The Body Ecology Diet

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The Body Ecology Diet

Helpful for Candida 3/24/14

By Wellness With Joy

I think this book has a lot of useful information. I greatly respect Donna Gates and what she is offering to help people with Candida. That being said, I find the diet extremely difficult and have a hard time understanding some of the concepts like food combining. I do make fermented veggies and coconut kefir using BE starters and they are wonderful!

Great resource3/20/14

By Roberta

I have suffered with leaky gut for quite some time. Having read this book and following Donna's suggestions have made a tremendous difference in my life. A Must Read!!

The missing piece3/16/14

By mom on a mission

A great book to add to my collection. The basic principles of this diet can be easily incorporated into many different lifestyles and ways of eating. The author is right that this is what has been missing from many diets and nutritional plans that have come out over the years. Incorporating this information into any plan will immediately take it to the next level. Thank you, Donna Gates, for filling in the missing piece!

very good information3/8/14

By basketcat

This is a wonderfully written and very informative book. As I read through it I am making a list of loved ones that would benefit from this information. I am on my second batch of "cultured vegetables" and thanks to the culture started and eco bloom, this is such an easy process and so yummy!

The Body Ecology Diet has saved my life3/6/14

By Marie

After years of struggling with Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr, racing heart and a host of related co-infections and autoimmune issues, I had just about given up hope that anything would help me get better. Then my doctor recommended colonics, and I met Trishna and Pam Craig at Natural Body in North Little Rock, Arkansas. They showed me the way to lead a clean, healthy lifestyle through Body Ecology and weekly colon hydrotherapy. I ordered the Body Ecology book and many other products from the site and after just 2 weeks, I felt better, more alive, awake and alert than I had in years! More energy and no more pain!!! My migraines, neck and muscle pains have gone away. The book is my go-to reference for my health and I am living a total Body Ecology lifestyle. Thank you Donna Gates, Trishna and Pam!

Thank You so Much!3/4/14

By Andrea

This book has changed my life, not only by the foods I eat, but by changing my habits. I have lost 52 pounds just by following this book, and feel calmer, more focused, and finally proud of my body. Donna really knows her stuff, and finally reading her book helps me make sense on why she's the leading digestive specialist in the world. Again, this book changed my life. Enough said.

Great information3/4/14

By Teresa

This book is an excellent source of information.

The best bits of all great ways of eating...2/6/14

By Babelene

I read this book in no time and realised that all fad diets that work up to a point are great BUT Donna's book takes it further by reintroducing beneficial bacteria - The Missing Link! I love how it takes us back to a time when we had a different relationship with our food and our environment.

My son is talking because of this diet - I will eat this way for the rest of my life!!!11/22/13

By Lavishly Natural

My son (3y/o) was diagnosed with a speech delay and considered at-risk for autism. Doctors, therapists, and academic personnel (who didn't want to stop feeding him sugar based cereals, foods and gluten) refused to believe what he ate could effect his recovery and treatment. It was almost like recovery was a bad word. After a month of following this diet he is clearly speaking more words and sentences, and engaging in more conversations. He no longer experiences gastrointestinal discomfort, is less agitated, and is even enjoying potty training (or maybe that's just me:)! My WHOLE family feels better, my skin is glowing, I'm less moody, and I feel SOOOO GOOOOD! I will eat this way for the rest of my life!

Fantastic resource10/3/13

By Bret

After undergoing chemotherapy, I developed a severe chest infection. It lasted nearly two years. During this time, I was on antibiotics over a dozen times--sometimes for as long as a month. This decimated the healthy bacteria in my gut, and I had all the associated symptoms. And none of the doctors had a clue. Thank goodness Donna Gates wrote this book. I have been on the Body Ecology Diet for six months now, and I am feeling much better. If you have a problem with yeast over-growth, read this book.

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