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Are Fermented Foods Sabotaging Your Recovery?

One question that comes up regularly is whether or not SIBO and fermented foods can mix, otherwise known as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Luckily, I recently had the chance to talk with Dr. Allison Siebecker at The Healthy Gut Summit about SIBO.

According to Dr. Siebecker, in order to heal SIBO, you must change your diet and add a prokinetic, or motility stimulant.

Fermented foods do not feed bacterial overgrowth because they are predigested—much of the microbial activity that would happen in your gut takes place in a jar. Once you eat them, fermented foods are easily broken down.

Indeed, fermented foods and probiotics help support the recovery from SIBO. They strengthen the gut barrier, soothe away inflammation, and minimize the production of gas.

It’s important to remember that SIBO is often the sign of a problem, not the problem itself.

To get rid of SIBO, you may need to correct a deeper imbalance:

Clearly, SIBO can be a very complex disorder!

I would love to hear your thoughts on SIBO and what you’ve been through. Leave a comment on Facebook, and let me know what has worked for you.



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  • Rebecca

    This article caught my eye as I'm running into problems with fermented foods due to a stong reaction to anything associated with yeast. I have a leaky gut/autoimmune problems that I was hoping to heal. My food sensitivity panel showed immune response to brewers yeast, mushrooms, cranberries...all associated with yeast it seems. Even after long periods of elimination vinegars, alcohol and unfortunately fermented foods really flare me up: watery burning eyes and headachey. Any thoughts on this? I really want to heal my gut!

  • Julie Rider

    What does Dr. Siebecker consider a PROKINETIC? When I look it up it refers to drugs??

  • Lynette

    I would love to hear more on SIBO and other digestive issues because I have Crohns/UC. I loved your interview with Dr. Rita Marie on genes and the gut. I have to listen to it again - at least 2 more times, but I have my 23 for me kit ready to go!

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