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Does Red Wine Cause Gut Inflammation?

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If you are wondering whether or not red wine deserves a place at your dinner table, read on. Learn about signs of wine intolerance and alternatives to wine that won’t compromise your health.

The Dark Side of Wine

While the media praises red wine for its ability to promote health, prolong life, and stave off heart disease, there is more to the story.

Over 23% of people complain of wine allergy or wine intolerance.

Researchers at the Institute of Microbiology and Wine Research at Mainz University, Germany, report that a relatively high percentage of people show signs of an intolerance to wine—specifically, red wine. (1)


If you've ever had flushed skin, a runny nose, or a headache after drinking a glass of red wine, you may have wine intolerance or a wine allergy. But not to fear - several healthy alternatives to wine are available.

According to their study, over 23% of people complain of wine allergy or wine intolerance, with symptoms such as:

  • Flushed skin
  • Runny nose
  • Itching
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach or intestinal cramping

Those with a wine allergy generally react to red wine.

Red wine is made with the skin of the grapes. Grape skin gives the wine its red hue, but it also contains a protein that is a known allergen. (2)(3)

Wine Intolerance

While grape skin contains a known allergen, wine can also trigger a headache or migraine, promote high blood pressure, and irritate the gastrointestinal tract. (4)(5) This is because wine contains a group of chemicals called biogenic amines, which are pro-inflammatory and increase blood flow. Examples of biogenic amines include histamine and tyramine.

Alcohol inflames the gut, making it leaky and increasing the absorption rate of histamine and tyramine. And because alcohol irritates the digestive tract, it also profoundly affects the body’s ability to break down biogenic amines.

Some people are more sensitive to histamine and tyramine than others—which is why more producers are now enlisting the help of wine starter cultures and technologies like flash pasteurization.

According to Professor Dr. Helmut König at the JGU Institute of Microbiology and Wine Research (IMW), we are seeing an increase in sensitivity to biogenic amines and, more specifically, to red wine.

Alternatives to Wine

Research tells us that red wine has a lot to offer because of the polyphenols found in red grapes. Polyphenols are a group of antioxidants produced by plants. They act as a buffer against oxidative stress, which ages and weathers the body. They safeguard against inflammation. They can protect the body against heart disease. (6)(7) They can help regulate blood sugar. (8) And they can dampen pathways that lead to brain degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. (9)

Studies even show that good bacteria benefit from polyphenols in the diet. (10)(11)

However, wine also contains alcohol—a toxin that destroys brain tissue, inflames the gut, burdens the liver, and has even proven itself addictive.


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  • Marvia R. Davidson

    Having read some of the labels on wine bottles, I noticed that sulfites are an added ingredient. I have also eaten in cafeterias where notices were posted above the lettuce warning that sulfites had been used in prepping the lettuce so that the leaves would remain green longer. I know of individuals who are allergic to sulfites. What if these same individuals drink red wine?

  • Elizabeth

    If red wine is a problem, then will eating raw grapes do the same damage?


    According to some wine labels I have read, sulfites are added and, I have eaten in cafeterias where notices were posted above lettuce warning that sulfites had been used in prepping the lettuce for human consumption. What about those who are allergic to sulfites and drink wine?

  • Delores Long

    My husband has crohn's and his large intestine is totally inflamed. He has had prednisone, but can't handle it any longer. Would your greens help heal the lining of the gut? To what extent?
    What other foods would also help?

  • Jane Docken

    Interesting that you imply from this article that the bubbles in Kombucha are not natural. While I don't know for sure about commercial Kombucha, homemade Kombucha's bubbles are completely due to fermentation.

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