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If You Experience Joint Pain, Here's a New Reason Why You Should Drink Green Tea

According to the Center for Disease Control, arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States.1

Arthritis is so widespread that more than 20 million people are living with the disease.2

Common treatments for arthritis include over-the-counter and prescription drugs, some of which have very harmful side effects, but a new and tasty alternative may offer some much-needed joint pain relief!

If you experience joint pain and arthritis, then you need to know about green tea. Packed with powerful antioxidants, green tea is a healthy drink, but new studies show that it also fights joint inflammation!

Tea for Toes (And Joints!)

Anyone with arthritis pain knows that it can affect daily life, making small tasks like writing and walking unbearable, but a recent study found that green tea can soothe arthritic joints.

Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that green tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG for short). EGCG inhibits the production of the molecules that contribute to inflammation and joint damage in people with rheumatoid arthritis.3

The EGCG in green tea suppresses inflammation in the connective tissue of arthritis sufferers too.4

So if you or someone you love experience joint pain and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, then green tea can be a delicious way to relieve symptoms.

Even better, green tea has benefits for everyone!

Healing Tea

People in China have been drinking green tea for thousands of years, and it's no wonder. Green tea has amazing health benefitsand it tastes good!

Green tea has a variety of compounds that contribute to well being, including polyphenols, catechins, and antioxidants. These substances work in your body to fight harmful, damaged cells and to boost your immunity.

Here are just some of the ways green tea can help your health. Green tea:

  • Inhibits the growth of prostate cancer.5
  • Fights obesity and weight gain6
  • Lowers blood pressure7
  • Improves HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers total cholesterol8
  • Stabilizes blood sugar9

As you can see, green tea has amazing preventative properties and can be a flavorful addition to your daily routine.

Tea drinking is also a soothing ritual, so it can calm your mind as it heals your body.

Green Tea For Those On The Go

Green tea is a fat burner, can fight cancer, and soothe joint pain. Body Ecology's Green Tea Concentrate means you can enjoy these healing benefits of green tea any time, anywhere. Try some today!

Here at Body Ecology, we love green tea for all of its health benefits and for its taste, but sometimes brewing a cup of tea just isn't convenient. That's why we created our exclusive Green Tea Concentrate.

This special concentrated tea makes it easy to have antioxidant-rich tea any time, anywhere. And YOU get to decide how you want your tea to taste, just by adding your desired number of antioxidant rich drops!

Just add to hot or cold liquid, and you have a nutritious beverage that tastes great! You can even add a few drops ofStevia for sweetness that does not feed candida or spike your blood sugar levels.

Our green tea is also one of the purest on the market. We use purified water to extract green tea essence from a blend of Shizuoka and Uji Japanese green teas.

This process retains and enhances the high concentration of naturally occurring antioxidants!

Body Ecology Green Tea Concentrate:

  • Contains 100 mg of polyphenols per 8 oz serving
  • Is caffeine-free
  • Has no fluoride or heavy metals (which are common in other teas and potentially dangerous)

So whether or not you suffer from arthritis, green tea is a healing and preventative drink that also tastes great!

Body Ecology Iced Green Tea

If you are looking for a refreshing summertime drink, try our Iced Green Tea.

Makes 2 servings.

40 drops Green Tea Concentrate
20 drops Stevia
16 oz purified water
Mint or lemon for garnish

In a pitcher add Green Tea Concentrate and Stevia to water. Stir well.
Pour into 2 glasses, over ice if desired.
Add crushed mint or slice of lemon to each glass.

Enjoy your refreshing and healthy summer tea!

Drink to your health and save! Take advantage of our Body Ecology Black and Green Teas along with our healthy Stevia sweetener, try all three and save 20%!


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  • Jenna says:

    Some people are able to use green tea for joint pain but others should be careful. I starting drinking green tea after I gave up soda pop and had horrible pain in my wrists, knees, bones, etc. I posted about this on my blog here - I've received many, mony people who found that post and stated the same. It's amazing how many people find that tea is causing issues.

    Unfortunately it is not a great choice for everyone.

    ~ Jenna

    Posted on Sep 26 at 8:00 am

  • kavita says:

    i started to drink green tea.after 2 days i feel knee pain.should i stop to take tea

    Posted on Aug 11 at 10:03 am

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