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Make Your Vegetables Rich in Probiotics With a Variety of Options! (GETTING STARTED ON THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET)

The accessibility of Body Ecology’s Cultured Vegetable Starter makes it easy to create cultured vegetables and ensure that you receive all of their amazing benefits.

The superpowers within cultured vegetables are undeniable, but if you don’t fully understand the process of creating cultured vegetables, confusion could easily throw you off - causing you to miss out on their many benefits!
There are simple ways to get your daily quantity of cultured vegetables, with little work and effort involved

The Body Ecology Culture Starter is an ideal way to create cultured vegetables, with just the toss of one of the packets into 1 ½ cups of warm water.  Add in approximately 1 tsp. of sugar (we recommend Rapadura, Sucanat, honey, Agave, or EcoBLOOM), and let your mixture sit for at least 20 minutes. (The bacteria is becoming alert, and the process is beginning.)  Add this starter culture to any combination of ingredients that you prefer to use as brine.  The options are endless when it comes to the variety of mixes you can create and enjoy while you reap health benefits at the same time!

The Cultured Vegetable Starter has a particularly large amount of Plantarum bacteria for two main reasons.

  • Plantarum bacteria are natural; it is present on organic vegetables.
  • Plantarum bacteria are not destroyed by most antibiotics. Sometimes antibiotics are your only choice, and when this occurs, you can be assured that your gut flora will not be destroyed, putting you at risk for candidiasis. The more of this bacteria you eat, the better you will be protected!

But this isn’t your only choice when eating cultured vegetables; you can also use some of the new Dong Quai fermented liquid! It contains fantastic microflora, which help with fermentation, getting the whole process off to a great start. Because of this, the product will naturally ferment, so you don't have to worry about it spoiling.  As an additional benefit, you will also receive yeast during this process.

Additionally, you can experiment with using Coco-Biotic liquid, Grainfields’ BE Whole grain liquid, milk kefir, and fresh, raw whey.  All of these options have the powerful microflora your body needs to boost your inner ecosystem.  As long as you are inoculating the vegetables with this extra dose of microflora, the fermentation process is off to the good start you were aiming for!  If you use Dong Quai or Coco-Biotic, it is recommended that you use 4-6 tablespoons for each quart or so of vegetables.

Fermented foods are not something to be scared of.  Experiment with all of the options in creating your cultured vegetables, and find what works best for you to enjoy amazing health benefits as you do!


Body Ecology’s Cultured Vegetable Starter is the perfect tool to help you make cultured vegetables, giving your body the healthy bacteria it needs to improve vitality in your inner ecosystem! You can also try our Dong Quai fermented liquid to further help the fermentation process along when making cultured veggies at home. Fermenting is a healthy and wonderful way to enjoy your veggies - Body Ecology style!


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