Autism’s Wake Up Call and What You Can Do Now

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Autism’s Wake Up Call and What You Can Do Now

A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is 1 in 150, up from earlier estimates of 1 in 166.1

Is Autism becoming an epidemic?

Here are some statistics from Autism Speaks2:

  • 1 in 150 children is diagnosed with autism
  • 1 in 94 boys is on the autism spectrum
  • 67 children are diagnosed per day
  • A new case is diagnosed almost every 20 minutes
  • More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined
  • Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.
  • Autism costs the nation over $90 billion per year, a figure expected to double in the next decade
  • Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases
  • Boys are four times more likely than girls to have autism
  • There is no medical detection or cure for autism. (Please note: we disagree.)

Autism on the Rise?

Over the past decade, the numbers continue to increase.

Experts are not sure exactly how quickly autism is rising because past estimates varied due to lack of standards around behavioral testing. In 2000, the CDC launched the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network with the goal of obtaining accurate data on autistic behaviors nationwide.3

So while the exact percentage of increase is hard to pinpoint, everyone agrees that ASD is affecting too many of our children and something needs to be done. Currently there are two prevalent yet opposing theories of the cause of autism. They leave parents confused…and offer no solutions.

The most long-standing theory, supported by mainstream science, is that autism is genetic.

A more recent theory, increasingly supported by parents who’ve pinpointed timing of changes in their children, is that autism is caused by mercury in the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella).

Unfortunately, there are no answers in the medical mainstream. Drugs companies are seeking a drug to treat this condition. While parents all over the world are frustrated yet are determined to never give up until they find the solution.

While the original treatment protocol was once focused on education and training, new treatment protocols have come about thanks to the efforts of The Autism Research Institute and Defeat Autism Now (DAN).

DAN members, mostly doctors and parents who have autistic children, were not willing to accept the belief that autism is incurable. They created a treatment protocol involving diet and supplements and later, added mercury detoxification.4

At Body Ecology, we are more in line with the DAN philosophy and have been using our own insight about diet and lifestyle changes to help reverse and prevent this condition. Thankfully when parents are able to implement our pro-biotic diet, we are seeing both progress and success with the autistic children in our BEDROK program (Body Ecology Recovering Our Kids.)

BEDROK is an antifungal, sugar-free, casein-free, gluten-free diet. It also focuses on preparing foods so that they are easier to digest and nutrient dense.

When I began working with the first 6 wonderful mothers and their children in our BEDROK group I applied the Seven Universal Principles to lead us to solutions. For example, the Principle of Step by Step tells us that we must increase energy to heal first and foremost. At the same time we must also correct digestion, conquer infections and cleanse out dangerous toxins, chemical and environmental poisons (detoxification).

While BEDROK has grown from 6 to over 700 families who are implementing the Body Ecology program, our word of mouth success has not been reaching as many parents as we would like because we know that many more are looking for answers.

The medical mainstream seems to be inching closer to solving this problem but they are still relatively slow to move. Why?

They are waiting for scientific research studies to be done before they can endorse a “cure” or even a treatment. There are no studies done to date showing that diet helps with autism, so diet is never recommended. Here’s what their recent research is showing us so far.

  • Recent research shows that autistic children have larger brains, indicating that there may be an infection in the brain.
  • Other studies are pinpointing toxins and environmental factors that may be affecting the child’s immunity. For more information, read:The Root Causes of Autism: A Supposed Mystery that is Not So Mysterious.
  • Bernard Rimland, PhD, of the Autism Research Institute (who passed away recently but was affiliated with DAN), even wrote an article about candida causing autism, something we at Body Ecology have known for many years. While some research has highlighted the connection, Rimland’s concern was that only 1 physician in 20 or 30 would give the autism-candida connection serious consideration.5
  • Thimerosal (the dangerous mercury-containing compound) in vaccines was found to be above the amount approved as a preservative. It has now been removed or reduced to trace amounts for children’s vaccines.6 The hope is that this will reduce the rate of children with ASD. I do believe that mercury damage is playing a role in contributing to autism, yet there is another perhaps even more important missing link for preventing autism. For more information, read: The Myths and Truths of the Mercury/Autism Connection.

So while science is focusing on earlier diagnosis and still trying to unravel the mystery behind autism, there are still few solutions and answers for parents who are desperate for solutions now. In fact, we feel confident that no other child would become a victim of autism ever again IF we could reach the young men and women of child bearing age before they conceive their baby.

Body Ecology’s Answers for Preventing Autism: Focus on Health BEFORE Birth

While theories on the cause of autism are becoming more plentiful, one thing is clear – a better plan of treatment with our probiotic diet as the foundation is crucial and deserves our utmost attention. And perhaps even more importantly, we must also begin placing much more focus onprevention.

But can you find a way to prevent something when you believe that there is no known cause?

At Body Ecology we feel autism can be prevented. We believe it begins in the womb and that a fungal infection is playing a key role. Weakened immunity, the lack of an inner ecosystem, toxins accumulated over generations and detoxification pathways that don’t eliminate the toxins also are a factor as well.

It’s a hard cold fact but today’s parents-to-be are not very healthy and this is reflecting in their children.

70% of Americans have fungal infections (candida) and the parents conceiving children today will be passing this infection onto their baby.

Since the Body Ecology program was designed to heal fungal, viral and bacterial infections, we have the premier approach for getting well BEFORE conceiving.

Fungal Infections – The Hidden Culprit

All of the mothers I have spoken to say that they have struggled with yeast (fungal infections) prior to conceiving. Many have even taken antibioticsbefore or during their pregnancy.

Last May when I was in Australia speaking at the MINDD conference one pretty young mother told me that she agreed with me on the cause of her son’s autism. She has struggled with a life-long fungal infection and it made sense to her that her son had been infected in her womb. She had no mercury in her own body, her son had no mercury in his and he had never been vaccinated. Like many of our children, her son was born with cradle cap, a sign of candida.

Doctors are not familiar with the true causes or the seriousness of fungal infections.

Antibiotics are often over prescribed and there is little awareness of their long term consequences. Your doctor most likely will never explain to you that antibiotics will destroy the friendly microflora in your intestines and leave you with a fungal overgrowth. Not understanding the role of the inner ecosystem they also will not teach you how to reestablish it again after the antibiotic therapy is finished.

Few doctors will explain to you that antibiotics, a high sugar diet, stress and drugs like cortisone will destroy your inner ecosystem. They all kill off your precious healthy microflora and when this happens you will have lost about 80% of your immunity. Indeed you will soon be back for that next course of antibiotics and drugs.

Few women are taught that when they become pregnant their immune system will be naturally suppressed. This is nature’s way of ensuring that the mother’s own immune system will not attack her baby.

Also, because of the natural rise in progesterone that occurs during pregnancy, a woman’s blood sugar also elevates, making any existing infections even more acute. Since a mother transfers her own infections to her baby, her baby will enter the world with these undetected infections including fungal and viral infections. If the inner ecosystem is not established at birth her baby’s immunity could be compromised for the rest of his life.

At Body Ecology we view autism as a brain infection with inflammation and a gut infection with gut inflammation.

As mentioned above physicians are now beginning to realize from doing the research that the brains of autistic children are inflamed and even enlarged. How does the brain become infected? Could the infection begin in the womb also?

Yes, indeed, because the blood brain barrier is not fully formed until six weeks after birth. It is also possible that the fungus can penetrate the blood brain barrier. Even viral infections can enter the brain and we believe this happens upon inoculation with the MMR vaccine (three viruses given around 18 months) a frequent time for regression into autism.

While a baby may have no signs of a fungal infection, there may be some early indicators of the problem, like constipation, rashes, eczema, cradle cap, and colic. Since doctors are not taught that this could happen to babies while they are in the womb, these fungal infections can easily go undetected.

From birth to 2 years old, a baby gets 24 doses of vaccines, which can be devastating to his health if his immunity is already compromised.
Remember that vaccines were originally developed for older and much hardier generations, not babies with no immune system. Anyone with a compromised immune system should never be vaccinated.

Eating probiotic-rich foods and beverages such as the convenient, economical and very healthy CocoBiotic probiotic liquid is a powerful way to fight and prevent fungal infections … and improve the immune system overall!

Learn More About Cocobiotic & Order Now

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been talking to doctors and our information is being well-received. Once we show the link between a mother’s health, fungal infections and how vaccinations can predispose an unwell child with lowered immunity to autism, doctors have embraced our information enthusiastically.

For more details on how the health of both parents, the health of the mother and the health of baby is affected by fungal infections, read: The Myths and Truths of the Mercury/Autism Connection and What Every Girl and Woman Needs to Know if They Ever Want to Have a Baby.

The entire world needs happy, healthy babies. Focusing on the health of the parents-to-be is vital before they create their baby. It is also an essential first step for ending childhood disease. Then once conception occurs, fetal nutrition becomes the most critical indicator of a baby’s long-term health. The pregnant mother’s healthy diet directly impacts her child’s life.7
Body Ecology’s Protocol for Prevention and Treatment

Healing your inner ecosystem before conceiving and focusing on creating a healthy inner ecosystem for your baby is critical for strong immunity.

Following the Body Ecology program is the way to build a healthy inner ecosystem.

Focus on fermented foods and drinks, like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids for your health and throughout your baby’s life.

Fermented foods and drinks lay the foundation of healthy microflora (beneficial bacteria and yeast) that help boost your immunity and provide important vitamins and minerals.

For a more detailed Body Ecology protocol, read: What Every Girl and Woman Needs to Know if They Ever Want to Have a Baby.

Heed Nature’s Call

Unfortunately, we have moved so far away from our ancestor’s traditions of whole foods and fermented foods and drinks that we’ve lost the understanding about how Nature vaccinates us.

Drugs and vaccines have a place in our lives at this moment in time, but we must stop looking to them for prevention of disease and for answers.

The more we go back to nature and work to master the laws we were given to live by, the more we can prevent autism and childhood disorders. Just like in Nature, when an ecosystem is strong and healthy, everything stays in balance. The negative cannot take over. It is only when the ecosystem gets out of balance that insects take over and plant and animal life suffer.

Our children are providing a wake up call and it is our mission to take action.

Since going back to Nature is not a billion dollar business, getting the word out often results in grassroots efforts, rather than media blitz.

We are very grateful that you have subscribed to this newsletter so you can play your role in getting the word out. Please forward this to anyone planning to have a baby, so we can prevent autism and other childhood illness.

Let’s heed the message our children are giving us…let’s focus on creating vibrant health for ourselves and future generations.

For the complete guide to the Body Ecology system of health and healing be sure to read the highly acclaimed book, The Body Ecology Diet. And when you order today you will also get an instant FREE eReport bonus, The Body Ecology Essential Health Guide for Expecting Mothers — and Women Who Will Someday be Mothers.

Read More About The Body Ecology Diet and Bonus Now

Read more about the Body Ecology system of health and healing and discover tasty recipes for you and your baby in The Body Ecology Diet.

Donating to BEFORE BIRTH AND BEYOND is another way you can contribute to creating healthy families and babies. Before Birth and Beyond is a non-profit foundation (5013C) created by Donna Gates in order to reduce the incidence of childhood diseases like autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities and asthma.

Our goal, accomplished through funding in-depth research and educational programs, is to provide the nutritional guidance for creating healthy, happy children for our rapidly changing world. We intend to educate parents-to-be and also their supporting community. BEFORE BIRTH AND BEYOND is working to contribute to a bright future for generations of children to come.

For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, call 888-489-3438.


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