The Body Ecology Diet

Restore and Maintain the Important "Inner Ecology" Your Body Needs

  • Plan meals with dozens of delectable recipes, menus, and detailed shopping lists!
  • Learn simple principles of proper eating and food combining to rebalance your internal ecology
  • Use effective cleansing methods to restore your system's harmony
  • Develop strategies for controlling your urge to snack and for dining away from home
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The Body Ecology Diet
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What leading experts are saying about the Body Ecology Diet:

"No one has ever put together all that we need to know about recovering and enhancing immunity - until now. I am making it a must reading for all my patients with candidiasis, immune disorders and food allergies." - Keith W. Sehnert, M.D., author of Selfcare/Wellcare, Stress/Unstress, and coauthor of Beyond Antibiotics

"The Body Ecology Diet is easy to understand and chock full of practical information. I recommend it!" - William G. Crook, M.D., author of The Yeast Connection and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Over 200,000 copies of The Body Ecology Diet have been sold ...mostly as a result of friends telling friends about it, not advertising. Why? It works!

If you experience pain, discomfort, fatigue, or other symptoms that won't go away no matter what you do or how many doctors you see, chances are you're one of the 80 million Americans unknowingly suffering from candidiasis, the hidden invader. The result of an imbalance in the growth of a yeast naturally present in the body, candidiasis can be a key factor in:

  • Food allergies
  • Sensitivity to tobacco and odors
  • Digestive problems
  • Other immune-related disorders
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Skin rashes
  • Low sex drive
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Menstrual irregularities

"The Body Ecology Diet brings us into the era of whole-body therapy. I don't think the authors left anything out." Lendon H. Smith, M.D., author of Feed Your Kids Right, Feed Yourself Right, and coauthor of Beyond Antibiotics

"The Body Ecology Diet takes the mystery out of the often confusing topic of eating for optimum health. Donna Gates' book combines recent scientific thought with proven traditional healing concepts and common sense..." - Michael A. Schmidt, M.D., author of Tired of Being Tired, Managing the Patient with Chronic Fatigue, and coauthor of Beyond Antibiotics

Comments from happy customers of the Body Ecology Diet:

"...The Body Ecology Diet (BED) is how I finally recovered from bulimia & binge eating – after 4 years on the path to recovery (and trying just about everything for longer than that). I am a big proponent for experimenting with things on the level of mind, body and spirit in recovery from addictions & eating disorders. The BED supports this because it honors the ability of the body to heal itself – step by step. That’s the key, it’s a process of taking actions, no matter how small, toward your health. ...speaking to Donna was like someone finally understood what my intuition was telling me. ...Donna is a visionary in treating the body as a system – connected inextricably with the mind." – From

"For me, the courage to get well didn't come easily. Physically and emotionally I was very defeated, but I began to feel better within a few days of starting the diet. I can honestly say that I didn't know it was possible to feel as good as I do, and it gets easier each day. I know it sounds dramatic, but I tell people that it has saved my life. My family and I are very grateful." - N.V. Marietta, GA

"I really think that the BED system of healing is a diet that can become a lifestyle, not just a short term program." - K.M.

"The BED system of healing has revolutionized my life. Your book helped to diagnose my condition and with the help of my doctor, I am now 4 months into recovering my body, mind and spirit. This "insanity" which has been going on for years is finally under control and I am regaining my precious health. How can I thank you enough for writing the diet bible of this century." - N.N. Shelburne, VT

"I am 69 and have been using probiotic foods for many yearsand I am in very good health. I never get flu shots or any other kind either. Diet is the best medicine." - Sharon Redding, CA

"My son was diagnosed with Autism over two years ago. His body had lots of the wrong bacteria and it struggled to break down proteins adequately - no more. The Kefir breaks the protein down for him and gives him the bacteria and enzymes he needs to gain nutrients from his food. His ability to think and speak has improved remarkably. He was prone to panic attacks and had a compulsive obsessive disorder - this has also greatly improved. I am so grateful to you for making this possible." - Natasha, Sydney, NSW

"The BED diet has saved my life! At the age of 51, I now havea clean and clear inner eco system. The diet has been excitingand difficult at the same time. But the results are the prize. Ifeel and look 35, as Donna promised. I tell everybody about thebook, and of course, you are going to be the best testimonial by the way you look to others. I always believed we are what we eat,but never to the degree of the principles of the BED diet, thank you Donna." - Jill, Waukesha, WI

"I wanted to write and thank you for giving me the knowledge that has saved my life. In March 2001 I went to a holistically minded physician who was the first to tell me I had a "gut problem". Klebsiella pneumonia with zero good bacteria. In April started doing what she said and it really didn't help. I went through her regiment for 2 months. The end of May I started the Body Ecology Diet principles. When the end of July came I was"Cured" of about 90% of all of my lifelong problems. This lasted for a 2 month period of time. The reason is my wife had to have surgery which stopped the cooking and eating correctly. Then massive stress with many other life changes occurred. I knew Ihad to get back to it. I let it lapse for almost 3 years before going back to it. What a waste of 3 years. I feel much better now. Not quite where I need to be due to just starting again andI haven't fully implemented the total program. One thing I did learn is life is precious. Just because we have been use to living this way for our entire lives or a good portion of it doesn't mean we have to do it anymore. Blessings to all on the path of health. Thank you Donna and The Body Ecology Team. It was great seeing you at the Conference in Oct. " - Ken, Las Vegas, NV

The Body Ecology Diet shows you how to restore and maintain the important "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly and to eliminate or control the symptoms that rob you of the joy of living.

The Body Ecology Diet makes it easy for you to:

  • Plan meals with dozens of delectable recipes, menus, and detailed shopping lists!
  • Learn simple principles of proper eating and food combining to rebalance your internal ecology.
  • Use effective cleansing methods to restore your system's harmony.
  • Develop strategies for controlling your urge to snack and for dining away from home.

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4.0 Helpful for Candida 3/24/14


I think this book has a lot of useful information. I greatly respect Donna Gates and what she is offering to help people with Candida. That being said, I find the diet extremely difficult and have a hard time understanding some of the concepts like food combining. I do make fermented veggies and coconut kefir using BE starters and they are wonderful!

5.0 Great resource3/20/14


I have suffered with leaky gut for quite some time. Having read this book and following Donna's suggestions have made a tremendous difference in my life. A Must Read!!

5.0 The missing piece3/16/14


A great book to add to my collection. The basic principles of this diet can be easily incorporated into many different lifestyles and ways of eating. The author is right that this is what has been missing from many diets and nutritional plans that have come out over the years. Incorporating this information into any plan will immediately take it to the next level. Thank you, Donna Gates, for filling in the missing piece!

5.0 very good information3/8/14


This is a wonderfully written and very informative book. As I read through it I am making a list of loved ones that would benefit from this information. I am on my second batch of "cultured vegetables" and thanks to the culture started and eco bloom, this is such an easy process and so yummy!

5.0 The Body Ecology Diet has saved my life3/6/14


After years of struggling with Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr, racing heart and a host of related co-infections and autoimmune issues, I had just about given up hope that anything would help me get better. Then my doctor recommended colonics, and I met Trishna and Pam Craig at Natural Body in North Little Rock, Arkansas. They showed me the way to lead a clean, healthy lifestyle through Body Ecology and weekly colon hydrotherapy. I ordered the Body Ecology book and many other products from the site and after just 2 weeks, I felt better, more alive, awake and alert than I had in years! More energy and no more pain!!! My migraines, neck and muscle pains have gone away. The book is my go-to reference for my health and I am living a total Body Ecology lifestyle. Thank you Donna Gates, Trishna and Pam!

5.0 Thank You so Much!3/4/14


This book has changed my life, not only by the foods I eat, but by changing my habits. I have lost 52 pounds just by following this book, and feel calmer, more focused, and finally proud of my body. Donna really knows her stuff, and finally reading her book helps me make sense on why she's the leading digestive specialist in the world. Again, this book changed my life. Enough said.

4.0 Great information3/4/14


This book is an excellent source of information.

5.0 The best bits of all great ways of eating...2/6/14


I read this book in no time and realised that all fad diets that work up to a point are great BUT Donna's book takes it further by reintroducing beneficial bacteria - The Missing Link! I love how it takes us back to a time when we had a different relationship with our food and our environment.

5.0 My son is talking because of this diet - I will eat this way for the rest of my life!!!11/22/13


My son (3y/o) was diagnosed with a speech delay and considered at-risk for autism. Doctors, therapists, and academic personnel (who didn't want to stop feeding him sugar based cereals, foods and gluten) refused to believe what he ate could effect his recovery and treatment. It was almost like recovery was a bad word. After a month of following this diet he is clearly speaking more words and sentences, and engaging in more conversations. He no longer experiences gastrointestinal discomfort, is less agitated, and is even enjoying potty training (or maybe that's just me:)! My WHOLE family feels better, my skin is glowing, I'm less moody, and I feel SOOOO GOOOOD! I will eat this way for the rest of my life!

5.0 Fantastic resource10/3/13


After undergoing chemotherapy, I developed a severe chest infection. It lasted nearly two years. During this time, I was on antibiotics over a dozen times--sometimes for as long as a month. This decimated the healthy bacteria in my gut, and I had all the associated symptoms. And none of the doctors had a clue. Thank goodness Donna Gates wrote this book. I have been on the Body Ecology Diet for six months now, and I am feeling much better. If you have a problem with yeast over-growth, read this book.



I am following the diet and all the information, it makes so much sense. Thanks, Donna!

5.0 Very good information8/29/13


This is a very informative book, well written and just what I have been looking for.

5.0 Love the products and the lifestyle. I feel and look better than I have in all my 60 years!7/11/13


I bought the premium package plus some other products. I love this lifestyle and believe in it whole heartedly--after 30 years of trying everything healthy out there. Body Ecology makes sense. Proper food combining is a must--if I forget...I notice right away! Love making cultured veggies, so much fun! Looking forward to making my own kefir next. The drinks are absolutely delicious. Thank you Donna! After one month, I look and feel better than ever! Namaste

5.0 answers !7/6/13


I knew it was time to do something about my health especially yeast over-growth. This book is very helpful and has ben full of " a-ha" moments. When you read it be sure to have a highliter to mark things that pertain to you and also some sticky tabs so you can easily locate things.

5.0 Great Resource7/4/13


I have found the Body Ecology Diet to be a great resource on really healing the gut flora and getting past piece meal approaches to digestive and overall health. Being a yoga teacher I have great alignment with the ayurvedic knowledge that the entire source of our health, vitality and well being resides in the status of our gut. This book helps navigate how to assess and heal. Particularly appreciate the addition of fermented foods into my daily diet and am currently boosting that intake to the recommended 1/2 cup serving per meal.

5.0 Good read and some important info!6/19/13


I've read some of the book and find it very enlightening. Can't wait to read some more.

4.0 great for those unfamiliar with cultured foods6/7/13


this book thoroughly covers all aspects of the cultured food life. i really liked it. was not entirely in agreement with the eastern spiritualist thought.

5.0 Very interesting info makes sense6/4/13


I'm still reading the book, but think it makes a lot of sense.

5.0 The studies and research really shows..5/20/13


This book and I found each other, as one day i was simply just surfing the web and then i found bodyecology. The book seemed interesting as i have been trying to spend time eating the right foods for my body. However, i felt as though i needed some sort of guidance. I love all the ideas in the book, how she address's her key points so well, and encourages you along the way. I honestly just finished the book last night! While today, i am going to try and organize the best way to approach all of this information. I am so glad i had the opportunity of finding this book, and i will be sharing it to several others, while improving my body, emotions, and mind. Thank you for spending so much of your time on learning how our bodies accept different types of food.

4.0 A lot of good info5/3/13


I appreciated the additional information on blood type and BED. There is a lot of information to digest and attempt to incorporate into daily life.

5.0 Knowledge is POWER3/22/13


I have enjoyed the book, I feel as if it was written just for me. I am a 46 yr old woman and have been dealing with really bad acne and scarring all of my adult life but within the last 2-3 years it has gotten worse, which this book has helped me to realize the internal issues that causes alot of the acne.I am definitely changing my eating habits. Very informative and I have been telling everyone about the book and knowledge I've gained. Thank you

5.0 Life changing3/19/13


This book will truly change your life. Whether you dive in and make big changes or start slowly with small changes your life will be forever changed. You will no longer be able to eat e same things knowing the effect it is having on your love love

5.0 Excellent Products3/8/13


I am feeling so much better since using the Body Ecology products. It has taken a long time to have gotten here, but I am delighted that there is a remedy out there to help. The book has been a life saver!

Thanks Body Ecology!

4.0 Awesome!2/21/13


Definitely the most comprehensive, easy to follow and understand diet. Some of the references to products to purchase are out of date. A newer edition would be helpful. I'm also currently reading her other book on growing younger which is helping to clarify some of the things in The Body Ecology diet I found confusing.

4.0 Very informative2/3/13


I have been working my way through the book and enjoying what I'm reading. This book is full of great information and recipe ideas. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge!

5.0 comprehensive1/31/13


Clear and easy to comprehend biology & physiology of our digestive health-made sense I've made cultured vegetables, keifer & coconut keifer this month & already notice less joint pain, more energy, & 5lb. weight loss.

4.0 Getting ready to start......12/29/12


I have read the book, made my cultered veggies, and am making my shopping list today. Next week I start and I'm so excited to get started so I can feel better!

4.0 good12/27/12


very helpful.

4.0 good info, but don't agree with all12/21/12


i found good information in the book, but did not agree with much of the animal product isn't possible for anyone over breast feeding age to digest galactose and most people cannot digest taking dairy is simply an unhealthy choice in diet.

4.0 Ate this book up!12/17/12


This book resonated with me on so many levels. I can tell that a lot of research and thought has gone into this information, and much of it agrees with the research that I personally have done. Since reading The BED, I have changed many aspects of my eating plan, and find myself eating less, eating healthier, and losing weight. The psoriasis that I have suffered with for years is fading as the candida is dying. So glad that I followed my whim and got this book!

5.0 Extremely Informative and my "nutritional bible" going forward, I am about to order the gold package! can't wait to feel well.11/20/12


I read the book once and as Donna said it's a lot to take in so I'm on my second read and this time making notations. The book was extremely informative and valuable and I have already shared it with several people. I have several of the symptoms mentioned and I know without a doubt after reading the book that I have yeast overgrowth in my body. I have finally found a solution! I am about to purchase the gold package and the baby boomer book! I must admit I have not yet tried the cocobiotic as I'm saving it until I get my package so I do not run out. Thank you Donna for all the work you are doing and for sharing your valuable knowledge, blessings.

4.0 Body Ecology Diet Book11/2/12


Love this book. It gives totally new way of living. Recipes are great and good starting point for your health.

5.0 The book was great9/24/12


I found the book very helpful with correcting my stomach issues. I believe I have candidas
and just having the foods not to eat together, and the amount of vegetable that should be in my diet really seemed to make a big difference. I would recommend this book to anyone just wanting to be healthier. I also lost the 15 pounds I have been trying to lose for years. All the exercise just wouldn't touch it,
it truly is about diet. We all need to exercise for our health, but weight loss is about what we put in our mouths.

5.0 Teriffic book!8/23/12


I am almost done reading the book and must say I am impressed with all the information in it. I have read some of it from a variety of other sources, but it is so nice to have it all in one book! I have never considered using fermented veggies to help with candida! I am going to try that soon. I am also converted to kefir! I have taken a bunch of probiotics but still have symptoms and I think this will get the candida better under control. Thanks for a very informative book!

5.0 Excellent!8/2/12


Best book on the subject I have seen.

4.0 Helpful book7/23/12


Good read - pretty easy to understand. It doesn't read as well on my Kindle - so had to purchase a hard copy.

5.0 Amazing7/11/12


Me and my family went to visit a relative and on our way home we got hit by a semi and then,i started to have alot of right upper abdominal pain, and well i went to the doctor and went to the doctor and they kept saying it was due to constipation, i did many clean outs to prove that was not the problem. I finally i got tired of being in pain every day so i went to a general surgeon and she said i think that its your gallbladder, so we did a hida-scan to see how much my gallbladder was working and it turned out it was only working 17% of the time so she said you need your gallbladder out (she took out my sisters appendix about a year before) so she said we mine as well take out your appendix because it runs in your family, well she went in and took out my gallbladder and said it was nasty then she went down to get my appendix and it was not there, so she had to go looking and she found it twisted around my lung, and blamed the appendix to the car acident that i had recently just been in. i woke up from surgery and i felt so much better, i went home and 2 hours later i said can we go to the mall everyone looked at me like i was crazy, maybe i was. then 4 days later i woke up screaming in pain i kept puking and puking and i had a fever and my stomach was getting bigger by the hour. we went to go and eat, when we got home i couldnt even get out of the car, so they called the surgeon on call (because my surgeon went to a different country the day after my surgery) well the doctor said get her up here now, i got up there and they put me on dilated for pain through the iv and had me on fluids when i woke up that next morning they had me do a CT SCAN and another HIDA-SCAN and said im sorry you have a bile leak i was like what is that, they said when the surgeon took out your gallbladder she cut something she was not suppose to and now there is toxic fluid in you stomach leaking. well i said what are you gonna do to fix it and they said you are having stents put in and you are having surgery in 10 min. i hope you are ready, i was freaking out i just had surgery a couple days ago and i just had test after test done i was in pain and the surgeon messed up and im having surgery in less than a half an hour, well that is alot to process. i woke up from surgery in so much pain my blood pressure got into the 200/160 range so they upped my pain medication and got my pain under control, so days and days later i just kept getting worse and worse so we finally convinced the surgeon on call to go in and take all the bile out,right before the surgery i told my mom i was done i didnt want to do this anymore and she said you need to fight, he went in and found 6 liters of bile out, and put 2 JP drains and i woke up from surgery and i looked my mom in the face (under anisticia/ completly out of it) and said you told me to fight and i did, she started crying and crying. i woke up the next day, completly myself again and she was still crying and i looked at her and said what is wrong with you. she wouldnt tell me. i finally started to get better but i was still in pain. They eventually sent me home with pain medicine and said the pain was due to all the surgeries and the stents. well I was getting the stents out in a few months so they kept my pain under control then when I went in to have the stents taken out I woke up and felt awful I was still in pain and it wasn’t surgery pain. So I went to Madison UW children’s hospital. And they said we are gonna do surgery to see what could be wrong to me it was okay I already have had 4 surgeries what’s 1 more. Well they went in and couldn’t find anything. So we did tests after test and I was still in all this pain so in October they did another surgery to look around, and yet again found nothing. In November I found out that I had cyst on my ovaries, well I already had PKD so I wasn’t that worried about it until one day I was laying around the house and a cyst popped and I could barely get to the car I went to the ER and they said you had a cyst pop and so they gave me pain medication and sent me home well 2 weeks later I started puking and puking and puking so I went back to the ER and they Did a CT scan and it showed that in my bile duct there was a major blockage and it was twisted so I went in an ambulance to Madison and the next day I had pancreatitis the worst that they have seen. And they went in and fixed it and so that was surgery 7 I was like are you kidding me. I was still in pain after the surgery well I was confused and very much clueless and so was everyone else. Madison said well we fixed the problem and I said no you didn’t I can feel it you didn’t fix anything well I went on in pain for months and months and moths until one day me and my sister went to get ice cream, and I said broke I think im bleeding from my belly button it feels like fluid is in there and coming out and she though oh maybe it was a scab that came of, we got home and it wasn’t much blood so I didn’t worry well I woke up at midnight and my white shirt was covered in blood, blood was everywhere it looked like a crime scene. So I went to the ER and they cordirised it and fixed it well then a couple days later, we were in the car and my mom said lexi I though you threw out the shirt with all the blood in it why are you wearing it I said mom I did throw it out and I looked down and walla another crime scene in my belly button. So we went to the ER again and they fixed it again. Well a couple of days later we were having a family dinner at out house because it was easter, and I ran to the kitchen and said mom my belly button is bleeding and she was like oh let me see I was holding my hand over my belly button so it wouldn’t be all over the place I lifted my hand from my belly button and my hands and stomach were drenched in blood, we went to the ER and they finally fixed it. well a couple of months later, I started puking again and so I went to the ER and they said your gonna be admitted in Madison and I got yet another ambulance ride there, and when we got there I had a MRI done and sure enough the blockage was back they said they weren’t going to fix it because it didn’t work the last time, so I went home 3 days later I was admitted to mercy, they didn’t want to do anything either. And so now im still in pain with a blocked bile duct, we are trying to get into Chicago and see if this can be resolved permently. So i though, maybe it could be partly from my diet. so i found this i just started a week ago, there is deffinetly a change in my energy

5.0 Great book7/5/12


I enjoyed the book. It has helped me to further improve my diet with good results. Thanks!

5.0 Informative, well-written, scientifically sound7/3/12


I have a daughter with autism spectrum disorders so of course I have read many books about diet. This is the best book I have read so far in that it clearly explains WHY the gastrointestinal system functions the way it does; in other words, it tells you how to FIX the problem, not just put a bandaid over the symptoms. It's very scientifically-sound, and my husband and I have even decided to phase ourselves into the diet as well. I've also recommended this Diet to a family member with fibromyalgia and a friend with auto immune dysfunction. I can honestly say that, after reading this book, I have a better overall understanding of how the body functions than I did after all of my previous research combined.

4.0 very health concious7/1/12


Im already on the kefir and cultured veggies, Im making my own, thanks for the info, I have 2 friends on it also

5.0 Incredible job of condensing vital information on the role of fermentation and its health benefits!6/22/12


This book is an excellent compilation of essential information for anyone suffering from candida or other digestive disorders. It also provides easy to absorb information on how to use fermentation to rebalance the body's digestive system. This book is a must have for anyone suffering from allergies, digestive disorders, and infections.

5.0 enlightening6/10/12


I bought Body Ecology after seeing a video of Donna making fermented vegetables. I never truly believed that I had a cadida problem, but after taking the test and looking at the symtoms,I believe I do. I started a good commercial probiotic and then made some of my own (which are actually delicious using Body Ecology recommendations). I have noticed improvements in my skin, energy level and some improvements with my teeth which is where most of my problems are. I would recommend this book.

5.0 Great Resource5/23/12


I picked this book up on a whim, after starting a Candida Diet, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I just makes so much sense intuitively, and was exactly what I needed.

I've been following the diet for a couple of weeks now, and have noticed amazing improvements in my health. I just feel amazing.

4.0 Overall, happy with my purchases. I like the explanation of the plan. would have liked to see more recipes.5/12/12


I ordered the book after going through a cleanse with someone who took classes with Donna. Really liked the explanation of the food combining and detailed explanation of the philosophy. Would have liked more recipes.

5.0 A Must-Have for Every Household4/28/12


I highly recommend that every household own a copy of this book. While not flawless, this book is an essential resource for achieving optimal digestive health, which is necessary for overall well-being.

4.0 So very helpful4/21/12


I'm grateful to Donna for researching and writing this book. I've been sugar and gluten free before, but couldn't stick with it. Sugar cravings finally got the better of me. I am hopeful that with the cultured veggies, supplements and maintenance plan I can finally eat to live, not live to eat. I have been on the diet two months now and have lost a lot of stubborn body fat. Another great incentive to stick with it!

5.0 excellent4/17/12


The book really has great information and wonderful recipes. I am really enjoying it.

5.0 Good book4/14/12


Body Ecology was a good read. I was already on a restricted diet so transitioning to the Body Ecology diet hasn't been too difficult. I have been on the diet for a couple of weeks and am having detox reaction, I believe, I hope that it passes soon and my health is restored quickly. I have noticed clearer skin and a flatter stomach so far. I am slowly transitioning my children and my husband onto the diet as well.

5.0 Excellent information4/6/12


The Body Ecology Diet book is exactly what I was looking for for many years and I'm glad I finally found it. It's very easy to understand and very educational. I love the body ecology diet and I feel great living it!!!!!!!

5.0 Life Changing4/6/12


If you follow Donna's suggestions and change your eating lifestyle from fast food to wholesome healthy foods then you will truly be transformed. I have been plagued with chronic consipation all my life and have tried everything to no avail. After cleansing I have never been more regular without the use of drugs!

4.0 Good book, too much self-promotion4/6/12


I LOVE this book. I think it has really helped my boyfriend and I. Although we are not following to the letter we already feel MUCH better. I only wish that there was less advertisement of the author's products in the book.

5.0 Great book - lifesaving information3/22/12


What an excellent book with amazing info. I have had a life of experimentation with SAD (Standard American Diet) food, vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan and raw. This book takes the best of all these worlds and blends the information into the Best Diet Ever. I have been following the Body Ecology diet for about 3 months now and feel wonderful. Friends have been commenting on how great I look! Thank you Donna. What a trailblazer!

4.0 fascinating3/22/12


I found th book to be very informative and a help in my quest for better health.

5.0 An insightful read3/5/12


So useful and empowering. Creating harmony within my body and my life. My only criticism is really more advice....don't get too bogged down or stressed. This approach is so thorough, even loosely following stands to immensely benefit, especially for those of us who are not very sick.

5.0 SEATTLE3/4/12


Oh my god I wish I had this book years ago! its it sooooooooooooooooo helpful. I bought 6 copies for family members already and I have more coming!! Thank YOU!!

5.0 Excellent3/4/12


I love this book. I bought an extra one at the Women's Wellness Conference just to loan out. It is easy to read and easy to follow. Donna Gates captures the essence of
true health. It is the answer to a lifetime of struggle with candida.

5.0 The Body Ecology Diet is life changing3/1/12


The Body Ecology Diet is the most balanced and healing diet I have tried. Having a lot of digestive issues can obviously be uncomfortable and I noticed very positive changes in my digestion after the very 1st week on the diet.

5.0 Must Read for all CFS patients!1/24/12


Candida is very hard to cure. Dr. Oren Truss started research and treatment on this. Dr. William Cook later took up the cause. After reading The Body Ecology Diet I can see why Dr. Truss' and Dr. Cooks diets and treatments failed me. This diet works!
J. Sprat

5.0 Healthy Solutions1/20/12


It all makes so much sense. Am losing weight and eating well.

5.0 Fantastic book1/13/12


I have been on a health quest for 15 years. I really enjoyed how The BED book covered all the different ways of eating. I have tried all of them, I liked how the book pulled the good things from each diet, combined them and then added the all important microbiology principles that make the BED superlative to all others.
The only drawback is the book is rather basic for someone like me. It is great for beginners who only want to follow a diet, and it would be great to have a more advanced book that answers the more in depth microbiology based questions that I have. (but I understand that would be hard to sell to the general public)

5.0 This life changing process is the key.12/31/11


This is our second book. We have been doing the diet for a little over a year now four our daughter who was diagnosed with sever classic autism. We would say and so have others in the medical field who have firsthand experiences that she is not severe any more. She still to this date has had no ABA therapy. This and a regiment of supplements has been her only intervention.

5.0 A lifesaver12/28/11


Without this book I think I would have had to struggle with candida for many more years. There is nothing like it. Thank you!

5.0 excited answers I have been searching for12/23/11


I am so excited to have found BED I have been searching for many years, like Donna and have tried so many diets, supplements, healers, you name it I tried it,, and I believe this is the answer,, Thank you Donna!!

5.0 Great Book12/19/11


This is a great book to improve health overall, but especially if you have Candida overgrowth. Seems hard at first, but keep at it and soon it will be second nature.

5.0 Great book12/16/11


I bought this book 2 months ago and it has changed my life. I have followed it and feel 100% more energy, sleep better and have lost 25 pounds. Everyone comments that I look younger and healthier. I am very grateful. It is not easy but well woth it. This book led the way.

5.0 Clear and concise, a must read for the health-minded12/7/11


This would be hard to follow if weight is the only issue, but when you feel interminably exhausted and unwell, and long for the days of feeling healthy and energetic, it is much easier to stick to a diet that clearly makes you feel better. I have done the elimination diet, which works great as long as I stick to it, but as soon as I try to reintroduce other foods I slip back to the old symptoms. I am quite hopeful that the BED is the solution I've been looking for, the whole picture, not just eliminating the foods that feed the problem, but integrating the means to heal my body.

3.0 Not Sure about this11/28/11


This diet seems very complicated and hard to do.

5.0 Feeling better already11/17/11


I love this book! This is my third copy, I've given the other 2 away to friends that needed some help with their diet. Cultured veggies are the way to go, they really help curb your appetite and stop eating sugar.

3.0 Good information but no game plan.11/12/11


I like the idea behind the book but I found it hard to follow. I don't think it does a very good job of helping you implement the diet. I need step by step instructions.

5.0 Great information. I Am really eager to get started11/11/11


I am really ready for a heathly change in my life style and eating habits. This makes realy makes sense to me and I cannot wait to get started.

5.0 Great Information11/3/11


There was so much good usable information regarding how to approach caring for the body in this book. A persons health could really improve when this program is embraced.

5.0 Just what I needed10/27/11


This information was the missing link I needed so much in my healing journey. I am discovering fermented foods and drinks and it is so helpful to know what foods need to be avoided when you have candidiasis. Thank you Donna!

5.0 I love the new look and layout of the new edition of The Body Ecology Diet Book10/23/11


The new edition of the Body Ecology Diet book is great. I love the smaller size and changes made to the index allow for easier searches of information. I am also pleased with the updates to pertinent information in the content of the book. I use this program with my clients with great success. They love every recipe we try.

4.0 Great! Needs more graphs.10/20/11


Overjoyed that I found this book. I have PLS and have been put on many ALS diets with no results. Donna's program is comprehensive and getting simpler by the day. My skin is clear, I'm sleeping better, energy is higher and no more b.o.! I do want more graphs, lists and timelines to help organize my new lifestyle as it is a lot of info.

4.0 very good! 10/12/11


good ideas, hard to follow

5.0 Timonium10/10/11


This is pulling together lots of information and ideas I've come across before, and then some, and integrating them in a way that makes sense to me and is inspiring me to get started on the B.E.D. !

5.0 Great info for improving digestion!9/26/11


This is a great book for learning about digestion and why ours is not good in today's age. This is wonderful knowledge to improve your life and well-being. I'm already seeing results on the program after only 1 week. My only suggestion would be to include something in the book about your core program products, some kind of guideline to include in the daily routine as on the page "BED Simplified".
Otherwise, great book!!

5.0 Wonderful news9/25/11


This book has got me all excited to try the Body Ecology Diet. Over and over again, Donna has confirmed suspicions of my own and given me the power to do something about it! So far, the recipes are really tasty (which surprised and relieved me) and simply following the principles of the diet have made it possible for me to eat a meal and walk away without stomach pains, indigestion, and other symptoms I've been dealing with my entire life.

5.0 More help than expected9/25/11


I was skeptical that a diet change would really make a difference for my declining health and stamina. I have been pleasantly proved wrong, just the small changes I have made are making a difference. Only on pg 36 with some chapters ahead previewed. The book is concise, down to earth, and even someone like me who has come dragging their feet, can benefit greatly. Thank you so much for the wealth of information that all fits together so well. Very well written!

5.0 Super!!9/19/11


I love this updated version of Donna's book. I am a bottom line person and this way of eating does get 'to the bottom line' of addressing health problems. Thank you, Donna, for developing your program and also for continuing to develop it year after year!

5.0 excellent info9/2/11


I've read many books on diet and health and something was always missing from them. I found what Donna Gates calls, "The Missing Piece" in the body ecology diet. I'm going through the book, bit by bit, changing my diet and following the information in this book. I even made my first fermented veggies! I feel so much better already. My digestion is better and I just feel cleaner inside. This is a great anti-aging diet too so anyone who wants to age well and avoid inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, should definitely look into this book.

5.0 Very comprehensive book 8/18/11


I learned a great deal about how the body works and why the BodyEcology diet is so helpful. I like knowing the whys. I am going to purchase another copy for my daughter who struggles with candida and enjoys eating nutritious foods.

5.0 excellent8/17/11


excellent to be able to share the books!

5.0 One day at a time8/17/11


I am in my late 30's and am very active and what I thought...was very heathy. Two years ago I started getting reoccruing urinary track infections and could not figure out the problem. Went to the Dr. and they put me on a mild anti biotic for several months to clear up the issues. I finally stopped getting urinary track infections. However, I started getting serious sinus infections. I would feel better when I was on an antibiotic to clear it up, but then the infecton would return even worse about 4-5 days after I stopped the antibiotic. I had no idea the damage that I was causing myself being on antibiotics for so long. My Dr's never said anything to me. They just kept perscribing them to me. Finally I started doing my own research and determined that I had Candida. I went to a Naturalpathic Dr who confirmed this as well. I just finished reading the Body Ecology diet 8/11 and I have already made my cultured coconut water keifer and cultured the meat of the coconut as well. I also made my cultured veggies too. My veggies still need a few more days to ferment, but I just drank the coconut water keifer yesterday and ate the coconut keifer today. I am following the diet very strickly. I cut out, coffee, fruit (with exception to the one in the book), dairy, any bread, pasta, carbs (except the ones in the book), and Sugar. My body went through some serious withdrawls for about two weeks. I definitely felt worse, but I knew it was coming because of the yeast "die off" in my system. I am starting to feel a little better and starting to get some energy back. It has been a difficult process, but I know I am doing what is best for my body right now. I am prepared to be on the diet for as long as it takes. I am thankful for this book and the knowledge that it has given me to combat candida.
The only thing that I felt that was missing was a chapter on stage 1, 2 and 3 of the diet. There were several places that she referred to stage 1 or stage 2 of the diet do's and don't but there is not a chapter that outlines what to expect in stage 1 and stage 2 in detail. That is the only thing that I wish would have been added. Overall the book is excellent and great for everyone to read.

5.0 Great Information8/8/11


I thought this book was very well written. It was especially helpful when she compared the main diets vs. the Body Ecology diet. I am also excited to try some of the recipes.

5.0 Awesome 7/21/11


I've suffered from a gluten intolerance and digestive issues for several years. This book gave me some new strategies. After jist a few weeks I feel great and have more energy.

5.0 Life Changing Information!7/14/11


I am currently 52 years old. About 10 years ago, my digestive health started to decline....on the fast track! I have spent thousands of dollars on tests and have discovered that I am intolerant to gluten, casein, and even fructose! My gallbladder doesn't function and now my pancreas is insufficient, too! I found the Body Ecology Diet book and it has turned around my life. I haven't even started the diet yet, but somehow know this is the answer that I have been looking for. I have vacation and parties this summer, but have set a start date for August 8, 2011. I am so looking forward to feeling better and have been telling everyone about BED. I quit drinking coffee over two weeks ago, started eating less sugar, and am gathering spices and sea vegetables, to be more prepared. I can't wait!
Thank you sooo much for the easy to read, easy to understand, guide to regaining your health!

5.0 Makes the most sense of any diet out there!7/12/11


This is an excellent book if you are dealing with chronic illness and mental/emotional issues... and even if you aren't!! Everyone should take steps to improve the health of their inner ecosystem. This book is an excellent guide in implementing those steps. I am sharing this book and program with all of my health coaching clients!

4.0 Changed my life7/11/11


This book really changed my understanding of food and put me on a path to healing. I think it could be organized a little better, but overall it's an excellent resource!

5.0 Life Changing7/11/11


This book is full of very helpful information. I feel so much better since changing my eating habits. The recipes also are very good.

5.0 A New Relationship with Food7/11/11


I have a wonderful new relattionship with food now. I eat for nourishment rather than the feeding of my candida!

5.0 the real deal7/11/11


this book is the real deal. Donna, has captured all of her knowledge and information in an easy to read and follow steps to be successful in the BED system.

this is a must have everyone should get a few to pass onto to friends and family. this is the true way to show your love for someone.

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