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  1. Video Recipe - 3 Ways to Make Vegan Probiotic Protein Shakes

    Most likely, you're not digesting the protein you get from your protein shake... Why? Because it's not pre-digested!   Most of us are eating protein, but just not digesting it properly.  Does your protein shake have probiotics, prebiotics and pre-digested protein in it?  These recipes contain a pre-digested protein - pea and rice - and when you put this combination together...
  2. Video Recipe - How to Make Coconut Kefir

  3. Video Recipe - Mind Boost Tonic

  4. Good Morning Greens Smoothie Recipe [Video]

    Good Morning Greens Smoothie Recipe [Video]
    Rise and shine and start the day right. Try this two-minute Body Ecology tutorial for a quick green smoothie to whip up in the morning.

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