The Root Causes of Autism: A Supposed Mystery that is Not So Mysterious

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The Root Causes of Autism: A Supposed Mystery that is Not So Mysterious

Autism has become an epidemic, causing the government and researchers to search for more answers. Find out how Body Ecology’s natural solutions can prevent the viral and fungal infections that scientists find may lie at the heart of autism.

More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than aids, diabetes, and cancer combined…1

Congressman Chip Pickering, US House of Representatives

An Epidemic Calling for Prevention

On December 19, 2006, President Bush signed the Combating Autism Act (S. 843) into law. This law involves nearly $1 billon to be spent on combating autism spectrum disorder through research, education, intervention and screening. The Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will be responsible for coordinating these efforts.

Autism is becoming known as an “epidemic” in the United States. As a long-time advocate for healing our children of autism and other childhood illness, I am grateful to see that the government and researchers are focusing on finding answers.

It is frustrating at times, when you know you have effective yet simple and natural solutions for helping to reverse autism. Parents and children are benefiting from these solutions and yet the medical community and the news media have not begun to consider them. Fortunately there are healing stories, like Diane Farr’s that continue to inspire my commitment to getting this important information out to parents.

The “epidemic” of autism is well beyond treatment at this point, with autism rates in the US at 1 child out of 166 births.2

David Kirby, AutismToday.com

I agree with David Kirby who made the above statement…it is time to step back and ask, “Why?” This is when we move from focusing on just treatment to actually searching for the underlying causes and focusing also on prevention.

If we don’t yet know the solution, perhaps we don’t yet understand the source of the problem.

I believe we can go a long way toward prevention of autism spectrum disorder. We have seen many miracles in our BEDROK (Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids) program. It is healing these children that turns frustration into channeled energy to find more answers in our work at Body Ecology.

Science Probes the Mystery of Autism

Medical doctors and scientists are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together that we at Body Ecology have studied for some time now.

New research on the biological factor in autism is leading scientists to question whether the immune system is involved. More and more evidence is pointing to the likelihood that the body’s disease-fighting mechanism (immune system) is failing to play its intended role in children with autism. We at Body Ecology think we know why.

“You cannot have normal neurodevelopment without having a normal immune system.3

Judy Van de Water, Immunology specialist at UC Davis Center for Children’s Environmental Health

Scientists are starting to ask whether certain environmental agents and bacteria are involved in creating autoimmunity — including the body attacking the brain — in children with autism.4

The study found that children with autism had inflammation in their brains, from cytokines being constantly “switched on” or inflamed.

Cytokines are chemicals produced by the immune system. Their role is to orchestrate an attack against pathogens. These results provide more evidence to confirm what I have always suspected: children with autism have an infection in their brain.

Research Shows Autistic Children Have Larger Heads

“Multiple researchers have now found that children with autism tend to have heads that are larger than normal. A number of researchers have also found that head size increases after birth. When you look at the brains of these children with large heads using an MRI scan, they usually look normal to the unaided eye. Yet they have autism.

At the current time, we do not understand the relationship of the large brains to the
autism in these children. We do not even know very much about what has changed in the
brains to make them larger than average. Large brains of this kind have not been found
before in other disorders. This is a new frontier for medicine. 5

Martha Herbert M.D., PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Herbert goes on to say that environmental influences (food, medicine, chemicals, stress, hormones, etc.), which could effect a child in the womb or after birth.

While science doesn’t yet have any solutions, it is recognizing that the immune system and the brain are adversely impacted in children with autism – and that environmental agents (like bacteria, food, medicine, chemicals and hormones) play a bigger role than merely genetics.

Body Ecology’s system of health and healing is focused on conquering and preventing all infections naturally, whether fungal, viral or bacterial…anywhere in your body

More importantly, the Body Ecology program establishes a healthy inner ecosystem made up of the beneficial microflora that live in your intestines and boost your resistance to further infections.

In other words we teach you how to build your immune system for all stages of your life – before birth and beyond.

Body Ecology Solutions for Autism

With over 700 parents in our BEDROK group, we have noted that 100% of the mothers of autistic children admit to having a systemic (in the blood) fungal (yeast) infection called candidiasis. They also concede that their children are riddled with this pathogenic yeast.

Our autistic children in BEDROK test positive for cytokines in their cerebrospinal fluid (a clear, colorless fluid that bathes the surface of the central nervous system and protects the brain from injury, transports hormones and excretes toxins).

When an infection enters the cerebral spinal fluid, these kids become infected with a condition we have labeled “autism.” Read more about this in: The Myths and Truths of the Mercury/Autism Connection.

Solutions for Preventing Autism

I always recommend that both parents go on the strict version of the Body Ecology program six months to two years before conceiving their child. If both parents have fewer toxins and are well nourished, both the expecting mother AND father, have a much better chance of passing on excellent health to their child. This prenatal or constitutional energy will serve their offspring well throughout their entire life.

If you are already pregnant, however there is still much you can do to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby. For more information, read: What Every Girl and Woman Needs to Know NOW if They Ever Want to Have a Baby.

I am encouraged by the fact that the Combating Autism Act and new studies are helping parents find answers.

My main goal in the Body Ecology system of health and healing has always been to look to nature for the real answers. While drugs can be lifesaving for short-term use, they do have side effects and often suppress the symptoms, while leaving the underlying causes intact.

Real health requires healthy nutrition. We are starting to learn this from our mistakes of over-prescribing antibiotics, too much stress and eating a high-sugar diet.

The youngest generations are now paying for mistakes that began generations ago, while the baby boomers were in the womb. We must begin preventing illness by creating strong immune systems and bring our body’s natural healing mechanisms back into play.

Read The Body Ecology Diet for a roadmap to wellness and strong immunity for parents and children.

Children as Our Teachers

It is this generation of young children on the autism spectrum (ADD, Aspergers, and autism) and their parents who are teaching us that it’s time to take a step back.

We must no longer treat symptoms with drugs and suffer from their side effects.

We must also begin to seriously evaluate our current habits, addictions and lifestyle choices. This is not a time to blame anyone. It’s time to act quickly and make new, healthy choices with sincerity. If we are truly sincere, each family will begin to make changes…step by step…to turn back to Nature’s ways.

It may take another generation to fully realize the results of these changes, but we really have no other choice. Autistic children are our “canaries in the coal mine.”

Our kids are telling us there’s another way and our hearts know that it’s true. As we nurture our connection to nature and heal our lifestyles and diets, we will find that we have also healed our children.

Is there any better legacy to pass on?

Ending Childhood Diseases

If finding answers is as important to you as it is to us, consider making a tax-deductible donation to Before Birth and Beyond.

Before Birth and Beyond is a non-profit foundation (501(C)(3) created by Donna Gates in order to reduce the incidence of childhood diseases like autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities and asthma.

Our goal, accomplished through funding research and educational programs, is to provide the nutritional guidance for creating healthy, happy children for our rapidly changing world. We intend to educate parents-to-be and also their supporting community.

After all, the entire world benefits when a beautiful, healthy, intelligent and productive human being is born into our “planetary village.”

We feel it is important to include the baby’s grandparents, aunts and uncles, the midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians and even the babies’ clergyman who will become an important part of the baby’s life as he or she grows. Remember, “It takes village to raise a child.” BEFORE BIRTH AND BEYOND is working to contribute to a bright future for generations of children to come.

For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, call 866-4BE-DIET.


1 S. 843 Combating Autism Act Passed By United States House Of Representatives. USAAA Weekly . December 2006. http://www.nationalautismcenter.org/pdf/AutismActPassed.pdf

2 Kirby, David, “1 in Every 166 Children Has Autism.” AutismToday.com http://www.autismtoday.com/articles/1_in_6.htm

3 Wasowicz, Linda, “Ped Med: The Biological Factor in Autism.” November 2006.

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5 http://www.nationalautismassociation.org/library/largeheadsinautism703martharupert.pdf

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