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2 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath! Say Goodbye to Halitosis

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Only a small number of people actually have beneficial mouth bacteria.

Don’t let bad breath stand in the way of kisses, hugs, and up-close conversations.

Chronic, stinky breath is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a common health disorder that affects the digestive system, and in the rarest of cases, bad breath may even be sign of a serious disease, such as a lung infection, cancer, kidney failure, or liver failure.

Most often, bad breath—or halitosis—is something that we can fix without special mouthwash or forever omitting favorite foods, like garlic.

The Root of Bad Breath

According to Chinese medicine, bad breath is most often a sign of heat in the body—specifically in the Stomach acupuncture meridian.

This “fire” usually arises from some sort of excess in lifestyle. For example, this could mean eating too much food in general, spicy foods, alcohol, medications, or even stress.

Bad breath is an embarrassing yet common condition that may be related to an excess of food, alcohol, or stress. Supporting digestive health with probiotics and proper food combining can naturally freshen halitosis to improve your quality of life.

Other signs of Stomach fire that may or may not accompany bad breath include:

  • Burning sensation in the stomach, or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • Thirst and the desire for cold drinks
  • Voracious appetite
  • Eating in the middle of the night
  • Flushed face
  • Bleeding gums or gum ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Deep red colored tongue
  • A yellow or brown tongue coat

Chinese medicine also tells us that foul breath gets worse in the summer months since this is when the environment is warmest and can contribute to internal heat. Fortunately, internal heat can be alleviated through small adjustments in lifestyle and habit. Stomach fire is the result of excess, which affects the digestive system.

Cutting back on alcohol, smoking, and stress are some of the more obvious ways that we can reduce excess and heat toxicity in the body.

Tip 1: Proper Food Combining for Better Breath

We can also reduce heat by eliminating any opportunity of “food retention,” which is when food does not move through the digestive tract quickly and effortlessly.

Stagnant food or “food retention” can generate heat because its slow movement through the digestive tract allows gut bacteria to feed on food and multiply. While gut bacteria benefit the body, an overgrowth of gut bacteria in the small intestine can—and will—contribute to issues like heartburn, abdominal cramping, constipation, and bad breath.

One way to limit bacterial overgrowth is to follow the Body Ecology Principle of 80/20. The 80/20 Principle tells us to:

  • Eat only until 80% full.
  • Eat 80% non-starchy vegetables and ocean vegetables and 20% animal protein, grain-like seeds, or starchy vegetables.

The Principle of 80/20 ensures that enough digestive enzymes are available to support the movement of food through the digestive tract. It leaves the body more alkaline, which naturally inhibits bacterial overgrowth and gut infections.

Tip 2: Probiotics Benefit Oral Health

These days, probiotics are not just for intestinal health.

Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria that work synergistically with the body, are used to prevent heartburn, treat diverticulitis, topically to address acne, and even in the mouth to treat bad breath.

Dr. Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics and the author of The Bad Breath Bible, notes that, “Probiotics are able to reduce halitosis by muscling out harmful (and halitosis-producing) bacteria with strains that will not produce oral odors.” (1)

Dr. Katz refers to a Swedish study when he explains that only a small number of people—as few as 10 to 20%—actually have active amounts of beneficial mouth bacteria.

In 2011, the Indian Journal of Dental Research observed that periodontal disease management is moving away from the antibiotic model, placing more attention on the use of probiotics and prebiotics. (2)

Many of these beneficial mouth bacteria are the same lactic acid bacteria that benefit the gut. As it turns out, when we eat cultured vegetables and drink InnergyBiotic, we are not only helping out our gut—we are also making our breath a little sweeter.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

Chronic bad breath is quite common and can even be associated with a more serious disease, in rare cases. Chinese medicine tells us that bad breath indicates heat in the body in the Stomach acupuncture meridian. This fire normally comes from an excessive lifestyle with too much alcohol, spicy foods, medications, or stress.

Here are 2 tips you can use today to naturally freshen your breath:

  1. Use proper food combining. Following the Body Ecology Principle of 80/20 will prevent food from slowing down in the digestive tract to feed gut bacteria. This can cause cramping, heartburn, constipation, and bad breath.
  2. Try probiotics. Probiotics can benefit your intestinal health and can even be used to treat bad breath in the mouth. Beneficial bacteria found in cultured vegetables and InnergyBiotic will support digestion and make breath sweeter.
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  1. Katz, Harold. Bad Breath? How Probiotics Can Help. Huffpost Healthy Living. Jun 15 2011.
  2. RR Koduganti, et al. Probiotics and prebiotics in periodontal therapy. Indian J Dent Res 2011;22:324-30

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  • Shawn Hare

    Another type of truly repulsive bad breath, that which in fact smells like rotting flesh, is caused by bleeding gums and/or gingivitis. Most of the time this can be completely reversed by regular flossing, along with regular brushing of teeth (and of course by not eating highly odiferous foods, like waaaaay too much garlic).

    Bad breath often comes from poor dental care:
    a) Not brushing your teeth at all, or doing so very irregularly.
    b) Not brushing your tongue.
    c) Not flossing.

    Most people who do brush their teeth fail to brush their tongues and/or floss.
    The tie of day when you brush your teeth is important as well.
    You SHOULD be brushing your teeth after each meal, but at LEAST brush your teeth once per day, BEFORE you go to bed.

    And every time you brush your teeth, use the same brush, while it's still got toothpaste on it and vigorously brush your entire tongue. If you gag a little (or a lot) good! Hawk it up and spit it out into the sink.

    As well when people HAPPEN to floss, it's usually only because they got something stuck between their teeth.
    Or they include it in their oral care, but irregularly and/or incorrectly.

    Flossing is to be done after brushing, not prior to brushing.
    Proper flossing is done in an up and down motion, NOT back and forth like a saw.
    I flossed the wrong way for years, and I was actually causing my gums to recede. But once I discovered the correct method and put it into practice, my gums appear to no longer be receding as much, and my dental cleaning visits have been much quicker, as there's less for the hygienist to have to chip and scrape away.

    Once you DO begin flossing, at first it will look like it's actually getting worse -- that is, the amount of blood that you'll be spitting out after brushing and flossing will be exponentially more than that which you're accustomed to seeing. But if you'll continue to do so regularly, religiously, every single evening before you go to bed, you'll discover that, in a few weeks there's little-to-no blood being spit out. And you'll notice that your breath is getting better.

    In fact, just for kicks, the first time you floss, take a whiff of the floss with that nice red blood all over it. It'll truly give your nose an unpleasant surprise. And guess what. That's what everyone else has been smelling the whole time. Get busy not stinking.

    You're welcome.

  • Chris

    Pls help me. O experience the same bb. Give me advices on how to deal with situation.

  • Ankita

    one more thing to remember is that you should not breath through your mouth,even if you have good oral hygiene,breathing through mouth can cause dry mouth due to lack of saliva.Saliva is natural cleanser,therefore correct your breathing pattern if you breath through mouth,make sure you breath through nose.

  • entia

    Naomi, I struggle with the same issue and people have told me that Reuteri probiotics are good. I am going to buy them. Hopefully I am able to find some that come with acidophilus, too. Do some research about it and I would honestly ignore the comment from Lisa Evens. I have seen that comment all over the internet. Moro is right. Green Tea is a great antioxidant.

  • moro

    hi naomi,
    Why don't u try green tea?It works very well...

  • naomi khan

    hi guys, I have a few questions, first of all, I don't have any health problems, except the dry mouth, and I believe low metabolism rate perhaps I do need more physical activities, my diet is pretty healthry I do not eat foods with preservetives I cook all my meals at home, I have had this issue of bb for years too long, from early 20 to 40, so what could it be ? I eat only whol wheat or whole grain pasts not too often, I have don't everything detox, I have been at a breath clinic it did not help at all, the sufer taste is always on my tongue, I am about to try priobiotic oral treatment will this help me or please help me to honestly understand if it could be a digestive issue as well as a tongue issue, thankyou for your precious honest help !

  • Lisa Evens

    I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. Tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs bad breath cure program for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well:-)

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