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Favorite product!!8/8/14

By trisha

I start each morning with my Vitality Greens with almond milk, fresh spinach, cashews, ginger. Love love love this drink!!


By trailhead

This product has been a life saver for me.

yay gluten free8/7/14

By Mena

I used this product for years then suddenly developed an allergic reaction to it. I thought it might be related to gluten intolerance. When I saw that it was now gluten free I tried it again. So glad to be reunited with it. I only use one scoop a day, two is a little to much for my aging system, one is just right.

This product helped my gut heal.8/6/14

By Carolyn

I started taking Vitality Green last September. I noticed that things started improving and feeling better in my colon. It hadn't been able to eliminate properly on it's own for over five years. I had to have frequent colonics and do enemas at home every other day. In June of this year it started working smoothly on it's own daily. What a miracle! I am so very grateful!

Love this!!!8/6/14

By Valorie

I have been using Vitality SuperGreen for about 2 months and I have so much more energy. I feel healthy!!! It has helped with inflammation and my digestion. I intend to continue using this as the benefits are awesome!

Love this product!8/6/14

By Nancy

I feel wonderful when I take this product! Having tried several green powder products on the market, VSG will definately remain my favorite.

Great Product8/6/14

By KarenH

I am on my 3rd container and love how it helps my digestion and energy. Will continue to buy it.

energizing and balancing8/5/14


A staple every morning! I feel great adding vitality greens in my morning drink. Sometimes I have it in the afternoon with vitamin C as a pick me up

Awesome product8/4/14

By Marsha

I love this product and will continue using it. I really feel like it's helping to heal my gut. Great tasting too!

Excellent and healthy product!8/4/14

By Mitch

I use Vitality SuperGreen every morning in my smoothie! It tastes great and I feel that I am helping my body stay healthy and candida free. It also gets things moving so I feel that it is a positive for me! I always have it in stock and will continue to use it!

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