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The Best YOU Ever – Part 4: If You’re Ready to Take Action on Your Health Goals, Here’s How!

Heather Fougnier, a former executive turned professional coach and writer, is certified in: Body Ecology, Success Coaching and Energy Healing. After 15 years in a fast-paced corporate career, Heather healed long-standing, chronic digestive pain and disordered eating with her first Body Ecology meal. It is her mission to transform people’s lives and health by showing them how to successfully (and profitably) do what they love. At Body Ecology, we’ve always been a proponent of emotional healing and energy healing. Heather’s series will explore the connection with food, mood, energy healing and well-being. You can find out more about Heather at

We are now in month four of our six-month Body Ecology free life coaching series.
In part 1 you learned to write a unique vision for your best health. In part 2, you learned to remove energy drains from your life and in part 3, Have What You Want NOW: 6 Easy Steps to Achieving Seemingly Impossible Goals, you learned to achieve even impossible-seeming goals by bringing the energy of your vision into your life right NOW!

So where do we go next?

Well, from here, we start to create tangible results.

Now many of you are currently immersed in already busy lives, so the idea here is to take small steps toward achieving your goals. Here’s how...

Planning Your Time

So you want to start seeing results? GREAT, let’s talk about some ways to do this that will fit into your current lifestyle.

The first thing I recommend is for you to take a look at your calendar. If you don’t use a calendar to identify what’s on your weekly schedule, this is a good time to start. One suggestion from time management experts is to put everything you’d do in a day in a specific time slot on your calendar (do this even with your personal to do’s, like exercise and shopping for healthy food).

See, most people will put meetings on their calendars and have a separate “to do” list. Unfortunately, that system often fails for two reasons. One is because we tend to do what’s on our calendar and if it isn’t on your calendar, you run the risk of scheduling in other things and not getting to your to do’s.

Secondly, many people forget to assess how long the to do’s will take them or when they should start or finish them. By the time you look over your to do list, it might be too late to call the person in England or call for your cat’s appointment at the vet.

Instead, plan the to do’s that you’d like to get done each day and put them into an actual time slot on your calendar.

If you find that your calendar doesn’t have enough time for your long list of to do’s, you now have feedback that you might have been too ambitious in your list that day and you can REALISTICALLY plan additional tasks for the next day(s).

Now this next tip is critical. Once you have your to do’s in your calendar, decide how important it is that you get them done that day. If they are very important, you can say no to the people who want to book your time when you have an important to do on your calendar in the time slot they are requesting.

Most people see an open calendar and schedule away, leaving no time for important projects or tasks. With this system, you can be more efficient with your time and feel better about completing your important tasks.

Now that you have some time management tips, let’s take action!

Taking Action: Small Steps Equal Big Rewards

After planning your calendar for the week, take a look at the time you have left. Is it possible for you to set aside 5 to 10 hours per week to take action on your personal health goals?

For example, let’s say your vision for your best health included feeling fit. And one of the actions you wanted to take was to start an exercise routine. Let’s say some energy drains were tiring you out and you took care of them in part 2 of our series. Now you have the energy, but do you have the time?

Often, the best laid plans go astray because we get too busy and there is “no time” to incorporate a new healthy habit into our lives.

If you plan your calendar realistically, you’ll be able to see what’s taking up your time.

The idea here is to take only a small investment of time at first. You may decide to add more time later, but for now, keep it simple. Can you find 20 or 30 minutes per day?

If it seems impossible to open up even a small amount of time, I recommend looking at what’s on your calendar. Prioritize everything. Then decide how big a priority your health goal is.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How important is it for me to feel the way I want to feel in my vision?
  • What is one step I could take to take action toward my vision of my best health?
  • How will it make me feel to take this one step?
  • What is the ideal time of day for me to take that step?
  • How often would I like to take this step each day, week or month?
  • How much time do I have currently to dedicate to taking this one step?

If you don’t see any time available, ask yourself: What could I remove from my daily calendar to make time for this one step?

Remember, even if it’s only 5 minutes to begin with, book that time and start taking action! Experts agree that if you can take 5 – 10 hours per week to take action toward your vision, you’ll make tremendous progress.

And let’s face it, most of us are doing SOMETHING that’s not important to reach our true goals.

I’ll use my own experience as an example.

When I first wrote my vision for my best health and was ready to take action, I had a busy corporate job that kept me at work between 10 – 12 hours per day. Often, I’d bring work home at night and on weekends. I barely had enough time to do things in my personal life outside of work.

OceanPlant Extract

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I was working on my thyroid health and felt like I had no time to learn how to prepare sea vegetables. It felt overwhelming to me. So I started really simple by taking Ocean Plant Extract for thyroid health. Then I started looking at how to make more time in my life.

As I looked at my calendar, I noticed that I was watching TV for an hour or more per night. I’d come home too tired to do anything, so I’d sit in front of the TV. At first, I asked myself the questions above and realized the TV watching was adding nothing to my overall enjoyment of fact, in many ways, it felt like it was draining my energy.

So instead, I turned off the TV and started using that time to take action on my health goals. That’s how I found a minimum of 5 hours per week to dedicate to feeling better! Pretty soon, I had experimented with all of the sea vegetable recipes in The Body Ecology Diet and even made up a few of my own.

When I started feeling better, I took more things off my calendar.

For example, I had more energy to work smarter on the job and I started leaving work at 5 pm to go to yoga classes. Pretty soon, I was feeling so good that it showed in the quality of my work. That year, I got promoted and had the highest performing team in my business unit.

Start Small and Add Over Time

Oftentimes, when we are motivated to do something, we tend to take on too much…or at least that was my pattern! Body Ecology taught me so much when it comes to creating my best health…and not just nutritionally.

In fact, my training with Donna Gates taught me a lot about how my spiritual health affects my physical health. One of the most important steps for me (a Type A, go-getter personality), was to go step-by-step and take it easy. To build new health habits over time.

Because after all, you’re creating habits of a lifetime, right?

Lifetime habits have to be sustainable in order to be successful. That’s another way of saying that they have to be realistic and fit into your current life. Over time, if you keep it simple and start small, you’ll probably find that like me, you’ll want to make even MORE time in your life for healthy habits that take you toward your vision.

So choose one step to take today, then make the time on your calendar to do it. Starting small and building the amount of time you spend on your goals will allow you to get big rewards over time, from only a small upfront investment!

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