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    Did you know 73.18% of shoppers who visited Super Spirulina Plus product page ended up buying Vitality SuperGreen & Super Spirulina Plus Combo? We think that's being influenced by the limited time 25% discount being offered on combo packs. Here is what recent buyers are saying about the combo pack--

    Thank you for offering this super combo. I appreciate the value and advantage of taking them together. I have low blood sugar and have always started my day with a Vitality SuperGreen shake. When you started offering the combo and I added just a 1/2 teaspoon of the Portent Proteins to my shake, I noticed a tremendous difference in my levels. I no longer have my midmorning 'slump'.

    Sharon (Aurora, IL)

    I've been using the Vitality supergreens for a while and love them in our green smoothies. About a month ago, I also added the Super Spirulina Plus to the smoothie and I think it makes a real difference. We needed something in our smoothies to increase the protein naturally so we don't have to rely on animal sources...

    Path2HeallthyLiving (Arlington, TX)

    I love your products. I'm taking your Vitality Super Green powder and Super Spirulina Plus. I think these are your two most vital products. I wish I could take all your products but it's called Money. I tell people all the time about your products and how it helps the GUT which is a huge part of your health. When people tell me that they can't afford Great supplements I tell them you can't not afford them. It's cheaper to be healthy than be in bed sick with a devastateing disease not being able to work and make a living.

    Debby (Medford, OR)

    I have been drinking the Vitality Super Green for a while now and it is the best tasting green drink I have come across. I just started using the Super Spirulina Plus which add a packed punch to the already great green drink!

    Megan (Cornwall, CT)

    I use the proteins in my morning smoothie and the greens in coconut water in the afternoon for a great pick-me-up.

    tlp (Denver, CO)

    I have been using the product combo for a few weeks and I'm having great results with it. My energy level is improving. My hair is growing and I'm not losing as much as I was before. I'm not having as many stomach problems as I've had in the past. I'm going to continue to use the products and have been recommending them to others. Thank you for the wonderful products.

    Margaret (Lyons, KS)

    I count on this combo for my morning smoothie and afternoon pick-me-up; especially during my pregnancy. It's essential for a healthy gut which is of course what determines overall health. Amazing products!

    Heather (Peekskill, NY)

    I have THE most sensitive stomach and Vitality Greens is the only greens powder supplement my stomach actually likes! And the Super Spirulina Plus help you get the (vegan) amino acids you need very easily with just the tiniest amount in a smoothy. I would highly recommend Body Ecology products to anyone!They are top notch quality! Wish they shipped to Canada (but the service to the US is A+++).

    Donna (Toronto, Canada)

    I have this combo every morning to start my day. The Vitality greens are truly the best on the market (I have tried MANY), and the Super Spirulina Plus make me feel terrific. I actually crave this drink! It makes me feel balanced, energetic, and wonderful. I add a little more stevia for a sweeter taste. Both these products are a must have for a healthy system.

    Maggpie (New Hope, PA)

    I love these products and use them every day. To change it up, some days I use the Vitality Greens in a fruit smoothie with blackcurrant juice and blueberries and other days for a quick early morning drink, I will just mix the Super Spirulina Plus with blackcurrant juice and cocobiotic.

    Sandy (Charlotte, NC)

    I use the Greens and Protein mixed with 2 oz of Pom Wonderful juice + 6 oz water every morning and every afternoon. I notice a positive difference in my energy levels. My 2 year old loves and demands to sip from mine. I have resorted to making him his own:)

    Kat (Tampa, FL)

    I am enjoying this combo very much. As the BED suggests I take both in water in the morning to re-hydrate and stimulate my gut with the best out there! I like the taste better than other greens products and because it is from BED you know it has everything you need without other things that are not on the diet. Must have! It boosts my energy in the morning.

    Dana (San Diego, CA)

    I really enjoy the greens and the Super Spirulina Plus. They have a good taste, they dissolve well in water, veggie juices, kefir (milk or coconut). Its the only products I know of that ferment the algae, which I believe goes a bit further than the non fermented kinds in terms of delivering good nutrients to the system.

    Jason H. (Jefferson, MD)

    These products are fantastic compliments to each other. They are the best tasting green powders on the market and provide incredible micronutrients for nourishment.

    Christo (Alexandria, VA)

    I love starting my mornings with Vitality Super Green and Super Spirulina Plus in water with stevia and lemon. It's so easy and gives me a jump start to my day. Over the weekend when I have more time in the morning, I'll put some in the VItamix with veggies and ice and it's de-lish!

    Heather (Philadelphia, PA)

    I drank a combo of Vitality SuperGreen and Super Spirulina Plus this morning berfore heading to my cycling class. I made it through the entire 55 minute class and then was able to do Zumba for an hour! I can only credit this endurance and energy for my workouts to my morning shake of Vitality SuperGreens with Super Spirulina Plus ! I am an athlete in training and I will continue to use this super combo. Cheryl

    Cheryl S (Tampa, FL)

    I feel so much better and have more energy when I start my morning with this combo. I love the taste and don't need to mix it with anything except water. I travel frequently for work and getting good healthy food is not always possible. The only thing that would make these products better for me would be if Body Ecology offered them in single serving packets so I could take them on the go without worrying about refrigeration.

    JD (San Jose, CA)

    I make a Vitality SuperGreen & Super Spirulina Plus drink every morning before my 3 mile walk and it gives me the energy to keep going and enjoy my walk! Love it!!

    Gail (Yorkville, IL)

    Since I have started using these products and have removed the gluten and sugar from my diet I feel more energy and my once chronic stomach problems are starting to disappear.

    Sandy (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

    I have been using the Vitality SuperGreen powder and the Super Spirulina Plus for almost 2 years now, and I keep finding new ways to use them. For instance, they add protein, probiotics and flavor to Quinoa salads, and I always add them to my green veggie smoothies for a flavor and protein boost, and extra smoothness to the texture. With these two "allies" in my diet, I never have to worry about getting enough protein or probiotics when I am on the go.

    marita (San Francisco, CA)

    I really like these two products. For a quick, light breakfast on the go, I use 2 scoops of the Greens and 1 tsp of the Protein. It holds me and keeps my blood sugar stable for several hours. I've been very pleased at how well I tolerate these 2 products, since I've suffered from a number of food sensitivities.

    Sibegirl (Bowie, MD)

    I was already a regular to green smoothies, so when I added in Vitality Greens and Super Spirulina I was amazed how great they still tasted and knowing I was packing even more of a health punch into my favorite go-to meal gives me a real piece of mind.

    Alayna (Santa Monica, CA)

    Both of these products taste good, and buying them together was a good value.

    Packer Fan Mary (Suring, WI)

    I already love the Vitality Super Green powder and decided to add the Super Spirulina Plus powder to it. It's exactly as the name implies. It's very potent. I could feel it repairing things in my body. It was amazing. I like it in the afternoon with my Vitality Super Green powder and it gives me energy.

    I just recently started adding the Supergreen and Super Spirulina Plus to my detox program and find that I have far fewer detox symptoms than before them. I even add them to my green smoothies ...same easier detox...what a relief!

    Gloria (Fernandina Beach, FL)

    I have used Vitality Supergreen for years and recently added Super Spirulina Plus. It is a great way to start the day, it gives me a nice energy boost. The taste is not great but I have got used to it. I sometimes add in lemon juice or mix it with a smoothie.

    Vic (Los Angeles, CA)

    I love the combo of Vitality Super Green and Super Spirulina Plus. I drink it almost daily. I feel good that I am putting such nutrient rich and healthy greens into my body. I also love how they taste - better than any of the other green drink products that I have tried.

    Michele (Oregon, OR)

    My best friend introduced me to Body Ecology and I absoloutely love the Greens and Spirulina Plus in my morning smoothie. I put organic spinach to add a green boost! Thanks Donna for the amazing products.

    Michelle (Aliso Viejo)

    I have used one bottle of Vitalilty SuperGreens, starting the second one. It doesn't take much - this is powerful stuff. If I take one small scoop/day, I find my energy goes up. The Super Spirulina Plus gives me an additional boost. A container lasts a long time this way. Of all the whole food nutrient products I have ever taken - this one is by far the best product. I don't ever want to be without it.

    Nancy M. (Rogers, AR)

    These formulas are so amazing ! The combos are researched and completed for you in this earthy, healing, tasty, gift to your body ! Go for it ! We love high potency - we deserve the best ! Feel great from great choices !

    juju (Latonia, KY)

    I drink these two powders with water and coconut kiefer water in the am and feel very satisfied. It also has replaced by vitamin consumption and is saving me $$.

    Kar (St. Charles, IL)

    I eat a couple of scoops of Vitality SuperGreens and Super Spirulina Plus with every meal and experience moister skin and much more energy. It is the best I have ever found, and believe me, I have tried them all. Thank you Donna !

    Mike (Brenham, TX)

    I drink these together first thing in the morning instead of coffee - it gives me energy without a weird caffeine buzz. Not filling enough to replace breakfast - but to hold breakfast off for an hour or so.

    Kitayoza (New York, NY)

    i really like the combo of these two greens products. I just recently added the Super Spirulina Plus with my vitality greens and already in a week the psorasis over my eye is vanshing and alot less dry skin and itching. I can't believe it! I have battled this issue for years!! thank you so much for these products.

    Suzy (Suwanee, GA)

    I actually have been using this product for some time, off and on but now I have developed some serious IBS. My naturopath said to take glutamate but I felt like giving the Vitality Super Green a serious try because it contains glutamine in a special formula. I also take the Spirulina Plus with it and it has helped tremendously. Thanks for such an awesome set of products!

    Teresa (Sedro Woolley, WA)

    If you buy anything from the Body Ecology Store make sure this is it.

    Tammy (Aurora, CO)

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Vitality SuperGreen

great product2/4/14

By sk

This is my favorite green drink of all time (and I've tried a whole lotta green drinks).

Excellent Product2/2/14

By Lois

Love this product. It is pure energy is a container. Always makes me feel good after eating it. I use it in my morning smoothies.

Super Green!1/28/14

By V

I use Vitality Greens a few times a day to insure that I get greens in my diet during the very busy day!

Improved digestion & energy level. 1/26/14

By 1000 Oaks

Since adding Vitality Super Greens into my diet I have experienced improved digestion: less gas, bloating, irregularity daily. Also have noticed morning energy level to be smooth & even without added caffeine!

Love Vitality Supergreen 1/25/14

By Ryan

I drink Vitality Supergreen every morning and it makes me feel energetic. I also drink in the afternoons when I need a pick me up, to get me through until dinner. I love this product!
I will continue to buy it !

Best Product1/22/14

By Laura

My favorite product, by far! Can't do life without it. Great taste and loaded with everything I need.

Great energy boost!1/22/14

By Mindy

Our whole family takes this daily! Would not miss a day!

Amazing Product!1/22/14

By Knox

This product gives me so much energy in the morning. I would not start my day with anything else!

Tastes so good!1/20/14

By Julie

Thank you for making the best tasting green drink ever!

Very happy with product1/17/14

By Peaceflower

I have purchased this product 3 times and tell others about it. I am happy to get not only so many greens into my diet but fermented greens to assist my digestion.

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