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  1. All Roads Lead to Probiotics

    Beneficial microflora inhabiting our intestines have played a very crucial role in human health for thousands of years. You could make the same statement for all other animals living on this planet as well.
  2. The Six Essentials to Perfect Digestion

    Proper digestion is one of the key elements to feeling good, maintaining a youthful look and preventing disease. The negative side of improper digestion includes a build up of toxins that cause fatigue, accelerated aging, Acid-Reflux, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive disorders.
  3. Do You Know How Minerals Affect Your Children?

    Minerals are essential nutrients for creating healthy adrenals, and it is the adrenals, tiny walnut shaped organs sitting atop the kidneys that are the real workhorses of your child's body.
  4. Planning for a Baby and Concerned About His/Her Health?

    Body Ecology's system of health and healing nourishes a mother and her infant while he/she is still in the womb.
  5. Is Iron the Answer to ADD/ADHD?

    Iron is essential for all life forms. This means humans, animals, fish, and perhaps to most everyone's surprise, fungus (yeast) bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  6. Nature's Oldest Organisms are Today's New Fast Food

    Three wonderful new beverages that come all the way from Australia have earned the Body Ecology stamp of approval. You will definitely want to add these to your growing repertoire of foods that contain beneficial bacteria and yeast.
  7. What is Kefir?

    Our Body Ecology Diet will help you restore your internal harmony, regain vitality, and feel younger and stronger.

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