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Natural Ways to Curb Your Appetite

Are you constantly craving certain foods? It could be what you’re eating OR maybe something that’s missing in your life. Here’s our guide for getting to the root cause of cravings along with tips to curb those cravings for good!

If you experience cravings, you might feel like the potato chips or chocolate are literally calling you from your kitchen cupboard! Perhaps you even feel like you lack the willpower to resist their call. But did you know that certain foods can increase your appetite and food cravings?

It’s true. There are actually physiological reasons you may crave certain foods...and there are solutions for healing your appetite.

Physical Cravings from Your Food

Certain foods set you up physically for an increase in appetite and cravings. Examples are:

Physical cravings for foods or additives could be a result of a food allergy (as is often the case with milk, wheat and gluten) or simply the fact that the food creates a biochemical response that creates a desire for more (as is often the case with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined salt and MSG).

To learn more about how these foods and additives increase cravings, read: 

How the Food Industry Contributes to Overweight, Obesity and the Unique and Highly Effective Body Ecology Solution

There is also an additional (and little known) reason for physical cravings: an imbalance in your inner ecosystem.

An imbalanced inner ecosystem is caused by stress, toxins drugs and poor dietary habits, like eating too many processed foods...essentially the basics of our “modern” lifestyle. Some babies are even born today with an imbalanced inner ecosystem, which sets the stage for childhood illness and low immunity.

When your inner ecosystem (your intestines) are balanced, you have plenty of good bacteria and yeast to protect you from pathogens and dis-ease. An out of balance inner ecosystem means that pathogenic bacteria and yeast have taken over. One of the symptoms is cravings.

But there are other possible symptoms...from digestive pain to food allergies and even skin problems and fuzzy thinking. These are often symptoms of candida, which affect 70% of the population.

Healing Your Appetite Physically AND Emotionally

So what can be done to heal your appetite?

Healing your inner ecosystem with the Body Ecology program is key to getting in touch with your true appetite.

Your true appetite is largely rooted in the balance between your digestive tract and nervous system, according to Chinese medicine. Interestingly, these are also the first organs that babies develop in the embryo stage. Since the beginning of our lives, these organs have been sensing our world and fueling our bodies. The Body Ecology program is designed to heal your digestive system and bring your nervous system back into “rest and digest” mode.

When you are in rest and digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system), you are more calm and grounded. This is the mode in which you are able to digest the nutrients in your food. And it’s the mode in which you are in touch physically and emotionally, with what your body really needs.

When you are stressed, your body goes into fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system mode). In fight or flight, your body cannot digest. So no matter what you eat, you are not getting the nutrients you need. Too much of this creates an imbalanced inner ecosystem...perfect for those pathogens to show up and contribute to cravings.

Here are some Body Ecology tips to get you started in balancing your digestive and nervous systems:

  • Avoid Sugar and Processed foods - it causes your body to produce more insulin, which then blocks leptin, a hormone that reduces appetite and induces fat burning. Processed foods are full of sugar and additives that actually increase your appetite, which can make you to consume more calories.

    Since the sweet taste is important, use all natural sugar substitutes that actually have health benefits, like Stevia and Lakanto.

For the best cravings buster, probiotic-rich InnergyBiotic is a delicious way to boost your health AND balance your appetite. Next time those cravings hit, reach for InnergyBiotic and satisfy your cravings healthfully

  • Include Fermented foods and Drinks – fermented foods and drinks are one of the best and healthiest ways to reduce or eliminate cravings. Our modern diets are devoid of the sour taste and bringing it back into your diet actually balances your appetite. More importantly, the microflora (good bacteria and yeast...also called probiotics) in fermented foods and drinks actually help to bring your inner ecosystem back into balance and reduce or eliminate cravings.

    Have cultured vegetables with every meal. Drink probiotic liquids whenever a craving strikes. And if you want a sweet-tasting treat that will beat those cravings, try 2 oz. of InnergyBiotic, a probiotic liquid that is the perfect blend of sweet and sour to satisfy any craving healthfully.

  • Shift your lifestyle and habits – Cravings DO have an emotional component as well. Often referred to as “emotional hunger” it can stem from feeling like something is missing in your life.

    We tend to replace our unmet needs with food. If we can learn to face our emotions head on, instead of masking them with food, we will feel stronger, more in tune with ourselves, and our emotions will be less likely to be stuffed inside us and into your body.2

    For example, many people lack “sweetness” in their lives. This can happen when you aren’t doing what you truly want to do in your work or your life. Finding hobbies, work and relaxing activities that make your heart sing go a long way to reducing stress and calming your mind and body.

    If you aren’t sure where to start, how about reading an uplifting book or listening to uplifting CDs and guided meditations? One of our favorites is The 9 Intense Experiences, by Brian Vaszily. This incredible set of CDs actually takes you on a journey that reconnects you to yourself and what truly matters in your life and health.

    Find out more about The 9 Intense Experiences and get your free eBook now!

Start Shifting From Craving to Satisfaction Today

So now that you know what to eat and what to avoid in order to heal your appetite, let’s address one final key point...cellular memory. Your body has a cellular memory of foods you crave, so physically, you may still feel drawn to them.

If you stick to your healthy Body Ecology lifestyle for 4 – 5 days, you give your body a chance to heal from unwanted cellular memories. Your gut lining turns over, your body sheds toxins and you start to get in touch with the kinds of foods that will truly nourish you. Over time, with a healthy inner ecosystem, the “congestion” that may have been mucking up your intestines clears and interestingly, a more grounded mind-body connection is what you may feel. You may feel, as we’ve often heard reported from Body Ecology followers, that you are “in touch with your body” like never before.

We should all get enjoyment from our foods. A Body Ecology lifestyle can help you get out of the vicious cycle of cravings and into the kind of deep satisfaction that comes from the inside out.


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