5 Powerful Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

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5 Powerful Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Try this easy to make Kefir Starter as a healthy cultured food to give to your kids as a quick breakfast before school!

With childhood obesity, autism, and other childhood disorders on the rise, everyone from doctors to teachers to parents are seeking solutions for better health for kids. At the most basic level, everyone can agree that all kids can benefit from eating healthier.

Did you know that childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years?

That being said, with all of the glitzy candy and process foods competing for your kids’ attention, how do you get them to eat healthy meals? Over the years, we have found many solutions, but we also salute the creative Body Ecology parents who have shared their tips for making healthy food for their kids.

Here are 5 powerful ways to get your kids to eat healthy:

  1. Change up old favorites. Think about the foods your kids love, and make something that tastes and looks similar – with different healthy ingredients. Body Ecology parent Vicki Hartzog’s teenage daughter, Tasha, made her favorite coffee cake by substituting butter with ghee, processed flour with quinoa flour, and sugar with Stevia.
  2. Be creative. Try some of the clever “tricks” used by advertisers to make new foods sound exciting to your kids. One ingenious Body Ecology mom made pasta out of zucchini and called them “good luck noodles” because of their green color.

    Let’s face it, kids tend to gravitate toward fun wrappings and funny names on packaged foods, so if you are making pumpkin soup, you might call it “Halloween Pumpkin Soup” to catch their interest.

  3. Take your time. If your kids are used to eating candy and chips, it may take time to get their taste buds to acclimate to healthy food for kids – especially those with a sour taste, like our fermented foods and beverages.  Instead of rushing it, remember the Step By Step Principle: take it slow and build over time. Trust that every small step you take toward healthy eating will have big rewards over a lifetime!

    Add some new foods into those “old favorites” a little at a time, and see what happens. One clever Body Ecology parent, Diane Farr, added one teaspoon of Young Coconut Kefir to her son Thomas’ regular “junky” juice and continued to increase the amount until he was drinking one to two cups of Young Coconut Kefir per day! (And loving it, by the way.) Soon juice wasn’t even needed.

    **Note: Donna is deeply grateful to Diane because she used the Body Ecology Way to help her son recover from autism. For seven years, Diane helped thousands of other parents of autistic children also learn how to use the diet for their whole family. Diane and Donna developed the BEDROK (Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids) program over eight years ago. Please go here if you are a parent of a child with autism or any other childhood illness, from ADD to obesity. Diane left BEDROK in the very capable hands of Wyndi and Eva and has also guided many pregnant women on how to create a beautiful, healthy baby.


    Every small step you take makes a big difference as you encourage your kids to make healthy eating choices for a lifetime!

  4. Arm yourself with easy healthy recipes. Gather up some easy healthy recipes and experiment until you find the ones your kids take a liking to. Make small amounts and have “taste tests” with your kids, giving an award to the recipes your kids like the best. Remember to keep a go-to file with all of the “award winners” on hand!

    You can find delicious recipes for kids transitioning into the Body Ecology Way of Life in our Stevia Cookbook, which is chock full of healthy and delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts. These recipes were designed to make transitioning onto The Diet much easier, so please use them as inspiration for your own family!

  5. Keep it simple and fun! Changing habits and making meals can feel daunting when they are complicated and require too many steps. Focus on keeping it simple. Learn the 7 healthy eating principles of Body Ecology slowly, at your own pace. Focus on picking the easiest step, the simplest meal, and one meal per day to begin. Above all, enjoy the journey!
When you take a playful, child-like approach to helping your kids eat healthy, it can be as good for you as it is for them. Our kids learn from us, and it all starts with you as the healthy model of who you want them to become!


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