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The Body Ecology Guide to Most Effectively Equipping, Managing and Organizing Your Kitchen

Shopping for your Body Ecology meals can be fun! The right tips for menu planning and organizing your kitchen, make your Body Ecology lifestyle and getting healthy much easier.

When beginning your healthy Body Ecology program, the kitchen is your place to start. Think of it as command central for your vibrant new life and healthy body.

Organizing Your Kitchen

You know the Body Ecology system is nutritious, but did you know it's also delicious?

What I hear most about healthy eating plans is that they taste...well, healthy. In fact, many healthy eating systems have tasted bland and lackluster, making them hard to follow yourself, much less for your kids.

Body Ecology is different


One of the reasons we offer beautifully-prepared Body Ecology meals at our Certified Body Ecologist (CBE) trainings (watch the free newsletter for new training dates!) is so that you can taste for yourself how special our foods really are!

In fact here's a quote from one of our commonly stated by all who attend:

"The training was everything and much more than I expected, from the knowledge and inspiration Donna imparted to the delicious & beautifully prepared meals. I didn't expect to feel so pampered!"

You can feel pampered every day too, by making your delicious Body Ecology meals efficiently. The right tips and tools is all it takes!

Food Choices

First look at the foods you already have, then decide which ones you would like to try.

You might already eat leafy greens, garlic and onions, so how about adding Body Ecology staples like:

Some foods that were once difficult to find have now become more available if you seek special sources for them. These foods include:

We continue to provide more information on each of these wonderful foods in our newsletter. All of these foods and the delicious recipes in The Body Ecology Diet have been tested in our Body Ecology test kitchens.

Over the years, we've found convenient, high quality online suppliers, and will continue to add to this list. Today you can now obtain everything you want and need in our Body Ecology System of Health and Healing.

Our goal has always been to change the way the world eats. By doing so, we help create a happier, healthier world. We are always grateful to the many farmers, manufacturers, health food stores and distributors who are making it possible for us to eat well everyday.

Once you've decided what kinds of food you enjoy or would like to try, it's time to think about menus... beforeyou head to the grocery store.

Menu Planning

Making a menu is sometimes the best way to plan your new Body Ecology lifestyle.

Have fun as you plan. Think of the recipes you'd love to try and be creative! Once you've created a plan, then you just have to follow it! Menus also simplify shopping and preparation, leaving you with more time to enjoy your food and your life.

When I wrote The Body Ecology Diet, I wanted to make sure you would have plenty of ideas for main dishes, salads, dressings, desserts and snacks!

Snack ideas are actually included throughout The Body Ecology Diet book because I found that carrying healthy snacks during my day allowed me to resist the temptation for processed foods while I was out.

I even included sample menus to make it easier to figure out where to begin.

Once you have your menu plan, make your shopping list and decide how often you want to shop. It could be once per week or more often, if you have the time.

The most important thing is to balance your life and it's no different with Body Ecology. Decide what works for you based on the time you have. Perhaps shopping online will make things even has certainly helped in my life.

Try our favorite internet suppliers, your local supermarkets and health foods stores. Seek out fresh produce and herbs at farmers markets. Shopping with your list can be easy and fun!

Food Storage

Once you have all your healthy Body Ecology foods, create a kitchen system that makes sense for you. Sometimes organizing your kitchen tools is all it takes for more efficient cooking!

Here are some ideas for organizing your kitchen:

  • Keep garlic and onions near your cutting board and a sharp knife.
  • In your refrigerator, try one shelf for leftovers and another for fresh foods.
  • If you live with people who are not following Body Ecology, keep their food in a separate cupboard or on a different shelf in your refrigerator.
  • Get plenty of glass storage dishes, like Pyrex containers with plastic lids, because they are safer than plastic containers for storing and reheating food.

Kitchen Equipment

The Vita-Mix is the best blender you can buy! This powerful blender can make delicious juices that retain all of their healthy fiber, giving you a complete meal that is easily digested and won't increase your blood sugar.

You probably already have some good kitchen equipment, but over the years, we've found these make your Body Ecology lifestyle much easier:

  • Blender: The highly rated Vita-Mix is definitely my pick for making your own fiber-rich drinks and creamy soups. Use it to make our Good Morning Greens smoothie for breakfast!
  • Food Processor: Food processors like the Cuisinart 7 cup Classic or 14 cup stainless steel models are indispensable for making cultured vegetables at home. They also make salad preparation a breeze and can whip up a delicious nut or vegetable pate.
  • Our absolutely favorite appliance for making large amounts of cultured veggies quickly is the continuous feed Robot Coupe. It's significantly more expensive but delivers professional results with ease and flies through vegetable chopping!
  • Cookware: Le Creuset makes beautiful and functional pots and pans to cook all kinds of foods. You never have to worry about the enamel and cast iron materials reacting with your foods or depositing unwanted toxins.
  • Food Dehydrator: Food dehydrators dry out your soaked nuts and seeds at low temperatures, are great for making raw foods snacks and even can be used to make cookies sweetened with Stevia.
  • Ball Jars: I love these glass jars, specifically the wide mouth quart size. I use them to make fermented foods and drinks.
  • Fine wire mesh strainers make life easier, whether you are making Young Coconut Kefir, draining soaked grain-like seeds or draining your soaked almonds.
  • Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Funnel: Use your wide mouth funnel to put homemade fermented foods and drinks into jars. It makes the process a breeze!
  • Pressure Cooker: You can use a pressure cooker to make your Body Ecology grain-like seeds in half the time!
  • Slow Cooker: A slow cooker(also called a crock pot) is an easy way to fix a meal and forget about's ready when you are. Plus the new ones have timers for precise cooking, and they're ideal for Body Ecology soups!

Step by Step

Having raised children while running a growing business and traveling often, I understand the challenges of eating healthy foods.

I want to acknowledge you for the work you are doing to keep yourself and your family healthy. It means taking extra time to learn where to find and how to prepare truly nourishing foods that heal. It means going the extra mile to seek foods with the best ingredients and to prepare foods instead of heating them up in a microwave or grabbing a quick bite in fast food restaurants.

But more than anything else, you are creating a legacy of health for generations to come!

Always remember the principle of Step by Step. Be a turtle...slow and steady...not a hare...and become a winner in creating balance, vibrancy and longevity. And when selecting kitchen tools and organizing your kitchen, incorporate new foods and cooking techniques as you are ready. You'll soon be able to manage and maintain your lifestyle changes and wholly benefit from Body Ecology's system for health and healing.

Bon appetit!

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  • Eva

    Hello, I would like to know what I need to order and in what quantity (Kefir and Cultured Veggie Starters, Protein Powder etc) to start the diet and how long do they last, etc.? I am from Germany and can only order from the UK. A shopping list would be very helpful. Thank you!

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