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How to Eat - and NOT Eat - Almonds

Did you know that if you eat almonds the wrong way, you could be missing out on all the benefits - and perhaps creating vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

Eating almonds the wrong way could actually harm your digestion. Eating them the right way allows your body to reap the benefits of this concentrated power food.

One of the most nutritious of all nuts, almonds are a delicious source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Almonds are also the least acid-forming of all nuts, which is why they are the only nut recommended in the beginning stages of the Body Ecology Diet. Since correcting digestion is key to your health, it's also important to know how to prepare, combine and eat foods so that you can create energy and vitality. It's no different with almonds.

Almonds are usually difficult for most people to digest because of an enzyme-inhibiting substance in their brown coating. Soaking or sprouting removes this inhibitor so that the enzymes secreted during digestion can do their job.

How to Soak Almonds

We recommend starting with raw, organic almonds. To soak them, simply cover them with purified water in a glass or stainless steel container overnight for 12 hours. You can then drain and refrigerate them. This easy step can fit into even the busiest of schedules so that you can get all the healthy benefits of almonds.

Almonds and seeds are extremely concentrated foods -- they contain enough energy to grow an entire new plant , after all! Almonds are a protein/fat food. They combine best with fermented foods, non-starchy land vegetables (especially dark green leafy ones) and ocean vegetables. They also combine with other protein/fat foods like milk kefir and avocado. They're great to toss into a green, leafy salad.

The Body Ecology Diet book is full of important health-enhancing details on soaking, sprouting and food combining with almonds and other foods. It also has a recipe for a delicious Almond Mayonnaise. Almonds allow you to create quick, easy and delightful snacks! Keep in mind that until your digestion is corrected, you may miss out on the benefits of most foods, including almonds. The Body Ecology Diet book sheds light on how to correct digestion and improve energy and vitality.

As you explore the delicious variety of foods on the Body Ecology diet, be sure to include nutritious and protein-rich almonds, but be sure you soak or sprout them first to obtain all the enhanced benefits of this power food.

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  • sonnyc1956

    John Chamblee
    Soaking almonds are sure better on your teeth and gums,
    Seems to taste better to me !!!!!!

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  • CrackWorld

    i eat 5 soaked almonds daily...and i feel energetic

  • Sia Manaal

    :) Really Thank You.v nice article.I eat almonds alot but always in a wrong way but from now i'll eat them in a right way ...

  • Rosann Wachter

    Thank you I love islam

  • Tayler Swiff

    Hi There - I'm wondering if it's okay to eat Organic Raw Sprouted Almonds purchased at Whole Foods without soaking them.

  • wedohop

    nice article. it shows the writer has done homework and come up with a good article

  • paige

    can anyone tell me the health benefits of the almond water that is left over from blanching the almonds?

  • kumar devanga

    Even my friend suggested me to have 2 almond every day Morning. First to soak almonds previous night in water and eating almonds without skinning out give good energy to our body.



  • riya

    eating 3 soaked almonds per day is enough for us to gain energy..its good if u consume almonds without skin

  • sudarshaa

    is any problem to eat Almonds directly means without Soak in the water ?


    how many almond eat per day? i put almond in water at night and take ealry morning is it correct ? so pls. advise me

    thanking you

  • Mubashar Rahman

    You can remove the skin within minutes if you put the almonds into hot water and this will make the skin loose for easiest and quick remove. Never give it to kids as it takes time for digestion . A person having problem of constipation and piles not suite to eat the almonds with skin. You may take more than 50 almonds as per your energy need and they can be taken without food , milk and water. It is very beneficial for a person facing deficieny of Zinc and vitamin A etc.


    Mubashar Rahman

  • Papo

    When can you tell that there ready for harvest? They go threw a few color stages, can you pick them off the floor when there still yellow?

  • ms jaffery

    Dear viswanathan -
    If you face a poor digestion, grind the almonds and use the powder. table spoon is enough for you. Better check with and without skin for some days. The way that suits you should be used everyday.

  • Narda Brooks

    I'm not an expert or a doctor, just a person trying to be healthy; but I see very few answers to everyone's very good questions so I will share what I know:
    --Try to use organic almonds
    --Soak the almonds for 8 to 12 hours, glass bowl is good.
    --No need to remove skins, they are also good food and fibre source.
    --Throw away soak water (or mix with regular tap water and put it onto your plants so you don't waste water).
    --Dry almonds in oven at very low temperature, 170 degrees or lower; or put in dehydrator at low temperature till almonds are dry again.
    --Make almond milk in a blender, 1 Cup almonds to 3 or 4 Cups water; strain through cheesecloth, keep in refrigerator 3 or 4 days
    --Make almond coffee 'cream', 1 Cup almonds to 2 Cups water, same as above directions
    --Or you can eat the almonds anytime now, or freeze as is-- no need to bag specially, ok to freeze in one container-- almonds come apart very easy after frozen.
    --Almond milk has been shown to be healthier than cow's milk and it can be made in your blender in less than 5 minutes.
    --Warnings: Get information about almonds before you eat too many! They are nutritious but also cause problems for some ailments so be sure you are healthy and balance your diet for them.

  • karen

    I have just started making almond milk. I usually soak organic almonds overnight and throw the water that I used for soaking away, as recommended on the recipe, and just add fresh spring water to make the milk. But can I use that water for drinking, or add as the base for the almond milk?

  • Ayaan

    Eating Almonds without skin is the correct way. Having spent almost two consecutive years with one of the top herbal doctors abroad, I can honestly tell you that eating 7 in the morning can have numerous benefits. In life, you always trial a few ideas that fit within our busy life routines, but this information is definately factual. Soak 7 in water and peel and eat first thing in the morning. Trial and error this for 40 days and then send me an email to confirm. You will not be disappointed. Regards.

  • Jessica

    Doesn't the skin of the almond have a bitter taste? Is it better to remove if possible and if you can't soak them is it alright to dry roast them to remove the enzyme inhibitor, specifically if I want to grind almond butter?

  • Supdeer Rajahalah

    One man eat no almond he die. Two man eat almond he live, mehbe 20 years longer. Granmother no eat almonds skin peel off. Goo news!

  • administrator

    Eating almonds without the skin is best for losing weight. Do keep the skin as it is a good source of fiber and vitamin D!

  • anvaralihse

    how many almond nuts can take per day ? and how can i take before food or after food ? pls can you advice me?

  • kavi

    how to eat soaking almond?. with skin or without skin which one is good for health?. i am 38 years how many almnod i have daily?. can you an sure me. thank you.

  • sudha

    How many badam can a person eat? Is soaked badam's skin is good for health?
    what is the difference eating it with skin or without skin after soadking overnight?
    plz answar these questions that would be great,, thanks

  • rizwana

    after soaking it overnight we have to peel almonds or take it as it is?which is good?

  • manohari.r

    i ' ve heard that soaking badam, reduces its fat content and so it is good even for weight reduction. is it true? pls reply.

  • Vaibhav

    You should eat the banana left over skin too.

  • ramana reddy

    how many almond eat per day? i put almond in water at night and take ealry morning is it correct ? so pls. advise me

    thanking you

  • kathy

    My daughter soaks and peels her almonds to make almond milk. I s the left over skin and fiber a good source of nutrients or is it detrimental? Hate to waste.

  • Nick knock

    I loooove sliced almonds im addicted to them. but i wouldnt advise ppl like me who have slow bowels or severe constipation, IBS, thyroid probs, ect ect (i have all of the above) Because wheb I eat them in immideatly consipates me. Im too addicted to completely take them out of my diet so now I just eat them a few times out of the month but I can eat a hole bad in like 2 days of sliced almonds. Am I eating too much, Iv been told by so many doctors that almonds should HELP me go to the bathroom not block me up. Anyways Im going to try the soak thing and I really hope that makes the problem go away because I love almonds! Only sliced though. Lol

  • jasmine

    can we drink water in which almond is soaked? is it good or bad?

  • Eddie Winter

    do Almonds work on the brain not to forget?

  • kavi

    Hi, which is the best time to have almond and how many for a day. Is it advisable to take in empty stomach?Also i want to increase my weight and skin shine. Please provide me ur valuable suggestions. Thanks in Advance


    All Almonds from CA are pasteurized and will not sprout. Luckily you can now find REAL RAW Almonds imported from Italy in most Health Food and Natural Market Food Stores. I was still having problems digesting almonds until I found out this fact.

  • jan

    I buy the sliced almonds, is that ok just to eat raw like that? I put them in my salads, and ice cream. thanks

  • dr lalit

    peeling the almond skin is always a gud idea. 3-4 soaked and peeled almonds r gud for health,if chewed very slowly with a cup of skimmed milk.

  • Shaheen Iqbal

    After soaking 10 pieces of Almond Good quility in the night time and remove the skin and eat them slowly slowly means good chewing and drink small water or a glass of milk it will give you very good energy in your body.......

  • dilip

    Which time is best to eat almond?

  • viswanathan

    i am 67 and having a weak digestion in what way i can take almond, after soaking will it is advisable to eat directly without removing skin, or better to eat wet almond after removing there skin, viswanathan

  • Kiran patel,Ahmedabad.s

    Two soaking almonds per day is enough?

  • Author

    Thank you for your support of my article.

    It is fine to eat the skins as well. In fact, you will be absorbing extra nutrients that would be otherwise discarded. If not, soaking them will help you get some from the skin.

    I hope this answers your questions.

  • mohandoss

    diabete patients are advised to take five numbers of soaked badams daily
    a day for protein supplement and control bad colasteral.

  • http://yahoo joseph albani

    after soaking almonds i put them in ref. when im ready to eat i boil them for 10 seconds then run them under cold water and remove skins Is this the best way to eat them

  • Prahallad

    Is it better to be remove the brown layer after soaking it. What will be the difference if we don't remove the brown layer.

  • Prahallad

    Is it better to remove the brown layer after soaking or not. What will be the difference between removing the brown layer and not removing it.

  • kickass

    Uday 10 almonds are muth maar ke soo ja!!!!!

  • sayed

    which is the better way to eat almond, after soaking it is better to eat directly without removing skin, or better to eat wet almond after removing there skin,
    if u have any other better way to eat raw almond plz inform me to my mai..
    thank u.....



  • joseph albani

    after soaking iremove skin is this ok

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