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Probiotic Liquids

Can I drink the different probiotic beverages at the same time, or should I just stick with one?
You absolutely can. Many of our customers are drinking the CocoBiotic and Innerg... more
Do I need to refrigerate the bottles before I drink them?
No, the probiotic beverages have a shelf-life of 18-24 months, even at room temp... more
How much should I drink of these beverages each day?
We recommend drinking at least a single 2 oz serving per day, although drinking ... more
Are these beverages gluten-free?
Both the CocoBiotic and InnergyBiotic have been laboratory tested to be 100% glu... more
I am pregnant/nursing. Is it safe for me to drink the Dong Quai?
Due to the fact that Dong Quai balances female hormones, it is not recommended w... more
Is Dong Quai good for men?
Yes, Dong Quai can be taken by men as well as women. more