Tired, Sluggish, or Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Here’s What Your Doctor Might Not Be Telling You

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Tired, Sluggish, or Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Here’s

Feeling exhausted? Low on willpower? Having difficulty losing weight? Think it's your thyroid? Think again — because many hypothyroid symptoms...

From Cellulite Reduction to Powerful Antioxidant Protection: Here’s Why You

Want a delicious way to boost your immune system, aid your muscles and connective tissue, and reduce cellulite? Then the...

Food Combining: The Health and Weight Loss ‘Secret’ We Swear

Steak and potatoes, tuna-noodle casserole, scrambled eggs with toast -- these classic American meals are also classic examples of why the Standard...

How the Bacteria in Your Gut Affect Your Body Weight

Do you limit your food intake and still find that you gain weight? Have you tried dieting, only to gain...

How to De-Stress and Refocus on YOU after the Holidays

If the end of the holiday season has you hitting the snooze button one too many times, NOW is the...

A Review of the 7 Key Healthy Eating Principles

Usually when New Year resolutions are made, weight loss and better health often lead the list. Yet many of us...

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