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The Best YOU Ever, Part 5: Constant Craving...How to Keep Cravings From Sabotaging Your Health Goals

Heather Fougnier, a former executive turned professional coach and writer, is certified in: Body Ecology, Success Coaching and Energy Healing. After 15 years in a fast-paced corporate career, Heather healed long-standing, chronic digestive pain and disordered eating with her first Body Ecology meal. It is her mission to transform people’s lives and health by showing them how to successfully (and profitably) do what they love.

We are entering month five of our six-month Body Ecology free life coaching series...and this is where the rubber meets the road.

Because at this point, you have identified your visionremoved energy drains, learned how to start living your vision and easy tips for taking action on big goals. If you’ve taken all of these steps, how are you doing at this point?

Is there anything getting in the way?

While these steps can apply to any vision, we are specifically looking at your vision for your best health. And what gets in the way for most people at this point is…you guessed it...cravings.

Constant Craving

In the beginning of implementing new health goals, we are often so motivated that we jump right in and stick to our goals. Maybe you created a plan for yourself and you were diligently taking action and seeing results.

Then something had a busy week at home or at work. Or you had a hard time sleeping for a few nights. Maybe you got into a fight with your spouse. Or Perhaps you were out with friends over the weekend when they stopped at Dairy Queen for super sized sundaes.

The thing is, life gets busy and sometimes, we take our eyes off the prize. We get tempted to do something “normal.” We wonder why we can’t just have fun, like everyone else.

And food is part of that fun in our culture, isn’t it?

Can you go anywhere these days without being tempted to have baked goods, salty snacks, fast food or grande caffe mocha lattes with whipped cream and caramel?

Do your kids, spouse or friends tempt you by asking if you want a treat, with delight on their face as if there’s nothing more exciting than that trip to McDonald’s?

In our culture, we are bombarded by convenience food, processed food and so-called-delicious options wherever we turn, so it’s no surprise that we’d feel seduced by our taste buds now and again.

Before recovering from bulimia, I never thought it was possible to live a craving free life. I was literally led around by my cravings. More often than not, you’d find me in the kitchen searching for a taste that I’d never fulfill, no matter how much I ate.

Back then, I didn’t realize that it was the state of my gut, not the state of my mind, that was wreaking havoc in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a huge emotional component too, but I found that the physical body...was the winner in all things mental vs. physical. So I needed to start there first.

Over the years, I’ve learned A LOT about how to beat cravings and today, I’m happy to say that I can sit right next to my friends and my husband while they eat their super sized sundaes and never feel a hint of their seduction.

Instead of letting cravings sabotage your health goals, here are my top secrets for banishing cravings for good. Many, I have learned from my mentor, Donna Gates.

My Top 7 Secrets To End Cravings for Good

Here are the 7 secrets that help me beat cravings:

Eliminating Cravings Secret #1: Slow Down.
This one may seem simple, but think about it for a moment. Tune into your body and see how “revved up” you feel. I found that if I felt revved up inside, I’d often go into autopilot, which could mean reaching for whatever food was closest and seemed tastiest.

In fact, I realized I didn’t think I was worth taking the time to nourish myself with something healthy and satisfying. So I’d rush through choosing what to eat and rush even faster through eating…already throwing off the whole digestive process by incomplete chewing.

You are worth the time it takes to nourish yourself. Make a plan that supports being prepared for healthy meals at home or away from home.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #2: Don’t Diet.
In other words, don’t under eat. The old way of thinking is that if you reduce your calories, you’ll lose weight. But new research is showing that this thinking is off base. It’s not how much you eat, it’s WHAT you eat. And Body Ecology opens our eyes to the fact that it’s now just WHAT you eat, but what you DIGEST. Body Ecology actually changes the whole notion of how to lose weight or maintain your weight.

Instead of dieting, follow the 7 healing principles of Body Ecology. In my own experience, two of the most important principles were the principle of cleansing and the principle of food combining.

I used to count calories like a miser and pour over nutritional charts, but no more. With Body Ecology, I feel so satisfied after meals that there is no need to count calories. I simple listen to my body. And I can trust my body because the constant desire for more food that I used to experience is a thing of the past. When you heal your gut, your brain appears to follow suit. Don’t be surprised if you feel calmer and more balanced.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #3: Your Food Should Taste Good. Seriously…food should taste good – even healthy food -- or who could stick with it, right?

The best news of all is that Body Ecology food tastes fantastic! You may need to experiment with cooking a bit, especially if you’re used to putting a Swanson’s frozen dinner into the microwave for meals. But within 5 days of eating the Body Ecology way, your taste buds will change (I’m not kidding!). You’ll start to love your healthy food and your body will thank you with things like better skin, shinier hair, better sleep and more energy.

I actually had people do a double take when they saw me after eating Body Ecology for a month. I just looked healthier.

Here are a few of my favorite Body Ecology recipes: Red Slaw, Dyan's Salmon with Julienne Vegetables and Pumpkin Seed Pesto in Parchment Paper and if you have The Body Ecology Diet book, check out the Quinoa Tabouli recipe...a hit with even non-healthy eaters!

If it’s comfort food you’re after, make millet with curry, red skinned potatoes, onion and carrots. And be sure to use coconut oil instead of ghee or raw butter because it really makes the millet taste good. Keep in mind that if you tend to overeat carbs, following the 80/20 rule will help you beat that problem.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #4: Use Nutritional Tools. Donna Gates was not kidding when she said that fermented foods and drinks stop cravings. If I find myself overly busy or stressed and I start to experience emotional hunger, I reach for fermented foods and drinks. 

Here’s what I do: if I am really full, but still experiencing emotional hunger, I reach for young coconut kefir. If I’m a little hungry and craving something sweet, I use cultured vegetables.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #5: Use Emotional Healing Tools. Sometimes, cravings are physical and other times, they are emotional. Two of my favorite emotional healing techniques are The LifeLine Technique™ created by Dr. Darren Weissman and Emotional Freedom Techniques, created by Gary Craig. Experiment with them for yourself or find a certified practitioner to guide you. You’ll be amazed at how easily they shift your thoughts, feelings and behavior.


Craving Sweets?Then reach for Stevia Liquid Concentrate, the most delicious stevia on the market with no bitter aftertaste that is safe for diabetics and virtually calorie free! Next time you have a meal, follow it with a cup of herbal tea and a few drops of Stevia Liquid Concentrate and watch those sweet cravings disappear! Learn more about the best-tasting Stevia Liquid Concentrate and purchase yours today.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #6: Experience the Sweetness of Life. When you learn that most sweet fruits are not on the Body Ecology program, you may say, “I could never do that,” like I did when I first saw it. But the good news is that with Body Ecology, the idea is not to avoid’s just the TYPE of sweets you eat that changes.

These days, when I eat almonds, carrots, butternut squash or red skinned potatoes, they seem like dessert to me! And if I want something sweet, I have options, like Stevia and Lakanto to make delicious desserts, like the Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream. To learn how to make an easy dessert that kids love, watch this video with Donna Gates. You might even like Quinoa Holiday Pudding or Sugar Free Whipped Cream.

There are so many options to enjoy the sweet taste while building the health of your digestive tract.

Eliminating Cravings Secret #7: Do What You Love.
Cravings are one type of energy drain that keep us from living the life we want. They make us feel controlled by something outside ourselves. In my own life, I’ve found that all of these secrets can fail when I’m not living my dreams.

So if you joined this series today with this article, I encourage you to work your way through this series starting atpart 1: writing your vision. Consider writing your goals for your personal life AND for your health.

When you are doing what you’re passionate about, you may just find that cravings are a thing of the past!

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  • Lea Ann Savage

    I had been on a low-fat diet my whole adult life and experienced constant and unrelenting food cravings the whole time. After reading, "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, and adding healthy fats to my diet (especially coconut oil) my food cravings ended, my weight dropped, and my energy soared!

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