Body Ecology’s Quinoa Casein-Free Egg-Free Eggnog

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Body Ecology’s Quinoa Casein-Free Egg-Free Eggnog

This holiday season, you can enjoy the delicious taste of eggnog ... without the casein, eggs OR sugar! This easy...

Body Ecology’s Holiday Recipes with No-Calorie Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Looking for a way to enjoy your holiday meal without the added sugar?  Our affinity for this versatile natural sweetener,...

Quinoa or Basmati Rice Holiday Pudding

This quick, delicious, healthy recipe using Body Ecology's all-natural no-calorie Lakanto sweetener is ideal for holiday meals and more! Ingredients:...

Sleeping Trouble? Discover Why Winter Is the Ideal Time to

It may seem like you never get enough sleep, and during the busy winter season things like stress, travel, hectic...

The 10 Worst Gift Ideas to Keep in Mind This

Note: Here is a fun and interesting article reprinted with permission from the free SixWise.com newsletter. You've been waiting all...

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