Find out this mom’s 10 easy tips for bringing up a healthy, thriving baby...and why this probiotic liquid is being called “Special Juice” by mom and baby.

Last time we talked to Deborah Weider about her baby, Mayaan, we learned how this new mom incorporated Body Ecology principles into her prenatal routine and gave birth to a thriving little girl.

You can read How Deborah Weider’s Body- and Her Baby- Thrived with Body Ecology to learn more about her experience.

Now Mayaan is a precocious 18-month old toddler, and Body Ecology continues to be a part of their lives.

Like all new parents, Deborah and her husband marvel at their bundle of joy.

“She’s small, but strong. And so energetic! Her mind is amazing. I never would have guessed that she was going to be so advanced.”

Mayaan already speaks in four word sentences and Deborah attributes her baby’s health and early milestones to Body Ecology.

“I am so grateful for Donna Gates’ Body Ecology recommendations. I probably wouldn’t have eaten really bad food, but Donna encouraged me to take some key steps that made a huge difference.”

Here are Deborah’s top ten tips for raising a healthy child the Body Ecology way:

  1. Embrace Coco-Biotic.

    Deborah began feeding Mayaan CocoBiotic practically as soon as she was born. She started out with ¼ teaspoon to gradually introduce Mayaan’s baby taste buds to the sour flavor.

    Deborah shares, “I give her this religiously. I call it her ‘Special Juice,’ and she thinks it’s the best thing in the world!”

    Whether you use ready-made Coco-Biotic or ferment your own Young Coconut Kefir, you can be sure your little ones will be getting healthy probiotics to build their energy and immunity.

    Learn more by reading: How, Why and When to Introduce Babies to Probiotics

  2. Breast feed, if possible.

    Mayaan was breast fed right after she was born, though later on her parents tried out different baby formulas. Mayaan immediately developed a rash when she drank formula, and even organic versions offered her no relief.

    To learn more about the risks of baby formula and the benefits of breast feeding (for moms and babies) read Baby Formula: The Key Health Risks to Baby That Every Mother & Someday Mother-to-Be Need to Know.

  3. Eliminate processed foods whenever possible.

    Now that Mayaan is old enough to eat real food, Deborah makes everything from scratch. From homemade vegetable soups to delicious chicken and fish dishes, Mayaan is eating healthy, whole foods.

    Processed foods like most breads, sweets, and even conventional meats and canned vegetables lack the vital nutrients of fresh, whole foods and often contain sugar, stabilizers, chemicals and preservatives.

  4. Be flexible.

    Mayaan, like many little ones, attends a day care. Fortunately, this one serves organic food, but Deborah knows that sugar, refined flours and other surprises can sneak onto the menu.

    To avoid some of the more processed foods at daycare, she lets the staff know that Mayaan can’t have anything with dairy or eggs. This allows Mayaan to eat most of the food served at the daycare, while still adhering to many of the Body Ecology principles.

  5. Use cucumbers for teething.
  6. When Mayaan had four molars come in at once, Deborah had learned that frozen bagel chunks could help ease the pain. But she came up with her own great Body Ecology teething trick: use frozen cucumber slices instead! This way, if
  7. Avoid antibiotics.

    Mayaan has had a fever and a little ear inflammation, but her parents have stayed away from antibiotics. Instead, they have let her ever-strengthening immune system do its job. The result?

    Mayaan has avoided the detrimental effects of broad-spectrum antibiotics and remains healthy.

    Read If You’ve Ever Taken Antibiotics or Antifungal Drugs, Here’s Why You (Desperately) NEED Probiotics to learn more about antibiotics and what they do in your body.

  8. Cut out sugar.

    Deborah is most careful to avoid giving Mayaan sugar and even avoids large amounts of fruit and fruit juices.

    She wants to set the stage for positive eating habits that will last for a lifetime and takes care not to reward Mayaan’s good behavior with sweet treats.

    Sugar is indeed one of the silent killers of our time. The 25 Key Reasons You Want to Dramatically Reduce or Avoid Sugar in Your Diet sheds some light on the sugar epidemic.

  9. Model great eating habits.

    As parents, Deborah and her husband eat the same foods they feed their daughter. By modeling healthy eating habits, they reinforce their values at every meal and pass on a legacy of good health.

  10. Reconsider vaccines.

    Vaccines are certainly a controversial issue among new parents and the health establishment.

    One doctor immediately noticed how lively and active Mayaan was, even as a baby. He immediately assumed that she was not vaccinated and revealed that in his experience many vaccinated children lose vitality and energy after they receive their shots.

    Deborah adds, “She’s so strong! And energetic!”

  11. Be positive.

    Deborah and her husband love playing with Mayaan and teaching her new games and words. This thriving 18 month old loves music, knows the parts of the body, and loves her healthy diet.

    She also reflects the attitudes of her parents and their approach to eating and to life.

    Coco-Biotic is one the best ways to introduce little ones to fermented foods and drinks. Loaded with probiotics, Coco-Biotic is convenient for busy moms and gives kids the probiotics they need to grow healthy and strong. Try Coco-Biotic today to see for yourself!

Leaving a Legacy

Having a child is certainly a huge change in anyone’s life. Deborah and her husband have chosen to approach the care and nutrition of their little one in a holistic manner that permeates their entire life AND positively influences their daughter’s health as she grows older.

With Body Ecology, you can rest assured that you are giving your children a natural solution to good health and immunity.

For more on prenatal and postnatal nutrition, read What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW If They Ever Want to Have a Baby.
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