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Powerful Tips to Improve Your Digestive System's Health: From a Conversation with Nancy Spahr, CBE & Colon Therapist

Your digestive health has adirect link to your body's health. In fact, the quality of food you eat affects your quality of life AND energy. Find out how to improve your digestive health.

Your digestive tract...that mysterious 30-foot tube holds more solutions for your health than most of us could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, most of us feed our taste buds before thinking about how it affects our digestive health.

It's true, isn't it? Most of us have received our nutritional education from the media, influencing us with delicious tastes designed to meet every craving and convenience. It's not surprising that we'd forget the correlation between the quality of our food and thequality of our digestive health.

While it seems like a simple formula on the surface, it's much deeper than you'd think. That 30-foot tube which makes up your digestive tract is responsible for delivering the components of what you eat into your body.

So this tube needs to be in good condition to deliver needed nutrients to their critical digestion and absorption points.

In order to understand digestive health better, we talked with Nancy Spahr, Certified Body Ecologist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Certified Natural Health Practitioner. She's studied AND seen it all from what goes in to what comes out at her healing center, Cleansing Waters.

Here are Nancy Spahr's 7 key steps for your digestive health:

  1. Choose high quality, fresh organic foods - Nancy has seen incredible changes when people go from boxed and canned foods to fresh, organic whole foods as part of the Body Ecology program.
    • Incorporate a healthy mix of raw and cooked foods - raw foods have their own enzymes which are especially important when your body is healing and may be low on enzymes in general.
    • Follow the 80/20 rule and have 80% of your plate full of healing vegetables.
  2. Chew thoroughly -Digestion of carbohydrates (starches, sugars) starts in your mouth with saliva and enzymes. The enzymes not only help break down your food, they also attack bacteria. Most people don't chew thoroughly, which makes digestion of food much harder when it reaches your stomach. Chewing is stage one of proper digestion.
  3. Understand the importance of stomach acid (HCl) - Stage two of good digestion happens in stomach and it is your stomach's job is to temporarily hold food and begin to break it down. Stomach acid is important for in this stage of digestion and while it does not actually digest the food, it triggers the enzyme pepsin to break down proteins. The stomach acid also destroys pathogenic bacteria and parasites, eggs and larvae.
    • Aging, poor diet and lifestyle habits can cause an acidic condition of the blood. If your blood is acidic, your stomach thinks it doesn't need to secrete stomach acid.
    • Not enough stomach acid means you cannot digest protein properly. The food stagnates and ferments (the wrong kind of fermentation), setting you up for illness.
    • Heartburn, gas and bloating result from too little HCl, not too much. If you have these symptoms, you could be missing HCl or digestive enzymes. Nancy recommends Assist Dairy and Protein, which has HCl and pepsin to help your stomach do its job of digesting proteins.
  4. Pay attention to digestive enzymes -your food moves from your stomach to your small intestine, where 90% of nutrients are absorbed.
    • Your pancrease produces digestive enzymes so that you can digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It relies on the gallbladder and liver for the bile necessary for the digestive process to take place. LivAmend can be useful at this stage of digestion also because it increases bile flow from the liver and gallbladder. Bile is necessary for healthy peristaltic movement and healthy elimination.
    • Taking digestive enzymes with each meal , like Assist SI and Assist Dairy and Protein can help your body digest foods. They improve your body's ability to extract nutrients from the foods you eat. The enzyme, pancreatin, available in our Assist SI, is an excellent enzyme for this stage of digestion. All these enzymes help you avoid the gas, bloating and other digestive discomforts that often result when your body lacks the digestive enzymes necessary to break down and assimilate your foods.
  5. Incorporate prebiotics and probiotics - Your intestines (small and large) are the home of your inner ecosystem, where the friendly microflora (bacteria and yeast) live. The microflora help you digest and assimilate foods and keep your immunity strong.
    • Most people's inner ecosystems are imbalanced, which can lead to leaky gut, an overabundance of pathogenic bacteria and yeast (like candida) and illness. Probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks add healthy microflora to your intestines, bringing your inner ecosystem back into balance.
    • Including probiotic-rich fermented foods, like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids has been key to transforming people's health, in Nancy's experience.
    • Nancy always recommends organic, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar with "the mother." An excellent prebiotic, it feeds healthy microflora and aids your digestion. Try it in salad dressings in place of regular vinegar.
  6. Hydrate - Nancy has noticed that many people who first come into her healing center drink a lot of soda and coffee. Some even start their day with these acid-producing beverages and changing this habit can really bring about positive changes in your digestive health.
    • Soda and coffee dehydrate your body, which can also sap your energy. Drinking filtered water, organic herbal teas and probiotic liquids provide energy and hydration.
    • Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine both say that cold drinks slow your "digestive fire" or your "chi" (energy). Since life and healing require energy, focus on room temperature water and beverages or warm tea.
  7. Cleanse and Detoxify - The Body Ecology program goes a long way to helping your body cleanse and detoxify. At Cleansing Waters, Nancy and her team provide a variety of other detoxification services, an important one being colon hydrotherapy. Donna Gates is a huge proponent of colon hydrotherapy as a way to support your cleansing and detoxification.
    • Pay attention to your stool - bowel movements should occur at least once per day and ideally after each complete meal. If you are not eliminating frequently enough, toxins will be accumulating in your colon and also throughout your entire body...right down to each individual cell. Your entire body will look and feel toxic!
    • Cleanse your colon - everyone could use a colon cleanse. Colon hydrotherapy (colonics) is an ideal choice because 10 gallons of water are used to hydrate your colon, softening up hardened fecal matter and sweeping it gently out of your body. This actually allows your whole body to detoxify. Releasing toxins from your colon allows your liver to release more toxins, not to mention all of the cells in your body.
    • Nancy recomnends 2 colonics within the first 48 hours. This allows you to get comfortable with colon hydrotherapy and also allows the water from the first session to soften any old hardened fecal matter to be swept away during the second session. Thereafter, her clients have 2 colonics in the next week and one per week for 6 - 8 weeks. After this, the colon hydrotherapist and client decide upon a maintenance protocol

      If you have headaches, skin eruptions, constipation, gas, bloating, depression or lethargy as you begin your cleanse, a home enema can be your greatest tool to shorten these "die-off" symptoms of detoxification. Get your Home Enema Kit today to support your detoxification and health maintenance program.

      tailored to the client's needs.

    • Enemas are excellent between colonic sessions or as part of your healthy cleansing program. If you are experiencing constipation, gas, bloating, skin erruptions and other symptoms of die-off, doing a home enema can clease toxins from your body right at home and have you feeling more energetic and happier soon. When your body is cleansing faster than it can eliminate the toxins, you will experience the Herxheimer's die-off effect. Stay ahead of your toxins by actively cleansing. Your goal is to smoothly eliminate them in a consistent, steady manner.
    • The Health and Yoga Home Enema Kit is perfect for doing home enemas because it includes a 2 quart stainless steel bucket and a 20-inch catheter that allows you to get water deep into your colon, where it can soften old hardened fecal matter.

About Nancy Spahr: Nancy had a long history of constipation, depression and candida, which she successfully healed through the Body Ecology program and colon hydrotherapy. Today, she shares her healing services with over 50 clients per week in her healing center, Cleansing Waters.

At Cleansing waters, Nancy and her team provide colon hydrotherapy, Body Ecology consultations and training, ionic footbaths and the Hothouse Total Health Spa.

Nancy is a Certified Body Ecologist and I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. You can reach Nancy by calling 317-259-0796 or e-mailing her


So many of us don't give much thought to our digestive system, yet it holds the key to optimal health! CBE and Colon Therapist Nancy Spahr shares with us seven key steps for healthy digestion to make sure that your body gets all of the nutrients it needs to prevent a number of chronic health issues. Digestive health can be achieved by eating fresh, organic foods, taking your time when you eat, and taking digestive enzymes to encourage healthy stomach acid levels during digestion. When you couple this with a Body Ecology diet full of probiotics and fermented foods and beverages, your digestion will improve significantly, and you will finally feel that zest for life once again!

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I'm most interested in:

    i have very bad digestion what i have to as home remede.Thanks

  • Prateek Agarwal

    Can i drink hot water on an empty stomach without even brushing my teeth.

  • rt

    Hi I'm govisarnd 2yrs my stomach is always hurting wen I eat nd wen I drink in my in stomach digestive in problem so I dnt knw wt ll I do plss help us & repeye immefiatly

  • Saud Chughtai

    My mother can't eat properly any thing from 5 years. She just can eat few things in counting.
    Her stomach is not allowing for digestion.
    She is suffering from a bad digestive disorders.
    Any thin she eat her stomach don't except
    And then she got acidity.the have to to vomit by her self.
    Please tel the solution.

  • Silence G Kaluzi

    I usually have a stomach problems and stomach acears. Whenever I eat I feel pain in right part of my stomach and sometimes when I eat food about 500g, I could stay for 2days without feeling hungry and I do feel full, when this happen I do take 2-3 days without going to toilet.

    When I drink much water I got a little better, and always I do pass hard stools. And I don't gain much weight.

    I need to gaim weight and improve digestion.

    So what can I do?

  • govind

    Hi I'm govind 2yrs my stomach is always hurting wen I eat nd wen I drink in my in stomach digestive in problem so I dnt knw wt ll I do plss help us

  • Kirti

    Stop eating foods that are prepared on plants. Instead switch over to those which are grown on plants.

  • Eric

    Things that have worked for my digestive issues:

    1.) Routine - Get into a regular routine of waking up roughly the same time each day.

    2.) Workout for at least 15-20 minute fist thing in the morning before breakfast.

    3.) Eat a good breakfast!

    4.) Drink plenty of water

    5.) Don't wait too long in between meals

    6.) Coffee is fine even highly beneficial just don't drink it on and empty stomach.

    7.) Get plenty of sleep / take taps if need to

    8.) Don't let stuff stress you out. Stress kills you.

  • Gautam

    From last few years I am facing a digestion problem ,I have Kidney stone problem also.
    I am doing regular gym and drinking lot of water but stilll i am facing lot of problem

  • AMAN

    Gas is not an illness in itself but an indication of some other kind of health problem. This problem can be annoying and at times embarrassing too. Gas in the stomach can be formed due to a number of reasons such as excessive intake of alcohol, not chewing the food properly, consumption of spicy food, too much stress, some kind of bacterial Infection, digestive disorders, and so on. Some of the symptoms of stomach gas include bad breath, lack of appetite, coated tongue, abdominal bloating, belching and pain in the stomach.
    If you have this problem, there is nothing to worry about as the symptoms can be easily treated with some simple and easy to follow natural remedies. For these remedies you will need some easily available ingredients from your kitchen.

    Here are top 10 home remedies for Gas.

    1. Ginger
    Ginger is used in indigestion treatment and it is also a great ingredient to get relief from gas problem. To prevent gas from forming, always chew a fresh piece of ginger after meals, regularly. Else you can add small amounts of dried or fresh ginger to your food. Drinking ginger tea is also a great way to control the formation of gas inside the stomach. To make the tea, take a tablespoon of grinded ginger and boil them in water for a few minutes. Drink this tea two to three times a day. Another option is to add a few drops of ginger essential oil to any kind of carrier oil and rub it on your stomach.

    2. Caraway Seeds

    Caraway seeds help in indigestion, cramping and stomach gas. When caraway seed tea is consumed on regular basis it stimulates proper digestion. You can make caraway seed tea by adding one teaspoon of the seeds to a cup of boiling water. Cover the cup and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Strain the seeds and then drink the tea before eating your lunch or dinner. For better result, consume this tea three to four times a day. You can also chew some roasted caraway seeds mixed with rock salt to get some relief.

    3. Garlic
    The pungent heating quality present in garlic helps in stimulating the gastric fire and thus offering relief from stomach gas. Those suffering from stomach gas must try some garlic soup which can reduce gas and help in proper digestion. For best results, use fresh garlic. Else you can take some grinded garlic and boil them in water for a few minutes after adding small amount black pepper and cumin seeds. Strain it and allow it come to room temperature. Drink this solution two to three times a day to get better results in a few days.

    4. Fennel
    Fennel is surely the best ingredient available in your kitchen that can give you fast relief from bloating and gas. For stomach gas, add a few fennel seeds in a pot of hot water, and then boil it for five minutes on a low temperature. Strain the solution and then drink it. You can also chew the fresh fennel leafy plants if you can bear the taste. Else you can take a mixture of fennel, cardamom and mint leaves and boil them in water to make a concoction that can help during stomach gas. It is a good idea to keep Fennel seeds at home always as you never known who in your family may need it.

    5. Peppermint
    Peppermint can be used in two different ways to treat gas problem. Peppermint tea is good for the stomach and you can drink it to get instant relief from stomach gas. You can make the tea by adding some fresh pepper mint leaves in a cup of boiling water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Strain it and add some honey before drinking this herbal tea. You must drink peppermint tea two to three times a day. Else you can also chew some peppermint leaves to get quick relief from gas. Secondly, you can mix two drops of peppermint oil in half cup of cool water and drink it once or twice daily.

    6. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar used in the treatment of indigestion can also help with your gas problem. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add it to a glass of warm water. Allow the water to come to room temperature before drinking it. You will get instant relief from your gas problem as this drink will be very soothing to the stomach. In case apple cider vinegar is not available at home then you can try normal vinegar.

    7. Baking Soda and Lemon
    One conventional home treatment for gas is the use of lemon and baking soda. Put the juice of one fresh lemon in a glass and then add some baking soda to it. This will lead to fizzing. Add some more baking soda and finally add a cup of water and stir properly to allow the baking soda to dissolve properly. Drink this solution slowly and soon you will get relief as this drink will work as an effective antacid. For instant relief from stomach gas you can add a small amount of baking soda in one glass of water and drink it on empty stomach.

    8. Asafetida
    Asafetida is also an effective remedy against gas. Just add a pinch of asafetida to a glass of warm water, mix it well and drink it two to three times a day. You can also make a paste of asafetida by adding a little water. Apply this paste on the stomach and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Soon your stomach gas problem will vanish away. Else you can insert a small amount of asafetida into a ripe banana and eat it twice a day.

    9. Cardamom
    This is another kitchen spice that can speed up the process of digestion and give you relief from stomach gas. You can add some roasted cardamom powder to vegetables or to rice or lentils before cooking. Else you can also chew whole pods of cardamom two to three times a day to solve the problem of stomach gas. You can make a tea by steeping a few pods of cardamom along with a small slice of fresh ginger and a teaspoon of fennel in boiling water for several minutes. Drink this warm tea several times a day.

    10. Cinnamon
    You can also use cinnamon to get instant relief from gas. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add it to a cup of warm milk. Mix some honey and stir it properly before drinking it. You can also make cinnamon tea by adding some cinnamon power to a cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for a few minutes and then drink it. This remedy will soothe your stomach and also prevent further formation of stomach gas.

    To conclude, next time whenever you suffer stomach gas, just try any of the above mentioned natural remedies as per your convenience. However, in case you suffer from this problem on regular basis then you need to keep a close eye on your diet and if required see your doctor.

    I try these thing in my food habit and its really work...

  • Trish

    For a small stomach ulcer, it was recommended to me to try supplements with Glutamine, like Glutagenics made by Metagenics. You should discuss with your Doctor (M.D.).

    Food wise you might want to consider cabbage juice made in a juicer or blender. Pungent and bitter just fyi Look up cabbage juice on google and you'll see why it's recommended for possibly helping to heal ulcers.

    Feel better :)

  • arman

    friends, dont eat junk and take this kayam chon thats all

  • Arun Mistry

    My eating properly but my health is not improving please help

  • pat

    When i eat lately solid food get caught in my swallow what can i do

  • Kamal Mudgil

    I am suffering from stomach problems from last 2 years like gas,indigestion,flatulence,constipation and when i eat food my stomach gets heavy. Pls help me out.

  • urks

    Where do I begin,
    The cause of all you're problems are to begin with is probably taking medications for pain, the (Nsaid) group of medications, which are to relieve inflamation and pain.

    If you think hard, you may rememeber when you last took a pain killer that might be for a headache, period pains, or painkillers for sprains, falls or any injuries. You may not beaware that you must never take these pain killers on an empty stomach and I mean never. You must either take them with food or straight after food. These group of pain killers upset the lining of the stomach and the easophagus. Hence the burping and gas in your digestive track.

    2nd reason for suffering from gas and flatulance and burping is linked to stress. Stress is a major factor in producing stomach acid, therefore stress and my own experience bereavement also contributes to this fact.

    There is also a 3rd factor, most people naturally suffer from flatulance due to their genetic factor and are prone to flatulance, there are medications that you could take for this. These group of people ans well as all of the above will sufffer when consuming fruit and vegetable that contain pepsin, i.e., Green peppers, red peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, orange juice,, onions and many other vegetable that are from the same family and also spicy foods that contain the above. Even people with normal healthy digestive systems actually suffer with some form of discomfort wnen consuming these product but not to the extent to people with problems with their digestive system.

    Being a sufferer myself, I can only suggest that you try to avoid pain killers as mentioned above sticking to paracetamol. To promote healing you need to take lanzaprazol tablet for 4 weeks 1 every morning 30mins - before a meal in the morning. This is a tablet that will help heal your stomach lining and aid recovery from the damage that has been caused by the above matters. This tablet is probably you're only chance to recover from this delipitating condition.

    Follow the above to a healthier digestive system.
    Good luck

  • sohrab khurana

    When I eat something then burps starts......i have this problem from very long time...what should i do please help me

  • neha

    you can use zymnet syrup its an ayurvedic syrup by aimil pharmaceuticals 2 spoons after meal 3 times a days. u people will definitely feel a great change in ur digestion.

  • viral

    i want to solve my digestive problem.......i have so many problems in my mother is also suffering digestion problem...pls help us...and give us any solution...pls email address is you

  • Valery

    Sara, what you need to do is when you eat food you must break it up by chewing it slowly which by the way helps you get full faster and without eating a lot. (Chew your piece of food at least 30x before swallowing it.)

  • saurabh dubey

    dear sir ,
    i m suffring from digation problum and also my liver is fatty so what should i do ?

    plz send me good tips for digation emprovment . and which type of food i eat .


  • http://digestion goody2shoes

    I have problems with food sitting for a longer time in my stomach,

  • Rupendra thapa

    I have poor power of digestion,so what to do at this age of 20?

  • Anatomy of Human Body & its Physiology

    This should really help one of my relative. He is really showing some sign of a "bad digestive system" like too being gassy and having constipation.

    Thanks a lot Nancy.

  • Gauf

    hi, i am having an indigestion problem , whenever i eat food i start bloating , Moreover When i wake up in the morning i have a loose stool , Its a Daily practice now ,

    Loose stool Early in the morning and rest of the day goes fine ,

    Plzz help me ,, What should i DO ???

  • saikrishna


    I am saikrishna.I am suffering from indigestion.Can you please give suggestion to prevent from indigestion.Please please please..........................

  • limegreen


    Do you have a fruit bowl on your table? (What you see is what you eat). A wooden cutting board & sharp chopping knife? a wok? these are all tools for building a healthy diet. It starts in the grocery store, make the right choices there - mostly fruits and veg.

    "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away" because it is hydrating and filled with fiber. Think of fiber as the street cleaner clearing a clean path in its wake...fiber cleans you out. Beans, Beans the musical fruit - not too much, because you will have gas, but beans and lentils are high in fiber as well as green leafy veggies and fruits. Whereas Anything white (bread, pasta, flour, rice) expands in your stomach making it more difficult to pass.

    So, in summation - CHOOSE GREEN OVER WHITE.... & EAT THE RAINBOW, not the same thing every day.

  • Sara

    I have lots of bloating within 5-10minutes after eating and it looks like l'm pregnant for the rest of the day and that is just from eating breakfast. I have been told that my food is not breaking up enough before it gets to the small intestine but I don't know how to fix this problem. I have tried different enzymes, but problem not solved yet, very frustrating!!

  • http://google angel

    hi everyone!! now first of all stop thinking that gas is a huge damn problem that can not be solved.. i can tell ya how to deal with it coz i have had it for about two damn years and i am perfectly healthy now.. what worked for me:
    1. no dairy items in my diet first of all.
    2.'' please don't exercise'' or take bath or any other activity that involves using too much of energy after having food. wait for at least 3 hours!! let the food digest!! relax!! take deep breaths!! this is such a simple thing and we dont realize it often!! remember no fast walking or running or jumping around after having a meal XD :)
    3. another very very important thing - ''EAT SMALLER MEALS'' it has fantastic effects and it acts like a miracle in alleviating the symptoms of gas!! and by that i mean eat a very small quantity at one go.. u can eat like 10 times a day but remember less is always more when u have gas!!
    4. drink water half an hour before food and 1 hour after having food..!! and drink only when u r thirsty!!
    5. leave cofffee forever..! say gudbaye to alcohol junk foods smoking and dont fill your body with such shit.. these things deteriorate health!! and we all noe that!!
    6. and and and to start with, have a lot of juices and stop cold drinks and pizza like i said dont feed urselves with garbage.. our body is a divine temple and let only pure and divine foods go inside it.. i am not advocating a veggie diet here but its a fact that '' farts of veggie people r far less stinking than those of non veggies'' seriously man!!
    7. Dont live to eat.. Eat to live. go to kitchen less often.. eat less. and eat healthy!! (by healthy i mean fruits , fruit juices)
    8. what to eat when u got too much gas.. jst eat rice.. it causes no gas at all.. and then u can have friuts like papaya, mango, banana.. and lots of rice again.. or go fasting for a few days!!
    Finally getting rid of digestive problems is not a one step process.. it involves small changes in your daily lifestyle..! and i promise if u follow these things and make them a part of your daily life ur problems of gas, flatulence, burping will be gone in about a month's time!!
    and i hope u change ur life forever like i did.. i am much happy now.. it feels so light and awesome!! and remember a quote from 'the alchemist'' -- when u desire to achieve somthng, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it..!! :-) gud luck :-)

  • Mark

    Im 15 and for a long time ive had problems with my stomach. I sometimes feel constipated. I get sharp pains in my side. I have to admit i rarely almost never eat any greens. I eat refrigerated and processed foods alot. And I don't really drink a lot of water or milk. I usually don't pass a stool very often. I maybe take 1 every 1-2 weeks or so, so I can tell I'm pretty bad. Somebody please help out and respond to this. I need somebodys opinion. I'm tired of having this. Thank you. Feel free to send me an email at and tell me honestly what you think. Again thank you

  • P.Vijayakumar

    My wife has following problem:
    After meals she burps a lot. ( she is vegitarian) Cooked leafy vegitable makes her stomache upsets. Occasionally she gets constipatted. Pl recommend a remedy.
    thank you.

  • Riskytee

    First of all i say a big thanks to you all for the good work you are doing out there and hope all is well there! I have read through your article and seen a little of what i should do to help my health. But still want to list out my problems in case i can still get some help out there. First am not good eater which may be due to where am currently living. Yet still, the little i eat, i can feel my belly is well full and i fart very often and visit the toilet for more than three to 5 times a day. Last but not the least i sometimes have heartburns after eating some sort of food. Finally, what can i do if i cant get organic foods around me?

  • ria

    I really need stomach is always full like a balloon for years....I don't have constipation problem but yet I always feel full...I look like a pregnant lady...please advice ....

  • Andy

    Hi Cesar,

    it seems that you likely have Helicobacter Pylory. Ask your doctor to prescribe a test for you. Good luck!

  • woof

    im pooping 2 much

  • dr. magaleenahagaleenaookatokawakatakaokmokapocika

    i love you ur look so pretty in that outfit

  • cupcake


  • mahesh vaghela

    i have so much gas .how can i solve it

  • Elaine Stark

    In late october 2010 i had to have my gallbladder removed due to a 2cm stone and cronic pain of the digestive system after removal i felt better for months. Then in July 2011 my pains all started again after a barium meal they found now that i have an ulcer in the duodidium. I know that my diet now has to change and it is definately going to. Could you recommend for me some suppliments that will help to get my digestive system right back on the right track. As i live abroad the language barrier is hard in medical terms please help. I don't understand why doctors are not telling people about these good natural ways to help people.

  • savitri tripathi

    i want to solve my digestive problem plz help me.............

  • cesar

    i need help my stomach is always hurting when i eat when i drink always. im always burping always like i a have sii much gas and it feels good for a second then the pain comes back i been like this for months help ?

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