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The Little-Known Link Between Blood Type and Autism (and Why It Matters to EVERYONE)

Autism and other developmental disorders are quickly becoming common among the newest generations of little ones, and for years we have noted that children who are blood type A are more susceptible.

As a wave of autism reaches pandemic proportions (one in 94 boys in the US) a great deal of time and effort is going into exploring the causes and potential.

Still, too many researchers are looking off in the wrong direction while major media outlets like CBS, ABC and NBC ignore the fact that natural prevention and treatment of autism is effective and works!
Body Ecology has long championed a natural approach to preventing and treating autism, with excellent success. I firmly believe that we have unlocked the mystery of autism and other disorders on the spectrum like Asperger's, ADD and ADHD, and can successfully and consistently eliminate this epidemic with our knowledge and diet that focuses on the wisdom of our bodies and the inner ecosystem. Blood type provides valuable information about our children that should be more widely understood.

Blood Type A

About six years ago I began working with families and children with autism. Today I have two deep file drawers filled with consultation forms and it is quite easy to see that roughly 8 out of 10 children with autism are blood type A. Blood type researcher Dr. Peter D'Adamo has also noted a marked prevalence of blood type A's with autism.1

Being blood type A myself, I feel keenly attuned to the positive and negative aspects of living inside a body with the most sensitive blood type…one prone to infection and acidity. I find it interesting that many of us who research and teach about health are all blood type A. Dr. Joe Mercola, Sally Fallon, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Dr Leonard Smith, and Jordin Rubin are all As and may all be familiar names to you

In The Body Ecology Diet book I describe the differences between the blood types, based both on Dr. D'Adamo's research as well as my own.

Here are some general characteristics of blood type A:

  • In general, people with type A blood tend to have more sensitive constitutions and are more prone to diseases. Too much stress, from food, medicine, chemicals, hormones and lifestyle stress, weakens their immunity much more quickly than other blood types.
  • Low stomach acid and digestive problems are more common earlier in life for blood type A's, even from birth.
  • Low stomach acid may not seem like a big deal but it is! When stomach acid (HCL) is low you will not digest proteins well. You will become protein malnourished even if you are eating adequate amounts of protein daily. If you are blood type A take special care when eating animal proteins. Digestive enzymes and fermented foods and drinks are mandatory for type A's to maintain a healthy inner ecosystem.
  • When stomach acid is low cortisol will be elevated. Research shows that protein malnourishment elevates the stress hormone, cortisol. Signs of protein malnourishment in children are poor muscle tone and swollen bellies... a common symptom in autism.

    When cortisol levels remains chronically high it will affect your personality making you feel anxious and more of a perfectionist. You will find it difficult to truly relax and sleep deeply... important for healing.

    Elevated cortisol also depletes your sexual hormones (estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone) and one will age more quickly. When chronically elevated, cortisol is called, "the death hormone". Unfortunately, this means autistic children are destined to age quickly and are more susceptible to hormone and sleep problems as they age unless this problem is addressed and conquered.

    For more on this important topic be sure to read Low Stomach Acid: The Risks, the Symptoms, and the Solutions.

  • Low Stomach acid means mineral deficiencies. I have come to believe that minerals may be the most essential of all nutrients. They are essential for assimilation of protein. They keep your blood slightly alkaline so that viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells do not grow as easily. Of course, having said this, healthy fats are essential for assimilating minerals so in truth all the nutrients must be included in your diet each day and this is do-able with The Body Ecology Diet.

Knowing the special characteristics of people with blood type A, it becomes easier to understand why autism is more prevalent among this subset of the population. Their blood is more acidic, their immunity is weaker, their body repairs more slowly and their inner ecosystems are more susceptible to imbalances and dysbiosis.

The good news is that The Body Ecology System of Health and Healing is ideally suited to bring the body and the inner ecosystem of blood type A children and adults (and all blood types, for that matter) back into balance.

In my book, I provide special guidelines for healing foods and exercise for blood type A individuals.

The Link: Blood Type A and Autism

While research about the exact cause of autism is mixed, doctors are beginning to acknowledge that environmental agents and infections may play a key role in the health of the young.

Researchers have found that children with autism have inflammation in their brains. Their cytokines, the chemicals produced by the immune system to organize attacks against pathogens, are always switched "on," causing constant inflammation.

Basically, these kids have infections in their brains.

They also have inflammation in their intestines.

They have a fungal infection passed unknowingly from mother to child while in the womb or from the use of antibiotics soon after birth.

It makes sense, then, that blood type A children, who are naturally more sensitive to immunological stresses, are more susceptible to developing autism.

So, whether a child is blood type A or not, immune function is key to preventing and treating the "brain and gut infections" that characterize autism spectrum disorders.

For more on how to prevent and treat autism, read What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW If She Ever Wants to Have a Baby.

Body Ecology Solutions for Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Natural Autism Solution is a comprehensive approach to healing and preventing autism spectrum disorders, including autism, Asperger's, ADD and ADHD. The Natural Autism Solution also provides prospective parents with all the information they need to help positively impact the health of their children. Learn more about how you can help your child heal today with this TOP-RATED CD.

The Body Ecology System of Health and Healing is uniquely suited to conquering and preventing inflammation and all infections naturally, whether fungal, viral or bacterial, anywhere in your body.

More importantly, the Body Ecology program establishes a healthy inner ecosystem made up of the beneficialmicroflora that live in your intestines and boost your resistance to further infections. In other words we teach you how to build your immune system for all stages of your life - before birth and beyond.

Many parents have already had amazing success using Body Ecology to treat their children with autism. Just read Diane Farr's story.

To address the unique concerns of Autism Spectrum Disorders, be sure to listen to the exclusive audio CDs from Body Ecology called The Natural Autism Solution.

The Natural Autism Solution is a dietary approach to help prevent and overcome:

  • Autism
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Other childhood disorders

I believe that the increase in childhood developmental diseases and disorders is a wake up call for everyone, not just parents. In many ways, our modern lifestyles and modern medicine have brought about amazing changes... and yet, we've also moved far away from Mother Nature and the body's innate healing abilities.

The Body Ecology system of health and healing is about going back to the basics and honoring Nature. It's about looking at the root cause of dis-ease, so that you can heal your body from the inside out.

With a comprehensive holistic approach to autism, children of all blood types can heal infection and live normal lives, free from autism and all other developmental disorders.

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  • Charlotte Wagner

    I have blood type B- and my son is B+. There is also a definite link between an Rh-negative mother and an Rh-positive offspring with autism. Google "rh negative blood and aspergers" so find a number of references.

  • Charlotte Wagner

    Please read the Wikipedia article about DiGeorge syndrome. Hopefully, the mention about the connection between chromosome 22 and autism is still there because the article changes regularly.

  • Grace by Faith

    I think the "A" in Alzheimer's and Autism doesn't stand for blood type, though blood type could very well factor in, I know that rh negative blood causes hyperactive immune systems where it begins to attack healthy cells - auto-immune disease, and I know that for the most part (unless they have recessive genes) rh negative people do not get cancer. I think the "A" is for Alumina - our brains are full of chemicals and metal, alumina (aluminum oxide) being the most prevalent now, which crosses the blood/brain barrier causing the exact same symptoms of Autism and Alzheimers, whose rates by the way have grown exponentially and in line with our outlandish aluminum exposure levels. That would mean it comes from toxic blood - we are exposed to it somehow in ridiculously high levels, thousands of times higher than EPA acceptable. So how can that be? Where's it coming from? Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cans, wrap, even the soil now at rates thousands of times higher, so it's in all our food, water and medicines, but the most sinister, it's coming from our sky/air.

    NGOs are admitting they actually spray aerosol aluminum nanoparticulates into the sky to block the sun. Solar Radiation Management, they call it, sounds nice and officially non-threatening, right? Conspiracy folks who know there is a conspiracy I might add, call them chemtrails, sky fences, tic-tac-toe sky, skywriting, unnatural airplane emissions. Thing is, they've been spraying us since at least and probably way earlier than the early 90s, and they think they'll get away with pretending they're just now starting to do it? These aluminum sky trails are the only reason you can no longer look at the sun - it's bright whiteness is blinding now and during the day, the horizon is always milky white. Every day.

    The sun was yellow, but they're blocking it out and then magnifying the light and heat (so solar radiation management doesn't work) with cajillions of little razor sharp aluminum nanoparticles back down here. What, did they design these nanoparticulates to only reflect sun back up? No, the whole thing reflects in all directions so the science is flawed at the get go. Blocking the sun causes sepsis - decomposition of cells and stops photosynthesis, the only thing that makes vegetation grow. What they're doing is a crime against humanity, not to mention nature itself, and yet no one's doing anything to try to stop them. Maybe because the aluminum in their brains creates apathy, too. This is a matter of simple cause and effect, Aluminum = Alzheimer's and Autism, in your face, and no one's even thought of just looking up.

  • stanschurman

    Nothing you said here, relates to the causes of autism. You make the connection just by saying it exists without showing how. You suggest that people with autism have lower testosterone levels, when, in fact, higher testosterone levels than normal is one of the early markers for autism.

  • Bill Chaffee

    Is the rh factor also a risk factor for autism or vulnerability to vaccine injury?

  • Carolin

    This article is so unbelievably stupid. Blaming blood type for Autism? Come on, "A" blood type has been around since the beginning of time, and is considered the Alpha of all blood types. Autism is a relatively new disease, that only became prevalent after the discovery of the D antigen and Rh- blood.

    If anything "A" blood type parents are being targeted by government and the Royal Establishment. We're stalked by our blood type, our DNA, and our Pedigree.

    Why not focus on the truth, which has everything to do with environmental poisoning, which could be classified in a number of ways. How about being actively lied to about our blood types. Especially Rh- blood. This is crucial. Rh- people should never have children with Rh+ people. Period.

    I highly recommend that every single person that is considering starting a family, purchase a simple Eldon blood test kit and perform your own test. My mother was actively lied to her whole life about her O- blood. She was 70 years old before she finally found out the truth. Back in the 60's it was mandatory to have your blood tested. You couldn't get a marriage license without it. This was done specifically because of Rh- blood, and to avoid mental retardation (as it was called back then), or a miscarriage. She unfortunately gave birth to two Autistic boys. I have been stalked my whole life. I was the one who wasn't quite retarded enough and who figured it all out!!!

  • Stacy Flanagan

    53% of children with autism in the US have RH negative mothers. It's not just type A. Rh neg people only account for 5-10% of the world's population. So imagine how little Rh neg women in the US account for that #. Yet 53% of all autism cases in the US come from an Rh neg mother? When Rh neg women just so happen to be given the rhogam shot during pregnancy? A shot ONLY rh neg women get? They do NOT get the rhogam shot during the first pregnancy in the UK and the amount of children with autism over there is drastically lower. Do the math. Connect the dots. There is a reason only about 5% of Americans even know their own blood type. Yet 97% of the Japanese know theirs. Coincidence? Who owns the Red Cross? ROCKEFELLERS

  • Jenine

    This article is very interesting. I had no idea that 8 out of 10 children with type A blood were Autistic according to Body Ecology. I guess I'm the minority on this one. My blood type is O+ and I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, which is considered an atypical form of Autism according to Wikipedia, in my preschool years. I had some stomach problems when I was younger. I can't drink milk with everything. Now, I think my body is sort of becoming intolerant to it. It seems to sit in my system longer and I got to watch what I eat or drink after having a bowl of cereal. From what I read, Dr. D'Adamo says people with type O tend to have higher levels of stomach acid than other blood types. I used to get a lot of colds though when I was in elementary and middle school. So, I guess part of the reason why I have a weaker immune system is because of my Autism.

  • Colleen Sees

    I am A/A -/- and was a veggie eater as a child. Since becoming an adult and bearing 8 children (almost 40 now) I have craved and eaten meat (mainly beef) and cooking in a cast iron skillet. RH- people are said to be copper based blood and RH+ iron based blood. I also eat nuts, avocados and cilantro (for toxin elimination). I drink OJ and Grapefruit Juice (to kill off excess "yeast overgrowth" which is the cause of cancer/fungus and many other diseases in males and females alike). I have also been known to eat a dozen eggs in one sitting. I look younger than I am and have no health problems nor ill feeling unless I eat processed food or drink fluoridated water (this gives me heartburn)...Vaccines cause caner and autism...

  • yogesh

    elle - there is a family predominance that counts in terms of genetic mapping and evntually thats what creates the genetic chaos to cause the asd features. it has a firm root and ASD as u can see is not a defect, it is just a malfunction or a neuro-circuit thats not working to its most efficient system. it can be worked on if detected early... i wud be willing to share more info if you wish on the same ..

  • Policychecker

    Dr Peter D'Adamo's work is fascinating, I have researched this area for many years and find him to be absolute spot on with his blood type and more recently his GenoType work. Very Clever man. I think it is wise to include information on your blood type from all the research i have studied it is very convincing. I follow and recommend his work and the result have always be astounding. I have also looked into Donna work and have been very impressed by her work too.

  • http://na allen

    my daughter seems fairly normal she is an A negative blood . here genes have to be A- and O-. i had a hard time believing in dadamo's criteria, but the kid does not like much meat at all . giving her the benifit of my doubts, i decided not to pust the medat eating issue with her . she likes grains and beans , veggies and fruit . i had read that rosemary can be benificial to the add / autistic / hyperactive types ,because i suppose its loaded with antioxidants thereby reducing freeradical build up and toxic damages . we use alot of herbs in cooking now. also soy is said to be medicinal to A bloods , well its just like beans . she loves peanutbutter too . my wife is an AB blood and assimilates well enough to the menue . i'm an o blood ,supposed to be a meat eater , but i eat a very reasonable well balanced diet and take many herbs and minerals . i'm 60 and ppls tell me i look closer to 40 max . HA!HA! i do eat only about 1200 calorie range diet . the kid does well enough in school . she plays 4 instruments and they say this tallent is a sign of good intelligence . many A bloods are compatable with fish for protien but she only likes tuna or salmon . even then its just very small portions . cinnimon is one of her fetishes . oatmeal seems a good choice and i often fix her curried cheese grits as breakfast too . she will take her vitamin D3 and vitamin A cause they are small and east to swallow . green tea she also likes . as you can imagine we are all different and syncronization is challanging .

  • Paul C

    Unlike Elle I am convinced by Dr. D' Adamo's research. She is quite correct in saying that ABO blood type is not the only factor that determines Autism, ADD, Dyslexia and similar brain development issues. I am Dyslexic and my son, type A, also has a mild form of Dyslexia. Although I am type O, we share similar epigenetic traits, which Dr. D' Adamo has written about.

    A key to seeing the signs of unusual prenatal brain development is to look at the fingerprints. Your fingerprints record evidence of the epigenetic decisions that were being made during the growth of you brain. I see the evidence of my son's mild Dyslexia in his fingerprints. My fingerprints are more extreme and so is my learning disability.

    I would like to see a cooperative group come together to collect data for the use of all. Fingerprints have the potential to be used to screen for many health issues. Forewarning their families gives Autistics, Dyslexics and similar people opportunity to get help earlier.

  • elle emirate

    I am not so convinced about the blood type of the individual ALONE but the family predominance may also play a part. My dad was an A type. But I am AB. All my sons are B blood type and my sons are all borderline ASD, with my last son definite. Their sister is A type. So maybe there is more to this than just the chiuld's blood but the inherited traits from a parent/grandparent who has the type A - perhaps this is how we can follow the path in genetics. Could this mean although my daugther may not be ASD, she may carry the gene via her blood type? Could it go male-female-male (like some inherited baldness patterns!) via the genes. Hmmmm.....

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