Busy schedules can make eating the right foods difficult.

We skip meals and fast on coffee or sodas just to meet a deadline. Or grab what’s quick and convenient. We miss foods that are local, seasonal, and fermented. Even when attempting to eat healthy, the foods aren’t as mineral rich and nutrient dense as they were a few years ago.

At home or in the car, these foods are quick and easy to consume. If at home, little preparation or cooking is required. For the working mother or a busy household, it may seem like these foods are the best way to manage hunger and a full schedule.

The last one hundred years has seen a dramatic shift in dietary habits and food processing with:

  • Pre-packaged and prepared foods.
  • Foods filled with chemical preservatives. Even high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a toxic preservative.
  • Forgetting the value of traditionally fermented foods, we shop instead for shelf-stable pickles or sugar-saturated yogurts.
  • Fast food chain restaurants that use vegetable, corn, and other industrial seed oils.
  • Grains that are improperly prepared.
  • Unhealthy fats.
  • Over-processed and rancid oils.
  • Foods with no enzymes intact and no beneficial microflora.
It can be hard to resist processed foods full of sugar and preservatives. But processed foods trigger an inflammatory response in the body and can even contribute to illnesses like obesity, cancer, and type II diabetes.

All of these foods feed an inflammatory response in the body. Not only that, but these harmful effects accumulate over generations. Why are we seeing more and more children that are obese? It is not just their diet that plays a role. Researchers now consider the diets of the parents that:

  • Determine what genes are turned “on” or “off”.
  • Determine what microbes a child carries. Did you know the bacteria in your gut influence how you store fat? These can be inherited from mother to child. (1)
  • Determine the integrity of the immune system of a child.
  • Influence the adrenal, endocrine, and immune health of a child. (2)

Modern food processing may have something to do with modern illness.

  • Type II diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression
  • Autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome
  • Dementia
The health conditions listed above are all related.

One way to understand this relationship is to understand that nutrient-dense foods and good bacteria have been left out of the standard diet. What we eat instead are pro-inflammatory foods that set off a cascade of immune and endocrine dysfunction.

How to Get the Nutrition Your Body Needs on a Cellular Level

Preparing real food at home can be time and labor-intensive. To support a busy lifestyle while also supporting a movement towards genuine health, Body Ecology has created the Core Programs to consistently provide your cells with the foundation they need to be healthy. Whether your diet is clean and healthy or not even close, it needs the proper support.

The Core Programs were designed by Donna Gates to:

  • Nourish the body.
  • Gently push out toxins.
  • Protect the body.
  • Repair the body.

Each program provides the basics:

  • InnergyBiotic: Good microflora to enhance digestion, support the immune system, detoxify, and cool down inflammation.
  • Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes: Enzymes that support proper digestion and assimilation of food.
  • Vitality SuperGreen: A green superfood powder blend that also helps to heal intestinal inflammation. Vitality SuperGreen contains GlutImmune, a potent form of glutamine that repairs intestinal microvilli.
  • Stevia Liquid Concentrate: A sweetener you can keep at home or carry with you, great to use when you want something sweet but do not want the harmful side effects of sugar overload.

These basic elements of all three Core Program packages are designed to support your health while you learn more about real food: what it is, how to get it, and how to make it. 

  • When changing your diet, often our bodies are so used to toxic, unhealthy foods that supplementing with enzymes and good bacteria is a good idea.
  • Good bacteria and a full spectrum of enzymes can aid the body in detoxification.
  • Good digestion and full energy are also essential to the cleansing process.
  • The Core Programs were developed to make the process easier.  

What to Remember Most About This Article:

Juggling a busy schedule can make it difficult to get the nutrition your body needs each and every day. On top of that, fast foods and packaged foods are more readily available than ever before but are also full of chemical preservatives that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Modern food processing has further contributed to modern illness epidemics of type II diabetes, obesity, autism, and more.

This is exactly why Body Ecology has designed three Core Programs to give your body the convenient nutrition and support it craves. The Core Programs will nourish the body, flush out harmful toxins, and repair cellular damage. These supplements are necessary when changing your diet from toxic, unhealthy foods to aid in detoxification and support healthy digestion.

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  1. Ruth E. Ley, Peter J. Turnbaugh, Samuel Klein, Jeffrey I. Gordon (2006). Microbial ecology: Human gut microbes associated with obesity Nature, 444 (7122), 1022-1023.
  2. Prenatal exposure to maternal depression, neonatal methylation of human glucocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C1) and infant cortisol stress responses. Epigenetics 2008 Mar-Apr;3(2):97-106.
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