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Your Holiday Survival Guide: Make It Through Christmas Healthy and Happy with This Body Ecology "Wish List"

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Now, wait a second.  Didn’t I just finish licking the crumbs from my third plate of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie?!  And didn’t I just get off of that tinny tin tube also known as an airplane where I sat next to the bathroom and every screaming and coughing adult and child - as I stared longingly into the semi-transparent curtain separating me and the rest of the plane from those eight people in first class who get a bathroom all to themselves?!  Have I come home merely to step on the scale to see just how much damage I did on one late November Day, work overtime to buy a bunch of “Extremely-Meaningfuls” for “Those-Loved-Most” and “I-Don’t-Knows” for “Who-Knows-Who,” only to turn around, hop on a plane, and go through the whole holiday rigmarole again?!


Celebrating Christmas doesn't have to mean loosening another notch on your belt! Make sure to use Assist SI this holiday season to keep your digestive system on track to prevent that pesky holiday weight gain.

“Yes.  But tell us how you really feel.”

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips Save the Day

Okay, I admit it, and you can call me Scrooge.  I am a tad cranky, and I feel a tad …crank-tastic - and I am certain it is because I am over-tired, underpaid, and puffy.  But who isn’t this time of year?  I actually can’t wait to go “home for the holidays” and see my loved ones, but I already feel run-down and don’t want to start the New Year only able to fit into Santa’s suit!

How can I arm myself against airplane germs, over-spending, and my mom’s Brown Sugar Marshmallow Holiday Mash - and that’s just breakfast!

Well, I can take a little bit of my home to the home from whence I hail. Think a “BED” can’t fit into a stocking?  Au contraire, and here’s how...


  1. PROBIOTIC LIQUIDS -- To curb my sugar cravings and correct those times when I may (hypothetically, of course) give in to them.  One CocoBiotic (that’s my fave), One Passion Fruit Biotic (let’s not kid ourselves, I’m gonna need some bacteria to gulp up the extra gluten consumption) and One Dong Quai (my Aunt Sally is very moody and always mistakes it for her Christmas cocktail - and believe me, the mistake behooves us all!)
  2. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES -- One Assist (every meal in my parents’ house has a sequel), One Assist Dairy and Protein (because animal products are not digested equal), and One Assist SI (the Family Holiday Eat-a-thon is a weeklong fete, and I need to give my entire digestive system all the help it can get!)
  3. GREENS -- One Vitality Greens (I already feel like my immune system is fighting a cold-weather cold, and I want to hug my little nieces and nephews. Furthermore, I can make a greens drink as a prequel to my family’s meals, and maybe I won’t eat so much...junk!)
  4. A SUGAR ALTERNATIVE -- One Stevia (just about any recipe that calls for sugar can be sweetened by stevia instead, and if not, a drop or two in my tea may allow me to forgo a second glass of egg nog!)
  5. BOWEL MOVER (tee-hee!) – One LivAmend (look, we’re all grown-ups here.  Dehydrating plane flights and holiday eating equals Christmas constipation in my experience.  LivAmend seems to do the trick and keeps the bowels humming... Christmas carols.)

Okay, AWESOME. So, now I am armed with Puff-Control, Sugar-Eating, Immune-Building Goodness! But I also mentioned that I wanted to combat the over-spending.

Well, as usual, Body Ecology is a few steps ahead. To minimize any holiday damage to all of the hard work you have done on your health this past year and to save you some extra cash to spend on your loved ones and friends, Body Ecology is offering their Holiday Survival Kit.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

The holidays are a time for celebration… and potential weight gain. If you want to beat the bulge and keep the scale from moving this Christmas, you can do it Body Ecology style by using our helpful products to keep your digestion on track. Probiotics will reduce your sugar cravings, digestive enzymes will keep your system running smoothly, Vitality Greens will boost your immunity, Stevia can be substituted for sugar in your Christmas dishes, and LivAmend will prevent bloating and constipation after a delicious Christmas dinner. Believe it or not, you can enjoy the holidays this year while staying healthy and happy!

  • Dong Quai 750mL

    Dong Quai 750mL

    Help Maintain Hormonal Health with Dong Quai

    • Fermented liquid beverage that contains dong quai herb
    • Promotes overall body balancing and restoration
    • Helps maintain a healthy balance of microflora in the digestive tract
  • Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes

    Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes

    Break Down Food, Absorb Nutrients and Prevent Gas and Bloating

    • One of the most complete and powerful digestive enzymes available
    • Assures digestion of proteins over the entire pH range from 2.0 to 11.0
    • Fast-acting, high-potency enzyme formula
  • Assist Dairy & Protein

    Assist Dairy & Protein

    Maximize the Absorption of the Protein You Eat, Minimize Waste or Toxicity

    • Enjoy dairy foods again!
    • Enjoy the benefits of milk kefir without the side effects of the casein
    • Aids in the digestion of proteins from animal foods, dairy foods, nuts, seeds and legumes
  • Assist SI

    Assist SI

    Maximize Your Food’s Potential to Nourish, Energize, and Heal!

    Unable to fully digest your food? Add more wood to the fire.

    Assist SI bolsters your digestion by delivering more enzymes to where you need them most—in your small intestine. This is where tiny finger-like villi reach out and seize nutrients, pulling them into your bloodstream.

    But if you don’t have enough enzymes to break apart large molecules of food, the villi can’t do their job. And unabsorbed food ferments in the small intestine, creating painful gas and irregular bowel movements.

    Assist SI delivers the same enzymes that your pancreas releases into the opening of the small intestine, ensuring your villi have something to grab on to and that you get the nutrition you need.

    Suggestions For Use
    Take 1 - 3 capsules with each meal. Combine with Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes and Assist Dairy & Protein for greater results.

    • Contains all the enzymes that your small intestine requires
    • Provides maximum absorption
    • Breaks down hard-to-digest dairy
    • Helps tone the intestinal wall
    • Helps eliminate bloating and gas
    • Helps get rid of bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
    • Supports regular, healthy bowel movements
    • Non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free
  • LivAmend


    Why Use LivAmend Every Day?

    • Proper bile flow is vital for peak vitality and longevity!
    • Research shows that the herbs in LivAmend increase bile flow and optimize the health of your liver.
    • Increased bile flow improves elimination helping with chronic constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome
    • A healthier liver produces glutathione, a primary antioxidant needed for detoxification
    • Healthy bile flow guards against parasites and candida!
    • Improper bile flow causes problems like gallstones, cholesterol problems, insulin problems and diabetes
    • Herbs are Non-GMO and Gluten free!
  • Stevia Liquid Concentrate

    Stevia Liquid Concentrate

    Sweet-tasting Herbal Extract Dietary Supplement

    • Zero Calorie, Zero Carbohydrates, Zero Glycemic Index
    • 985 servings in every bottle
    • Bitter-free, refreshingly sweet, smooth-tasting
    • Minimal processing for highest purity

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