Vitality SuperGreen

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Super product!8/20/14

By Mitch

I use Super VitalityGreen every morning as part of my green smoothie! It tastes good and I feel that it is a healthy product for me to use and help keep my gut healthy!

Taste plus nutrition8/16/14

By Kitty

The food protocol I’ve been following disallows some of the nutrient-dense vegetables I customarily consume, at least temporarily. With Vitality Super Green, used on its own or added to supplement a handful of juiced veggies, I’m able to compensate nutritionally for some of what I’m not getting otherwise. And the truly terrific taste makes it an appealing way to start the day, something I look forward to rather than doing just because it’s good for me!

taste great feels good8/16/14

By maria

great stuff

This product is Divine8/14/14

By Kelly

I LOVE this product!! It is a staple in my diet. My body craves it and it tastes SOOOOO GOOD!! I am so grateful for this product and I feel so much stronger and healthier since I started drinking it a year ago!!

goat stimulator8/13/14

By apps for kids

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the best8/12/14

By summer

this is the best green drink I've ever tried

good product8/11/14

By Jolene

I enjoyed taking this for a few weeks. It tasted good with just a little water in the morning. I noticed that when I didn't sleep enough the night before I would get through my day as if I had slept better. However, I began having pain in my body and the pain and inflammation lessened the very day I stopped taking this. Then I took it again but problems began worsening so stopped again and they began to heal. I believe this to be a good quality well-thought-out product, but my digestive system is very weak. I shall have to wait for my gut to be less leaky and my digestion to be stronger before I can use this again.

Favorite product!!8/8/14

By trisha

I start each morning with my Vitality Greens with almond milk, fresh spinach, cashews, ginger. Love love love this drink!!


By trailhead

This product has been a life saver for me.

yay gluten free8/7/14

By Mena

I used this product for years then suddenly developed an allergic reaction to it. I thought it might be related to gluten intolerance. When I saw that it was now gluten free I tried it again. So glad to be reunited with it. I only use one scoop a day, two is a little to much for my aging system, one is just right.

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