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The Principle of Food Combining: The Meat of It - Without the Bread (GETTING STARTED ON THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET)

Our Complete Spotlight on Body Ecology Series!

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There is nothing wrong with having a good steak now and then. Just add some greens, and make sure you are not eating those potatoes or corn with it!

Several weeks ago we began our much requested Spotlight on Body Ecology article series, designed to give you a deeper understanding of the Body Ecology Diet Principles.

First, we covered the Principle of Step-By-Step to get you started and to reassure you that on your journey toward a more vibrant, healthy, and joyful life, each baby step counts. Patience and tackling small changes one at a time as you feel ready will lead you to ultimate victory!

The last few articles highlighted the Principle of 80/20, which hopefully gave you a better understanding of how to think about the food on your plate, how your body uses different types of foods, and how to choose the best animal proteinsgrains, and fats to nourish your body.

Finally, although we have alluded to it in previous Spotlight articles, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of our next topic: The Principle of Food Combining.

What You Eat with What - It Matters!

Body Ecology is a gluten-free, sugar-free, anti-candida diet, and the Principle of Food Combining is one of the main reasons why it works so well when other anti-candida diets do not.

Proper food combining is essential to healthy digestion, and the violation of this principle has contributed to the weak digestion, imbalanced inner ecosystems, and overall ill health we see today.
A balanced inner ecosystem has plenty of friendly microflora (good bacteria) to help you digest the foods you eat and keep you healthy and strong.

Our ancestors didn’t worry so much about proper food combining - they went ahead and ate meat and potatoes or bread and cheese in one meal. That’s because they had much healthier inner ecosystems.

The introduction of processed and pasteurized foods, antibiotics, and other drugs and environmental toxins into our systems has destroyed the natural balance we were created to have.

Our modern lifestyle has made conscientious planning and effort a requirement if we want to take care of our inner ecosystems and stay healthy.

Learning and practicing the secrets of food combining is crucial for efficient digestion and better nutrient absorption, which leads to a leaner body, stronger immunity, and increased energy.

Why Food Combining Works

The Body Ecology Diet

You can learn more about the Body Ecology Principles and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips by ordering your copy of The Body Ecology Diet today – plus, it’s packed with delicious recipes and sample menus!

Different food groups prompt different enzymes to be secreted in your stomach, and each enzyme needs either an acid or alkaline environment in which to break down your food.

Any chemistry student will tell you that when acids and bases (alkali) come into contact, they neutralize one another.

So what happens when you eat a food that requires an acidic environment to be broken down and absorbed together with a food that requires an alkaline environment?

You guessed it, your stomach essentially becomes a neutral zone - neither acid or alkaline. This stalls the important work of the enzymes, which inhibits the whole digestive process.

When this happens, your food sits in your stomach too long and begins to ferment and putrefy.

Fermentation of food promotes alcohol and sugars to be produced. The yeast in your inner ecosystem happily feed off these sugars, multiplying and crowding out the beneficial microflora in your gut, which wreaks havoc on your health.

If you already have weak digestion or a candida imbalance, eating improperly combined meals further weakens your digestive tract until it slowly begins to break down.

By following the principles of proper food combining, you will begin to heal your digestive system and allow it to function as it was meant to. You will also experience these benefits:

  • You will be less bloated after meals and notice that gas and stomach gurgling are no longer a concern.
  • You will have a system to guide your choice of foods, which makes it easier to decide what to eat.
  • You will no longer worry about your weight. If you are overweight, you will probably lose weight because properly combined food is assimilated and allows your body to metabolize food better, rather than store it as fat.
  • Easier and more efficient digestion means you will have more energy left over for living!

There are three main DO’s of the Principle of Food Combining, and we will be covering them in more than one article.

For starters, it’s important for you to understand one overarching concept, a major DON’T that is often violated because you have always been told it’s okay.

NEVER eat an animal protein and a starchy vegetable or grain in the same meal.

  • When you eat animal proteins like eggs, meat, poultry, or fish, your stomach produces hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin to digest them in the ideal, highly acidic conditions.
  • When you eat a starchy vegetable, like yellow squash or one of the Body Ecology grains, an enzyme called ptyalin is secreted, which develops an alkaline condition because that is what is ideal for these foods to digest properly.

Based on what we have already said about chemistry, can you see the problem?
Eating animal proteins and starches or grains together means acid and alkaline neutralize one another, enzymes can’t do their jobs, digestion stalls, and your food begins to ferment: this is feast time for the pathogenic bacteria and yeast like candida that are in your digestive tract.

Think of the typical American fare: ham or turkey sandwich, steak and baked potato, pizza, burgers and fries….

Your digestive tracts have taken assault after assault, and the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) makes it obvious why obesity and other illnesses are at epidemic levels. These diseases will continue to rise unless we start changing the way we think about the food on our plates.

The Body Ecology Principles Can’t Be Separated

All of the Body Ecology Principles work together in harmony to create balance in your inner ecosystem and propel you toward better health. You cannot practice one and ignore the others.

For example, the Principle of Food Combining explains why our articles about the 80/20 Principle stated that 80% of the food on your plate should be composed of non-starchy land and/or sea vegetables and the other 20% should be animal protein OR grain - but never both.

To summarize, the two DO’s are:

  • You should always eat protein with non-starchy land and/or sea vegetables.
  • You should always eat grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy land and/or sea vegetables. Starchy vegetables are acorn or butternut squash, lima beans, artichokes, and red skin potatoes. (Red skin potatoes are the only potatoes we recommend because they have less sugar and don’t feed candida yeast.)

Start practicing proper food combining today in accordance with what you just learned, and as we continue next week, we will further detail how to properly combine or eat other foods (like fruits, nuts, fats, and dairy) to maximize your digestive fire.

We will even give you some delicious menu ideas and tips, so stay tuned!


Do the foods that you eat together really matter? If you want to learn the best way to balance your inner ecosystem, it all starts with healthy digestion, made possible by proper food combining. This will make it easy for you to get all of the nutrients that you need right away to restore your body back to its natural balance. Body Ecology teaches you to always enjoy protein with non-starchy land and/or sea vegetables and always eat grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy land and/or sea vegetables to see dramatic improvements in your overall wellness, digestion, and even energy!


The Body Ecology Diet

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  • Amber

    How much time needs to elapse before eating something that doesn't combine well? For example, last night I ate chicken and veggies and in an hour or so I really wanted popcorn but was unsure if I needed to wait longer before eating a starchy vegetable since I had eaten animal protein.

  • Aaron Mann

    To get the food combining chart, in the Search Box, type 'food combining chart', and it will take you to:

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    I have the same question as Fritz above. I too want the chart to print off as it says in Bottom Line !

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    In the recent Bottom Line there is an article on food combining and it says to go to, to put on our refrigerator door. I am unable to bring this up to get the chart to print. Can you help me out?

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