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If You're Taking Antibiotics, Here's What You Need to Know to Stay Healthy

Now you have another great reason to enjoy your green tea! New superbugs have developed antibiotic resistance, but green tea makes antibiotics more potent and can kill resistant strains of bacteria “superbugs.”

Antibiotics are our friend and foe.

These super-potent drugs are sometimes necessary to kill bacteria in life-threatening situations.

But these days, doctors often over-prescribe them, and the antibiotics themselves destroy the good intestinal microflora that boost your immunity and help you digest food. Even one dose of antibiotics can throw your delicate inner ecosystem off balance and leave you more susceptible to illness than before you actually took them!

Learn more about this phenomenon in How Just One Dose of Antibiotics Can Threaten Your Long-Term Health

Still, sometimes antibiotics might be necessary for a particular illness, disease, or surgical procedure. For those of you who need antibiotics, the latest research reveals a special recipe for boosting health while you’re taking them.

Green Tea vs. Superbugs

An Egyptian research team found that green tea significantly enhances the bacteria-fighting effects of antibiotics. Green tea even appears to make antibiotics more effective against previously drug resistant “superbugs.”

While antibiotics are not always an ideal way to address illness and disease, the addition of green tea to a round of antibiotics can make the drugs as efficient as possible in eradicating the bacteria that cause disease.

This is great news! A simple cup of green tea can make fighting illness and disease a lot easier and help treat illnesses caused by bacteria that have developed antibiotic resistance.

And green tea has many other health boosting qualities. Be sure to read Your At-A-Glance Overview of the Many Health Benefits of Green Tea to learn more about this super beverage!

Green tea benefits your health, skin and immunity...and research now shows a relaxing cup of green tea even protects you when taking antibiotics! Body Ecology’s Green Tea Concentrate is the perfect way to carry a cup of health with you, even on the run. In a convenient liquid concentrate, you can add some drops of immune-boosting green tea to hot or cold beverages. Drink a delicious cup of good health with Green Tea Concentrate!

Green Tea Plus Probiotics

While the one-two punch of antibiotics plus green tea is great for eradicating pathogenic microorganisms from your body, the antibiotics (literally meaning against life) are equal opportunity; they actually kill all the good bacteria and yeast (called microflora) that live in your intestines.

So when you’re faced with taking a round of antibiotics, you must repopulate your gut microflora with immune-boosting probiotics that keep you healthy and strong.

But not all probiotics are created equally. At Body Ecology, we focus on fermented foods and drinks, which have the best probiotics to rebuild your inner ecosystem!

Cultured vegetablesYoung Coconut Kefir and ready-made probiotic liquids, like Dong Quai are delicious ways to get the RIGHT probiotics that you need.

A perfect antidote to antibiotics, probiotics are essential for anyone who wants:

Learn more about the role of antibiotics, probiotics, and your immunity in this exclusive article: If You’ve Ever Taken Antibiotic or Antifungal Drugs, Here’s Why You (Desperately) NEED Probiotics.

Antibiotics and The Bottom Line

Following the Body Ecology system is about nourishing your body and allowing it to heal the way nature intended. While antibiotics can help in acute cases, it is important to let your immune system work its magic and fight the bacteria and yeast that can make you sick.

And an excellent bit of advice is: Before the next round of colds or viruses strike you again begin right now to build your immune system so that you are protected against an acute infection.

Still, if you must take antibiotics, research now supports a more delicious way to health: green tea AND that’s a winning combination you can count on!


“Green tea shows superbug-battling potential,”, 1 Apr 2008.

“Green tea shows superbug-battling potential,”, 1 Apr 2008.

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  • Ms Jacob I know many people have not left many comments but just in case if you end up here. It is great to take Probiotics and food supplements to build up natural flora in the stomach and intestines. However if you have a staph or streph or any other aggressive bacteria infection, or other infection take your antibiotics and treatment. And put a halt on your flora building products and teas that may wash the antibiotics out of your system. It is better to be on antibiotics for several days and them resume your flora supplements kefir etc, than to have an infection in your body that you can not treat effectively and quick enough with holistic approach. An infection that can lead to greater consequences than loosing a little flora over a few days..

  • Jan Curtis

    I need your advice. A year ago, I quit all the seven foods outlined by JJ Virgin and began following your Biology Ecology program including making my own cultured veggies. (Have added eggs back.) I take your multipack regularly and have tried several of your other products.

    Two problems: I continue to have acid reflux everyday and have just been diagnoised with diverticulitis and put on antibiotics and a soft food diet. HELP! The first item on the soft foods list is WHITE BREAD--never!!

    Apparently, I have not been eating enough fiber--per you, JJ, and Brenda Watson I know what to do about that. What I don't know is what to do about the acid reflux and GERD. The doctor thinks I probably need to go back on the Prevacid, which I stopped taking a year ago and don't want to start taking again.

    Here in the Midwest, we are a "little short" on alternative medicine doctors and colon therapists (I just found one 250 miles from here per your list but cost is a factor).

    I'm also confused about your products--if I'm taking the multipack and Vitality SuperGreen, do I also need to take the LiveAmend and the Assist SI and the other enzymes? I've tried all of your enzymes products but still the acid reflux. I know I have a problem with protein, but it can happen after eating anything.

    I've also used your fermented probiotic liquids--but not on a regular basis--cost again a problem. Young coconuts are hard to come by here. Whole Foods carries them only sporadically.

    I've lost 50 lbs and felt great when I first started but I'm stuck on the weight (200 lbs) and the fibromyalgia and overall stiffness are getting worse.

    Any advise and guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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