How to Naturally Approach Hormone Imbalance & Adrenal Fatigue: Important Insights from CBE Bekki Medsker

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How to Naturally Approach Hormone Imbalance & Adrenal Fatigue: Important Insights from CBE Bekki Medsker

Many people, especially women, experience hormone imbalances as early as their late twenties, but youthful vigor hides the clues to this potentially dangerous condition.

Later on in life, abnormal hormone levels can cause fatigue, illness, early menopause symptoms, and maybe even tumors.

Bekki Medsker, a Certified Body Ecologist and doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, has used the Body Ecology system to treat her clients with hormone imbalances and restore their health.

Dr. Bekki Medsker treats patients with adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances using probiotic beverages and liver cleansing.

Colon Health and Cultured Vegetables

Back in the early 1990’s, Dr. Medsker was just learning about colon health. She struggled with her own elimination and only went to the bathroom twice a month! But on a date with the man who is now her husband (chiropractor Dennis Medsker), he introduced to her the importance of digestive health.

Four years later, Bekki healed her digestion and had a husband!

Part of her health odyssey was an early edition of The Body Ecology Diet and its recipes for cultured vegetables. Bekki incorporated them into her diet and felt an amazing improvement.

When the Body Ecology starters came on the market, she thought, “These are the best things since sliced bread!”

The Importance of the 80/20 Rule

These days, Dr. Medsker’s entire practice is dedicated to helping people overcome their own health obstacles to achieve radiant wellness. She finds that the 80/20 rule is one of the most important principles of the Body Ecology system.

“It is SO relatable. I take a plate, put stuff on it, and show my clients how it works,” she says, referring to meals made up of 80% vegetables and 20% protein or starch.

Bekki finds that this is a practical and easy way to help people slowly change their approach to food and digestion.

A Common Complaint

Recently, however, Dr. Medsker has encountered many patients who have hormone imbalances and relatedadrenal fatigue. She’s even had 8 women with tumors in their pituitary glands over the past few months! (The pituitary gland is part of your endocrine system and secretes essential hormones.)

Dr. Medsker believes that “the key to the whole thing is healing your adrenals! If you heal your adrenals, the tumors will shrink.”

She started her clients with pituitary tumors on a nutrition-based protocol including:

Dr. Medsker theorizes that cysts are, “just a sign that your body is overburdened. You need to actively detoxify your liver.” As a result of her nutritional intervention, her clients’ tumors have shrunk down immediately.

Other patients come in complaining of severe menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue.

For these women she recommends Body Ecology’s LivAmend.

“It’s not like a normal liver cleanse where you’re in the bathroom 8 times a day. It keeps your bile ducts from sludging.” She adds, “If you keep on LivAmend, then you won’t have hot flashes.”

LivAmend is a natural remedy for hot flashes associated with menopause. Dr. Bekki Medsker recommends that her patients take LivAmend regularly to keep their bile ducts clear, detoxify their bodies, and as a natural hot flash remedy.

Body Ecology for Every Body

While Dr. Medsker has effectively treated adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances with Body Ecology, there is one thing she recommends for everyone.

“Everybody needs digestive enzymes! If you want to go out and eat a sandwich and not follow a food combined diet, then you need to take enzymes.” She emphasizes that Body Ecology Assist digestive enzymes “make it so much easier to digest food and assimilate nutrients so that your body has energy to detoxify.”

It’s clear that Bekki Medsker is dedicated to wellness, and not just for those patients with hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. She is a trained colon hydrotherapist, treats all kinds of illnesses, and has particular success with allergy elimination and autistic children.

You can schedule a phone consultation with her by contacting her office at 843.679.0718 or 843.669.5794.

Visit her website for more information: www.BekkiMedsker.com
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