Why Autism Symptoms May Improve by Removing Gluten and Casein from the Diet

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Why Autism Symptoms May Improve by Removing Gluten and Casein from the Diet

Did you know that 1 out of every 150 babies born is diagnosed with autism? Find out how nutrition can be your best bet for autism prevention and treatment.

Autism is on the rise, and this developmental disability currently affects over 1 million American children. In 2001 one child out of 1500 children developed autism. Only five years later it is now one in 150 children. These statistics are even more troubling for parents who give birth to a baby boy. In 2007 one in 94 boys will develop autism.

With numbers this dramatic, there must be a passionate “call to action” to stop this epidemic and not only treatautism but also prevent it!

You can be certain the numbers will continue to rise unless the world learns about The Body Ecology System of Health and Healing.

Donna Gates, the creator of the Body Ecology program, maintains that although autism is a complex problem, it can be prevented and treated. Read more about Body Ecology’s protocol for autism treatment and prevention in Autism’s Wake Up Call and What You Can Do Now.

Autism: Common Ailments

Many people with autism suffer from some common ailments, including:

  • Intestinal dysbiosis
  • Systemic fungal infections (like candida) and viral infections
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Abnormal serotonin levels
  • Toxic materials in their systems including pesticides, mercury and heavy metals

Body Ecology’s system of health and healing addresses these issues by:

  • Creating a healthy inner ecosystem inside your intestines.
  • Creating energy by nourishing your adrenals and thyroid.
  • Conquering any infections, especially dangerous fungal infections in both the mother and baby.
  • Cleansing – removing toxins from your body.
    Establishing a vibrant inner ecosystem full of beneficial microflora (beneficial bacteria and yeast) is often the missing link to health, energy and immunity for anyone and especially for children with autism.
    Years of anecdotal evidence from parents in our BEDROK (Body Ecology Recovering Our Kids) group has shown that when following the Body Ecology program, symptoms of autism improve and hundreds of children have improved or recovered.

For an inspirational account of recovery from autism by following the Body Ecology program, read Diane Farr’s story.

Our approach, while still somewhat novel to the medical field, it is gaining popularity among the more cutting-edge physicians who are treating these children as more parents share the Body Ecology Way with them. The parents of these children are highly educated and even brilliant men and women who are committed to finding answers.

Their search will lead us all to answers about the brain in our head and the one in our gut and about our immune system. They show unequivocally that our current materialist way of life, our disastrous diet and poisons in our environment are leading to an end of the human race. Scientists do not see us lasting even two more generations unless we do an immediate 180 degree turn-about. We must recognize the message these children bring to us and support their parents in every way possible.

The Brain-Gut Connection

Recent studies and anecdotal evidence indicate what we at Body Ecology have been teaching for years: there appears to be an intestinal health component to autism.

Did you know that many neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that are present in your brain are also present in your gut (also called your enteric nervous system)?

And while scientists are not entirely sure whether your brain controls your intestines or vice versa, they do know that there is a concrete connection between your intestines and your brain.2

In 2003, Dr. Timothy Buie, a pediatric gastroenteroligist from Harvard, presented his work on the gut-brain connection and how it relates to autism.

In Dr. Buie’s experience treating autistic patients, he found there was improvement as their gut problems were addressed and healed. While there are plenty of theories on how food may affect neurological functioning, diet can be an excellent way to ease the painful gastrointestinal symptoms sometimes associated with autism.3

To learn more about causes of autism, read: The Root Causes of Autism: A Supposed Mystery That Is Not So Mysterious.

The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet

The gluten-free/casein-free diet (GFCF) is one of the most well-known dietary approaches for treating autism that has gained acceptance by parents of autistic children. Even mainstream medicine recognizes the value of eliminating these proteins found in most grains and in dairy foods.

A recent article in Autism Web, aimed at parents of autistic children, sheds some light on how the GFCF diet can affect digestion and, in turn, symptoms of this developmental disability. This excellent article presents: the importance of diet in natural autism treatments, explains what effects dietary irritants can have on children who suffer with autism and gives practical ways to eliminate them.3

The article also highlights studies showing that autistic children have found relief from symptoms by completely eliminating gluten and casein from their diets.

  • Gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, oats, and spelt, is often difficult to digest.
  • Casein is a protein in milk and milk products including cheese, ice cream, and butter. Many people lack the necessary digestive enzymes to break down casein.

While there have been mixed results with the GFCF diet, the Advocate (a publication of the Autism Society of America) writes that studies of the Gluten Free Casein Free diet (GFCF) have shown improvement in autistic test subjects.

Families have reported that children following a GFCF diet experience profound relief of symptoms and in some cases the diet eliminates symptoms altogether!

It makes sense that removing foods that irritate the gut would ease symptoms that autistic children experience, but what about healing the gut?

Removing gluten and casein from a child’s diet alone does NOT heal the inner ecosystem, address the systemic fungal infection (candida), viral infections and eliminate toxins (like heavy metals including lead, aluminum, cadmium and mercury).

Body Ecology takes GFCF a step further because in addition to being gluten free and casein free, it is also anti-fungal, anti-viral and sugar free.

The goal of the Body Ecology system is to remove the foods that contribute to these problems AND heal the inner ecosystem, so that eventually your body can digest and tolerate many foods again.

In essence, the Body Ecology diet can help conquer infections including candida (yeast), help heal your digestive tract… supporting your assimilation of key nutrients… boost your immunity and help open your detoxification pathways to remove toxins. This is critical not only for autism treatment, but also for all of us alive today. All parents-to-be must focus on prevention of autism and other epidemic childhood problems by preparing their body before they conceive a childIn fact, it has now become essential to the survival of the human race.

Body Ecology’s Approach to Autism, and Health in General

With close to 800 parents in our BEDROK community, we’ve learned that the Body Ecology approach to health and healing has substantial benefits for those with autism… but anyone can improve their health with Body Ecology.

Read Jennifer Boddie’s story about the healing experience she and her two autistic boys had with Body Ecology.

Most importantly, Body Ecology eliminates common elements of the Standard American Diet that can contribute to fungal and viral infections and digestive distress.

Fermented Foods and Drinks for Health!

Body Ecology’s gluten free, casein free, sugar free anti-fungal protocol can improve the health of anyone AND has been used successfully for autism treatment.

To learn more, read The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates today.

Body Ecology’s approach to health and healing includes many delicious foods that are gluten free, casein free, sugar free and don’t feed candida. Here are two excellent examples:

  • Fermented foods and drinksCultured vegetables and probiotic liquids are the ultimate way to add healthy microflora back into your inner ecosystem.

    Once your child’s inner ecosystem is healthy, you may notice that many of the gut and brain-gut related ailments will improve or subside completely.

    One probiotic liquid “super star” is our Young Coconut Kefir. This home-made probiotic beverage helps heal your intestines and cleanses the liver. It has a significant source of two vital minerals (potassium and sodium) and it contains wonderful microflora (lactobacillus and beneficial yeast) that are “dairy-loving.” After a few months of drinking Young Coconut Kefir regularly and giving the microflora a chance to colonize in the intestines, many children areable to tolerate some dairy foods with casein again.

    Try CocoBiotic if you want all the benefits of Young Coconut Kefir without having to hunt for and crack those young green coconuts. CocoBiotic is a convenient probiotic liquid with a special gut-healing blend of beneficial bacteria and yeast.

  • Body Ecology grain-like seeds. These grains (amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat and millet) are gluten free, help balance serotonin levels (which children with autism need) and act as aprebiotic to feed the healthy microflora in your inner ecosystem.

    If your child does not do well on grains in general, try our probiotic liquids, which will addgrain-loving microflora into their inner ecosystem. As the inner ecosystem heals, your child may be able to tolerate whole grains again, eventually even those containing gluten.

    You can even soak your grains in a mixture of filtered water and a few tablespoons of probiotic liquid, like BE Wholegrain Liquid, to make them much easier to digest.

    Find out more about why our probiotic liquids can help with gut problems like gluten sensitivity and celiac disease

Probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks, our Body Ecology grain-like seeds, our sugar-free, anti-candida diet are just three reasons why Body Ecology takes GFCF diets to a new level… towards healing the gut, not just removing toxins like heavy metals.

Try the Body Ecology program for just three months to change your life and your health forever. Very importantly take action toward prevention of autism!

Read and share this important article:What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW If They Ever Want To Have a Baby to discover how important prenatal nutrition can be to the next generation.

Together, with sound, common-sense information backed up by the latest research and a diet that provides you with superior nutrition, we can tackle the autism epidemic now!

Please do your part to end this serious childhood plague that is affecting all our lives… and will for decades to come as we all carry the financial burden of educating and caring for these kids. This pandemic (world-wide epidemic) claims more victims than AIDS, cancer and diabetes combined.


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