrive in that acidic environment with the coffee enema. Recently, I passed a very long worm!!! So I decided it was time to do my first parasite cleanse immediately. I am now on the HumaWorm parasite cleanse and doing daily coffee enemas. My energy is back and no more abdominal bloating. Passing tons of worms.

    I seriously had no idea!

    It you want to test to see you if you have worms, I recommend doing a coffee enema. It is contradicted with hypertension.

    But I have pets and ate plenty of sushi in the past. Now I am deworming my pets twice a year and giving them food grade Diatomaceous Earth. And no sushi ever again.

    Good luck!

  • Christina

    Ive had rashes every time I eat wheat, bread, processed food. After numerous visits to the doctors office to be told that its food intolerance and I need all these prescription drugs. I began to do my own research. I found that these cravings I was having for bad foods and the rashes that came from eating these foods were caused by microscopic parasites in my body. I found the best 30 day detox program called RIDSET and could not be happier. Rashes are gone! I stayed away from these bad foods when I was on the cleanse but now am able to eat whatever I want with no issues. I have more energy then I could ever remember. Its been great. I recommend doing the RIDSET cleanse if your looking for a full body cleansing product.

  • Chris

    I had parasites, and every doctor thought I was crazy. I've been a fitness trainer and eat very clean. No wheat, soy, corn, dairy, or processed sugars. Once in a while, I'll have fun and eat whatever I want, so there is a pretty good balance. This keeps me from becoming sensitive to foods. BUT, one day I ate a small pint of chocolate ice cream from 7/11 convenience store. The next morning I woke up and it felt like a switch was flipped from calm to massive anxiety. For an entire year, I suffered tremendously. I lost weight and had problems leaving my house, as if I was traveling far away. I worked five minutes away and THAT even felt too far. Before this, I flew around the country by myself on planes, rode trains and elevators and road tripped very often.
    I started taking Parasite-Free by BodyForce Products. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm in my third month of using the supplement and I can even pin point specific times going to the bathroom and in seconds, the anxiety was completely gone and stayed gone. Like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I STILL feel great since then, and that was on the 3rd day of using the supplement. If you check out their website, I followed 10% of the diet they recommend which is clean whole foods, no meat, etc. I do wear socks in my house because I own a dog, and my girlfriend was nice enough to go on the supplements with me, so I can fully get rid of them.
    The second month, I started seeing dead worms in my stool. Creepy!!! I felt so violated, but I also felt great knowing I WASN'T crazy, and I was actually getting better. I also went to many doctors, hired experts around the world who worked with me through Skype, and constantly asked friends in which some are authorities in specific health areas. Nothing helped.
    When you start using these supplements, if you start getting great results, know that having a parasite problem may return if you don't fix your metabolism, so make sure of these things, I found to be most effective for myself and people I've worked with:
    Make sure your body temperature is 98.6 to 99.9 - you wouldn't believe it, but if you are below 98.6, your body is in a stressful state and you would need fat, salt, and sugar to raise it back up. When your temperature is back at normal and sustained for 3-6 months, the body will heal itself and food sensitivities can be fixed. I say this as a health professional AND as someone who suffered from this as well. I tried what felt like everything, and this worked like magic for my body.
    There are ways to raise metabolism by eating healthy foods and without eating junk foods to keep body temperature raised, and there is a lot to learn on that subject. I would recommend Matt Stone's books, one being Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery. Although I don't agree with EVERYTHING in the book, it is a step in the right direction for correcting health issues.
    If experiencing more problems, perhaps your cells need to be activated and also reuptake the energy needed for your organs to function again. In this case, I recommend a consultation and products by Fred Van Liew, The Water Doctor. His site is, and at the very least, his free information is potentially life changing.
    I hope this information helps someone out there. I understand what it feels like, in fact I started a blog giving advice and answering issues of people who have anxiety. I've had anxiety for the first 20 years of my life and have successfully conquered it on my own through diligence and hard experience. Not to spam, but if it will help anyone here, it's ManVsAnxiety dot com.
    I also use hypnosis on myself and for others in relaxing, boosting immune system, and healing faster. You all deserve to overcome the suffering, I was there with you at one point, just keep learning more and find what works for you.
    - Chris

  • Kaywood

    Has anyone heard of , or had MYASIS! It is considered RARE in the USA, but I am 99.9% sure I
    have an Extreme Case of it. It is common in foreign countries. I started getting a few small sores
    on my body that wouldnt go away. They gradually increased from 60 sores, to 300! Since they couldn't be Cancer (I would have died by now if so), then I was POSITIVE that something had to be living in my skin, which would prevent sores from healing.
    I have a Low Immune System and Lupus. Maybe THIS is the reason I HAVE NOW HAD THIS PARASITE GOING ON 1.5 to 2 years!! I didn't realize that it was Myasis till I studied dozens of legitamate websites for 50 hours. A drug, IVERMECTIN is the cure, and from what I read it should work. It only killed some of the Bugs. I have been taking doses 10 times higher than approved for Humans, but it is still considered safe......But it only kills a few.....and basically, it is NOT working to rid me of this horrible disease! I have even INJECTED Ivermectin into the Sores, and that only helps about 90% of the time. I don't know of ANY alternative drug that might help me. I think the next time I will take ALOT OF IVERMECTIN(10-20x recc) If ANYONE else knows what else I can do, please write to me at I can't live like this much longer. It has gotton on my nose now and the backs of my hands. I can't go out in Public, Socialize, and I asked my Roommate and Boyfriend to leave for awhile...for their own Safety. I spend 6 - 8 hours aday, f0llowing the advice on the web..cleanning out all the sores, using tweezers to extract hiundreds of the current stage of the Parasite. It's Tail sticks up out of my skin and hurts like Razorblades! I read about this. They go into your skin head down so they can munch on you, and they stick their sharp tails into the air. They have RIGID Spines that prevent them from being pulled out, as they are like Fishhooks! Also, they form the usual sign of Parasites...that's Nodules or bumps similar to the size of a BB pellet. It's like a Dome or a volcanic mound. The round dome has a hole in the top for them to breathe. Even trying to smother them has only helped alittle for me. Im unlucky cause I take Prednisone which lowers my Immune System. I am assumming that is WHY I CANT KILL THESE THINGS. We had all better Pray that is the reason...OTHERWISE,.. An AWFUL NEW SUPER PARASITE that's indestructable has come to America!! For those of you who have Parasites, ask your Doctor to give you Ivermectin. It will usually clear you up inside and out. They also have it fo 4 bucks at the feed store for flavored. That's what I use and hundreds of others . But, at least talk to your Doctor first to make sure you have no medical reason not to take it.
    Well.....Please write me if you can HELP ME or if I can HELP YOU. If I cant kill this Beast, then I may have to say an early "Good bye" to our lovely Planet Earth. But I hate to die over some stupid, useless, PARASITE! I would rather die, fighting for my Country or while trying to make a big difference in this World. I just can't let it get me....I just can't lose over something so stupid, that should not have ever happened in the first place!

  • sophia

    I hope someone reads this! 4 words-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

  • stacy


    I briefly read a few comments and I am so sorry that all of you are going through so much pain. I to have parasite pain and it took five years to even know what was going on. jesus! I lived in a state that didn't have the best health care and saw so many doctors and nutritionists. My own intuition told me to pray and juice and energetically clear my system. This was about a year ago, then on a sudden trip back home I found a nutritionist who taught me a lot, but literally almost killed me. He put me on 20 pills for every meal - telling me I had gallbladder problems, hpylori infection and low vitamin d, etc... meanwhile he said go on this strict diet of eating fat, meat, and veggies. So I was eating six to seven burgers a day. I was craving beef and losing weight. I kept seeking help from other people during this time and they said don't eat sugar just keep eating the beef. At this point, I could barely walk and I was in grad school at the hardest moment of my life. Finally I finished school by pure force and adrenaline and moved back home. It has been about two months now and I am getting closer to the solution. Since my auro and immune system was so depleted from the school and environment I was at, I contracted parasites - which I knew already, because I could feel them crawling - which no doctors believed me either and all of my stool tests either said normal or they couldn't tell what kind they were. Then on top of the parasites, I got sprits living inside me that went through the holes of my aura because I was so depleted. I saw someone about a month ago who called onto saint Michael and cleared me of the people inside me. There was one person that had a hard time leaving. He died of a heart attack in the state I use to live in, and he didn't know. I started to have heart problems in the last year and half and I didn't know why. I was always really healthy and active, and I remember it didn't feel like me, in addition, I remember feeling extra abandonment issues and pain that weren't me either. It felt like extra rips in my stomach - im super sensitive as you can tell. So once she cleared him energetically, I felt like I had most of my body back. She said I needed a parasite cleanse, but there are so many out there that it is confusing. Once again, I started to look for doctors and I am now afraid and scared because they won't understand what I have went through and what I need. Everytime I take herbs that detox, it wipes me out and the little buggers grab on harder. So I just used the rife machine - read up on it. It's working. You can also read dr hulda's cure all machine. It zaps parasites and cancer. I think the rife is similar. But here is what I can tell you. I feel the bugs leaving my thyroid - which all doctors said that was my problem, then they have left the inside of my knees, my hips, even my elbows. I felt red hot pain in my frontal cortex, behind my ears, and my upper back. It was red. My inflammation lowered almost completely. MInd you this is after two uses of 20 minutes before I sleep and I only put it on my colon - I don't even have to touch my skin - it's powerful. Don't ever put it around your head! So this machine, asking God to heal me, walking into a church that feels safe to you is important - it's medicine. Instead of a multivitamin that's where you need to go. Also, this is important - while clearing the bugs you need to still do some kind of a body cleanse. This I don't know yet. I am on the verge of finding out. I would go onto verions website and order the colon cleanse. On day 3 of the cleanse, start parasite cleanse called Clear awakening. Then this should take care of everything. I can assure you that I will make it my point to help people with parasites once I am healthy.

  • Kerry

    Jennifer please go to this website and follow the papaya smoothie for parasites. I am doing this once a week for 8 weeks. On the first week I passed black bile , the second week I am passing eggs. Gross but a relief as well. My symptoms were biting sensation on my skin, with a blister like sore and consequently itchy dry skin, severe indigestion, crawling under my skin, low grade fever that never develops into anything, a cough that doesn't develop any phlegm, weight gain, loss of strength and speed, asthma like symptoms, pain in my lower left side,dry sallow skin, ageing drastically in a period of 2 years, constipation,bloody stools. All this and my Dr. Referred me to a dermitologist. I insisted on Ivermectrin, but no change. Took magnesium citrate ,which cleaned out my bowels and then went onto an alkaline diet. Did a bottle of Verm eze followed by a bottle of liver nurse.this took 4 weeks in total. Felt a bit better. Started taking spirulina to help the bowels become regular and then did the papaya smoothie. Woohoo I started seeing results a week after taking it. But you will need to do your whole family to eliminate reinfect ion. Good luck.

  • jimmy

    Regarding ibs and parasites. Ive heard coconut flakes works so ive added it to my already proven cure of baking soda and l-glutamine. Symptoms will disappear overnight and last for months only to return when you include dairy and sugar back to your diet. One tablespoon of each in water. Iwill add apple cider vineger and drink while fizzing optional. Granny smith apples wont hurt while youre at it. Lemon water is great but if you have spastic colon you will need to tow a portapotta or caffiene .fyi. Jrm

  • cathy

    Anyone hear of morgellons diseasze?

  • http://Healthy lifestyles Teresa

    If u think u have parasites.. try drinking lots of fresh carrot juice... get a juicer and juice your own carrots.. Carrots kill parasites.. at least it will stop the crawling effect for a while.. you can dink it as much as you want as long as it stops it!
    start eating alot of Green veggies.. Look up the candida diet has foods to eat and foods to avoid!
    Stay away from Sugar..when u eat sugar you are feeding them..they love Sugar.. Parasites eat everything you eat including your body.. You need to kill them..look on ebay and find some Benda 500 someone in another country like china will be selling it..this is a worm killer..its a drug.. but its a lot faster than those herbs.. Herbs are healthy but if u are sick and need relief u may have to buy a few of these.. some parasites even though u kill them can lay eggs and while you kill off the parents ...a few days or weeks later the baby s hatch..
    yes you need to wash every thing.. I mean your sheets, all clothing, blankets hot water , use borox detergent can get it at walmart for $3
    you need to keep your bathrooms clean.. toilets, sinks , floors, vacuum everyday! get a bagless vacuum .. so u can toss it outside in the trash..The shark is the best!
    when u feel something moving on you.. its parasites.. If u have lupus and the doctors are filling u up with all those dangerous drugs to keep it under may have lupus but parasites could be the cause.. Parasites will eat you from the inside out.. Cancer fungus, candida is a fungus these too are Parasites that can grow out of control in your body!
    Stay away from Processed foods..all of them have hidden sugar that feeds them.. Avoid sugar at all cost.. Parasites will actually make you crave sugar.. so if u are craving sugar u may have parasites.. if this stuff is in your hair.. you need to wash your hair daily with a shampoo called: Nizoral.. its really hard to find but u can find it online.. check ebay.. it has a drug in it called: Ketoconazole... it works!!
    I have been there done this so I have learned along the way.. I have tried every herbal thing there was and nothing seemed to be strong enough to kill. I did not start getting better till a friend told me about colloidal silver 500 ppm, he told me to get it from the herbal healer.. it comes in a brown bottle and is some really good strong stuff..u mix it with some liquid and drink 2 to 3 times per day.. you will start getting better.. this stuff is good for anything .. I hope I have been some help to some of you...

  • les

    read the body ecology book by donna gates she tells you to build up your intestinal tract with coconut kefir and cultured fermented vegetables which will turn your body alkaline.. which will rid the body of parasites thousands in tract good and bad fermenting is the only way to go

  • Holly

    I was having some strange symptoms myself. I did not know how to explain the symptoms to a doctor without sounding too squirrely so I went and got biofeedback. It led me to a few "red areas" that I could begin with. I googled them then went to the vitamin store and bought natural supplements that my online research concluded. I also have started Lisa richard's candida diet. I may not be completely better but headed in a good direction. I would recommend biofeedback to any sick person or someone that does not have a diagnosis yet.

  • Vitamin grama

    The crawling sensation under the skin could be Lyme Disease. When I started taking Nutramedix brand of Samento, the crawling stopped. Samento is a derivative of the Cat's Claw herb that has the TOA removed.

  • Kay


    I was just as crazed as you when this happened to me. Traditional doctors don't know how to think out of the box. If they don't know about it and don't have a way to measure it, it does not exist except in your head. FORTUNATELY this is not true. I had the same experience. I went to a gentleman who studies bugs and talked to him about it. He said not to let the so called experts make you think you are crazy that people like him are discovering new bugs and finding known bugs that have adapted in new and strange ways to deal with the way we live now and all the pesticides that are used. He had no direct answer for me though. I was ready to go meet my maker, I can tell you. Except I dont belive in givingup. Lived with this plauge for about two years. I moved several times they just went with me. If I went to someones house I may infect thier house as well so I withdrew. I heard from someone that dawn dishwashing liquid kills fleas and other small insects on contact. I started taking a bottle of dawn and diluting it in half and then using it to wash myself and my little inside dog every day. Gave us dry skin but relieved the crawlys. When I first got them they would bite. when I encountered an outbreak later they just crawled. I diluted the dawn in a spray bottle and sprayed it over my furniture at least once a week or when I felt them. CLeaned the carpet with dawn and took a quarter size drop in each load of laundry. The laundry is an important step. I changed my sheets daily and towels and furniture to begin with. If I felt them on me and I was home I would go wash with dawn and change clothes. Eventually they subsided. Every year or two I may have a small outbreak in an area that the dogs are in but it not vacuumed often I do the same routine. Spray and wash everything. IT WORKS!! You will notice a relief immediately but they will keep getting on you from the house and clothes and sheets until a little time has passed. I know that before I came up with the Dawn solution I would take freshly washed sheets take a bath and jump in hoping to keep them off, but as soon as my body heat warmed the sheets they would start crawling on to me. Same with clean clothes. Because Washing alone does not work it does not kill them. some how they form a pupa stage and make it through the wash even on high heat.. you need the dawn it has an ingredient that degrades the exoskeleton and kills them. My theory is that it is a new stage in the flea life cycle that has been caused by using Insect Growth Regulator or IGR in pesticides. I theorize that the flea cannot come out of the larval stage so it has changed so it can bite and survive and even breed by going through some new changed stages. and they never get large enough to easily see. It my not be so, It may be some type of mite they are small and very hard to kill. Whatever it is I am so sorry you have also had to live through the torture of these things. I know first hand how devastating it can be. Good luck. I hope I have helped someone.

  • Kay

    This is directly in response to JENNIFER. I know what you are going through with the crawling sensation and not being able to see anything on your skin. I too had this problem some years ago all the doctors and my family also thought I was crazy. I can tell you that the solution is so simple you will laugh, but it works. Bathe and wash your hair with DAWN dishwashing liquid. just use the blue original formula. It is nontoxic and the only side effect is it may give you dry skin which you can stop by using lotion. Add at least a quarter size drop into each wash load of laundry. you can also steam clean your carpets with a little added in to the carpet wash. I was on the verge of going bonkers and then I fould out that Dawn kills fleas and other small insects. DONT GIVE UP. And you are NOT CRAZY! This will work. Just continue to use it. You will feel the results immediatley but you have to use it untill athey have all hatched and been exposed. I still use it. Even though my episode was about 20 years ago. get a small bottle and dilute to I/3 or until it is just sudsy. It doesnt take much. GOOD LUCK!

  • Danielle

    Hi guys it's heart breaking to hear all that is going on due to these horrible parasite. I've heard and know that it is effective of a parasitic cleanse. The herbs WORMWOOD, CLOVE, AND BLACK WALNUT come in capsules. You are supposes to have these capsules black walnut, and wormwood before your three meals and clove after your meal. You have to increase it up too three times a day until the bottles are finished every six months. When you guys look online for these herbs make sure they come from a good source. Make sure they are vegan or vegetarian and contain nothing of gelatin that derive from animal wastes. Make sure that you guys stay away from red meat, chicken, and dairy. Limit them strictly and try to go on a vegetarian diet so you can naturally detox your body with greens, juicing, and natural fibers such as fruits. Stay with a most organic and natural diet as possible. Take a multivitamin, probiotics, and fish oil daily. If you need more info feel free to contact me. Through natural healing there is a cure for almost anything. Much love and hope for you guys. And don't forget to pray about it.

  • jennifer

    Its nice to know im not the only one who is suffering from some crazy parasite.about six months ago i notice a weird crawling feeling on my hands and feet, but didnt think anything of it. now my whole body crawls. first doctors said they thought its was scabies or lice but they didnt see anything. they gave me cream sent me on my way.whatever i have is not going away !! I went back and cryed my eyes out i told the docter its not going away and its getting worse. I have a four yr old and he going through they same thing . I Feel soo powerless.Im not crazy..some of my family members have it to but i think they have excepted it but i cant..I am not going to stop until somthing is done. I feel like im in the twilight zone...!! reading the comments on this page makes me feel human agian. thank you.

  • Janine Martin

    Hi just wanted to add to this thread even though time has lapsed. What some people may be experiencing could also be poor liver function, a hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue and/or stress. It may not be parasitic related. Lavender tea helps with anxiety and Tulsi tea which helps the nervous system its an adaptogen and can help restore balance as well. If you really feel like its parastic related take coconut oil with the meat for 3 days and try to cut out caffeine. Try drinking room temperature lemon water daily to flush and purify liver raising alkalinity. Boost immune system with plenty of garlic, green tea (detoxifys) and get off of artificial sweetners, all sugary foods for a while. Eat mainly low carb primal diet, or paleo is good. For fiber eat oatmeal, granny smith apples and non starchy vegetables. Coffee enemas flush out the system including the bloodstream. Add lots of herbs like rosemary, cloves, celery seed, tumeric, saffron, fennel etc. and add sugar free kefir yogurt & probiotics. All these can cure many ailments. God bless you on your healing journey.

  • Shawn

    I have been having what I feel is the toughest time dealing with this strange looking whatever it is that it is so small that with the human eye cant even be seen ! That I know for sure that is crawling on me and has biting me over and all over my body mostly my arm hairs and on the back of my neck and my ears ! Its a very creepy feeling to have what feels like their entering your skin and on your hair on your arms and other parts of your body. Its the most strange feeling and so weird having the sensation that something crawling on you that you cant hardly even see . The worse part is trying to calm yourself down to try to relax and quit ram sacking your brain on what it is exactly that is going on and not be so comprominssed and trying to it figure it out without drawling attention to yourself ! It is really seriously taking it s toll on me trying to stay calm when people around you that you love and care about are starting to have this odd strange not so good thinking about you on a daily now !! I can only hope this will all go away and my life go back to how it was ! Before i started having all these weird symptons and feeling s !! To only thinking that it ll not ever be possible again !! And it s hard for me to not keep thinking back to where it all started !! You see not having the knowledge and understanding of how thing work or develop is tough and easily comprised and you as a person get taken advantage of by these banks and their any approach to make that money and choose to overlook anything even if its your well being is on the line and not letting you know and for them to get away with all these wrong doings to all of us vuliranable people !! Where are right s ??? What are rights ? What is this ? What is going to happen ? Is there anything that can be done ? Most of all em I going to live through this without being effected for the rest of my life ?? This all has been a bad dream that is been going on for way too long !! OK here is my explanation on what has happen to me and what is still currently going on !!! I moved into this house 3 yr ago and have noticed black, orange green mold in the area where I have been sleeping and spending most of my time !! And woke feeling like something had been biting me and more than once in the same area of my chest !! So went and got seen by 3 doctors now and have been mis diagnoised and treated like a number and just basically wrote up a script not really getting any real knowledge if that is really what it is that is going on !! I m losing faith in our doctors and losing faith in society of ever helping me to ever getting over this and on with my life!!! I have a family and I care about and know how important this is to beat and the toll it has taken on them with having to see me living with this whatever it is just want it to go away !! PLEASE IF ANYONE OUT THEIR CAN HEAR MY CRY AND SCREAM FOR HELP TO GIVE ME GET AN INSIDE ON THIS AND HAVE BETTER KNOWLEDGE ON WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME AND WHAT ARE WAYS I CAN ANY KIND OF RELIEF AND TO GET A PROFESSIONAL CARING DOCTOR WITH AN ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE AND A HEART TO CARE !!!!! SORRY IF I SEEM RUDE OR SO ANGRY BUT THIS HAS BEEN WAY TO HARD AND FRUSTRATING TO HAVE TO GO THREW !!!

  • James Knox

    I feel God brought me to this page for my situation is IDENTICAL to Wanita"s comments. I know how she must feel. God help us both! I ask you bear with me and let me explain what I am up against; First, I went to my family doctor with worms ,pest and bugs in a jar to show him what I have been dealing with for longer than I can remember . They started to appear in on the floors and sinks of my bathroom and kitchen. I asked for help from the manager several times and not only did she not help me but threatened me if I ever mentioned begs in my apartment again. I began noticing in my bowel movements that some of what i had seen were now in me. That is when I went to my Family Doctor who wanted send these pests to somewhere to identify them. It is important to state that ONLY the glass jar and the bugs,worms etc were left with him. I waited and kept waiting until in a few weeks I called my doctor's office for what was found and the nurse went to check the results.After waiting a good 10 minutes she came back and said the stool sample was normal. I took no stool sample for him to test. That is absolutely inexcusable!! I then went to one of my very favorite of my Doctors who gave me some jars to get stool samples. About a week later a nurse called and said the stool samples showed no parasites. I Knew this could not be , for after some enemas which I find it necessary to do daily due to one of the medicines I have to take to keep from becoming impacted show these pests clearly.I have great faith in my doctor but for the 1st time that I recall asked for a 2nd opinion. I was refrerred to a doctor at the University of Cincinnati. I had 2 appointments with him. the 1st appointment I was given containers which I brought back two weeks later for the 2nd appointment. On both appointments I would take samples in my own bottles as well. He wanted me to get the bugs etc. and clean off the feces and put them in the provided bottles. At his direction I took my stool samples in the container from my 1st visit to the Lab one floor below. I did that and glanced at what he showed was the diagonsis and it stated...Patient has DELUSIONS of intestinal parasites. He had not run a single test to justify the diagnosis on his own. I now wonder if doctors are now reading information obtained by other doctors who had done tests. My experience has been so bad that I will be moving out of this Hellhole in the next few weeks.

    So Wanita, I could complete relate to your comments. May God help us both!

  • wanita

    Parasites are trying to take over my life and everyone thinks i'm crazy! I don't talk about it to any one any more! I'm just waiting for them to finally progress into something that will kill me!

  • MCS

    You should check out the Optimum Health Institute and try to go for three weeks if you can afford it. They are located in San Diego and Austin.

  • Donanne Dean

    I have purchased the Body Ecology Diet parasite cleanse kit. I have been on a Body Ecology diet for years. I still have major gluten intolerence, IBS and migraines. I was breast fed and grew up on healthy and even macrobiotic diet. I did have heavy antibiotics when I was 2.
    I have started the cleanse following all directions and I get a migraine. What do I do now? I cannot continue on the cleanse. The migraines are horrible with vomiting! Drinking Chaga tea causes a migraine too. I guess I will just fast. I don't know what to do. I am so frustrated!

  • Jasmine Karapetyan

    Thank you, it's always good to aware of parasites and to do cleansing of the body.

  • Janie

    I have a book called "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife, N.D. and on page 199 has a section called "Parasite Purge". It seems to involve using dried coconut. It might be worth checking out.

  • Ester Perez

    I have used the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse along with Common Sense Herbs Colon cleanse with very good results. (My 4 year old did only Humaworm Parasite Cleanse). The minimum age limit is 2 years of age and 30 pounds. We did a family parasite cleanse, even the pets. We used Worm Dr. by Native Remedies for our youngest because he did not meet the minimum weight limit . The herbs from Humaworm are freshly ground and are very potent. I know that they work because the waste smells awful and I did expel some parasites myself. You can find the Humaworm Parasite cleanse at
    Body Ecology has Ecoclear too for a parasite cleanse.
    Best of luck! Some tips to prevent parasites are to wear shoes outside where animals go to the restroom, rinse fruits and vegetables well and the basic, make sure kids wash hands before each meal. Since parasites live in about 80-90% of Americans, its better to just do an annual parasite cleanse for prevention.
    Good luck!
    Ester Perez

  • Ruhamah

    I have been recently diagnosed with life has turned absolutely miserable (with all of the symtoms)...could this desease have something to do with parasites?????? I need help badly! My own GI has NO advice for me!

  • Erica

    Diet is huge, a must-do, in terms of these critters. But I also only made a huge dent in my candida/parasite issue (as well as others with their cancer issues and whatnot) only when I added the it's just so damn impossible to be "perfect". This is it ( but I would get it from -- just tell them Erica from School Of RAWk sent you. It is a life-saver!

  • Jason

    Adults typically have measurable levels of adrenal fatigue that often precedes the infection. As mentioned the immune system function greatly determines the bodies ability to ward off an infection. To greatly increase chances of getting rid of any buggers...test and correct your adrenal response prior (1-2 months min) to treating an infection, then continue the adrenal support thru the cleanse and re-inoculation phases.
    J Troth
    Kalish method practitioner

  • Jessica

    Our three year old was diagnosed with Dientameoba Fragilis at age two. We've been trying to successfully eradicate this nasty parasite with natural cleanses (for 8 months), to no avail. His symptoms wax and wane with the moon phases (which wasn't mentioned here, but is very common with parasitic infection) and are as much neurological as they are physical. We have gone the prescription route (which we HATE to do), since nothing else was helping. We have begun to seen a different side of our child: happy, more flexible, more cooperative, less frustration...although now that we are rounding the corner to a New Moon (which is the trigger for this particular parasite's lifecycle) we are seeing increased die-off again. We hope to beat this bugger this time!!

  • Naomi

    Thank you for this straight forward article. I've recently been informed by a trusted professional of the possibility that I am dealing with parasites and it sure makes sense based upon what you describe here. It's been interesting to slim down and get in great shape but still not have the elusive flat belly with all the digestive silliness going on. It's super helpful to know how long the journey to healing is.

  • Serena

    Thanks for reminding us of parasites. I believe that it's always good to do a parasite cleanse and clean out your body. Great information will pass it on to my clients.

  • April

    Suzanne, I have personally used Dr. Natura's Paranil Jr. with positive results. Here's the link:

  • Suzanne

    I treat children on the autism spectrum and many of them suffer from parasites. I find that the children respond extremely well to being on a parasite cleanse but the results seem to diminish when the cleanse is completed. Do you have any suggestions regarding specific cleanses you suggest or additional information regarding treating the parasites? Thank you.

    Dr. Suzanne DaSilva

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