Saving Our Soil: Why You Should Eat Organic

Body Ecology Articles

Saving Our Soil: Why You Should Eat Organic

The soil is alive. Mostly. Some bits of land have been farmed over and over again with the same crop...

How Candida Creates Toxicity and Turns Sugar into a Drug

Those of us who have chosen to explore the Body Ecology Diet know from first-hand experience the effects of systemic...

Is Your Immune System Out of Whack? Find Out How

Most of us know that certain foods and supplements activate the immune system. But what we may not know is...

Study Shows Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Linked to Higher Autism

The Hepatitis B vaccine is considered standard procedure for newborns. But new research shows a link between the vaccine and...

Why Thyroid Tests Aren’t Accurate

It wouldn’t be an understatement to call thyroid disorders a growing epidemic. The American Thyroid Association (ATA) conservatively estimates that...

The Quick and Easy Guide to Improving Your Health on

Think you don't have enough time to eat healthy? Our tips and easy recipes can show you how to create...

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