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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: One of Hollywood’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

Using hyperbaric oxygen for anti-aging and skin renewal is the latest buzz in the celebrity circuit, and It's easy to understand why.

Have you ever peeked in the mirror after exercising? You may notice that your skin glows. After a tough workout, our skin becomes dewy with sweat, and usually the cheeks or the entire face is flushed pink. This is a good sign. It is evidence that the outermost reaches of our cells have been bathed in oxygen-rich blood.

Damage to skin cells, age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin from weak collagen structure - all of this can improve when we increase circulation to the most peripheral areas of the body, which is your skin!

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Anti-Aging: How to Revive Tired Skin

Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine says:

“We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant.”

This is one of the reasons why facial acupuncture or even frequent facial massage can help smooth away wrinkles.

Improving circulation to your skin will supply your cells with much-needed oxygen to improve sagging, wrinkles, and even age spots. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a skin enhancing treatment used by top celebrities to boost both their health and the quality of their skin!

It is also why many top actors, actresses, and models, whose skin is constantly in the limelight, are using cutting-edge techniques to improve both skin quality and overall health, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

With so many abrasive creams, ointments, pills, and procedures that are used create a glowing complexion, isn’t it refreshing to come across something as safe and beneficial as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

While HBOT can be used to treat a wide array of serious health conditions, ranging from traumatic brain injury to gut function, it also just makes you feel good.

  • Many NFL athletes own their own chambers because it helps them heal up quickly after an injury.
  • HBOT has been used successfully with war veterans to remedy post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Stroke victims use HBOT to encourage full recovery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy takes place in a high-pressure, oxygen rich chamber. The FDA has approved HBOT for use in certain cases. This means that HBOT is a service that most insurance companies will cover if the diagnosis falls under FDA approval.

What Makes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy So Effective?

HBOT covers a wide range of disorders. While there is no magic bullet in health, there are certain essential mechanisms in the body that must work correctly in order to be healthy.

One such mechanism is blood flow, or perfusion. Put simply, each and every cell in the body needs oxygen and nutrients that it can only receive from blood.

The fact that we breathe air does not promise that each cell is receiving what it needs to thrive. In fact, most of us, for one reason or another, are not getting the amount of perfusion that we need.

Inflammatory conditions, whether the result of stress or injury, all benefit from a therapeutic dose of oxygen. Not only does oxygen feed the cells, but healthy blood flow also carries away waste products like cellular debris and dangerous free radical toxins.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy bathes the cells in the body with oxygen.

Because a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber is pressurized, oxygen easily enters into every tissue of the body.

This is why HBOT dramatically diminishes the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. It directly encourages overall skin health.

  • The surface of the skin and the tissue that structurally supports the skin rely on a constant supply of nutrients, especially oxygen.
  • When cells do not receive enough oxygen, they slowly begin to malfunction and die.

This means that HBOT helps the skin heal after trauma, injury, or surgery. A therapeutic dose of oxygen can also improve skin infections, and it can be especially useful in regulating the appearance of chronic acne. Even fungal skin infections and dandruff, also called scalp dermatitis, will noticeably benefit from increased circulation and healthy blood flow!

In a nutshell: increased blood flow to the skin makes us more beautiful.

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What to Remember Most About This Article:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will not only improve the quality of your skin to remedy wrinkles and sagging, but it can be used to alleviate serious health conditions, including injuries, PTSD, and stroke. Even better, HBOT is FDA approved and covered by insurance for some medical remedies.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides advanced healing by bathing the body in oxygen to feed cells and stimulate blood flow. This increase in circulation will flush out cellular waste and cleanse harmful free radicals from the system. HBOT is most often used to heal the skin and the body after injury, trauma, or surgery. This innovative remedy will improve your health both inside and out!

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  • nedbarnett

    This is an exceptionally well-written and accurate explanation about how and why hyperbaric oxygen - "high-pressure pure oxygen" - therapy can turn back the aging clock. I have worked in the aesthetic field for 28 years, and I've worked in the anti-aging field since 1994, and nothing I've seen works better than hyperbaric oxygen therapy for making your face look more youthful.

    I think it's important to know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, when used in an anti-aging program, is not available from hospital hyperbaric centers. They only provide treatment for a handful of serious medical procedures.

    However, these treatments are available in outpatient hyperbaric treatment centers, usually without a physician's order. I personally use the chambers a the Hyperbaric Institute of Nevada ( in Henderson - suburban Las Vegas - and after 40 treatments, I feel much healthier, I've lost 12 pounds (a hyperbaric "dive" is in some ways akin to a mild workout, which explains the weight loss) and my wife says I look younger.

    I've found that the International Hyperbaric Medicine Association ( has information on outpatient hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers across America.

  • Bird Kumar

    India. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a painless non invasive procedure that can be done at home or at a clinician's office, spa or wellness centers.

    One can live with out food & water for up to 2-3 weeks but not with out oxygen for more than 3 minutes. Only 10 % of the energy we need comes from the food we eat and the rest of the 90 % of the energy comes from the oxygen we breath !!!

    Many of today’s illnesses as well as premature aging are caused by lack of oxygen. Oxygen therapy today is not only used for treatment of serious medical conditions, but is widely popular and available as a natural therapy to cope with the effects of aging, stress, illnesses, injury or overexertion.

    OXYGEN is the most vital element we need for survival and wellbeing.

    In the west and in the eastern part of our globe, not only hollywood stars but the common people are using it to improve healthy ageing, beauty and for many medical ailments. Did you know that Oxygen is not merely a "gas" but considered as one of the most powerful "drug" known to man on earth.

    Let alone human beings, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is being used to treat pet animals for many medical ailments and athlete horses to return to their racing tracks faster and more healthier to compete.

    The goodness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not a miracle or a mere placebo effect. But it is purely science that obeys the many proven Laws of Physics.

    Breathing pure oxygen under pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber is used to initiate healing responses in a natural way without side effects.

    In Wellness:

    * Anti Ageing effects of the skin
    * Improved performance
    * Increased strength
    * Enhanced endurance
    * Energy boost preventing exhaustion
    * Reducing inflammation, swelling, pain
    * Reducing fatigue and recovery time
    * Speeding up healing of muscles, ligaments and fractured bones
    * Reducing and preventing infection
    * Reducing scar tissue formation
    * Cleansing blood from toxins and toxic substances
    * Maintaining general health

    In sports:

    * Improves exercise capacity
    • reduces pain, swelling, tingling, cramps, numbness
    • shortens recovery time after extreme exercise, injury
    • revitalizes by improving blood flow and oxygen to all organs
    • reduces pain, swelling, tingling, cramps, numbness
    * Speeds up recovery and return to active training faster

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy thought to be an expensive mode of achieving health beauty & wellness is no more for the elite and the rich alone but is an affordable therapy for the public at large.

    For further details call or write to us: Cell: 91-09769 484 123 Write: visit:

    (The writer is passionate about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can render )

  • Jim Keating

    A alternative that is much cheaper is called EWOT. Google it for more information.

  • Nin77ca

    It has been 21 session that I have had so far for CRPS in left arm.No change yet with the ulnar nerve healing but I have blood spots and rash on my front and back.Uncomfortable to lean on back.How can I stop getting rash from the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

  • judy

    My son has psoriasis. I would him to try hyperbarics. Psoriasis is an auto immune disease like ms

  • Hyperbarics

    Wow! That was good to know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps in cutting down the age and giving a fresh look o the skin. Wrinkles, aging etc. are some serious issues everyone has to face in his/her life. And getting a solution for this issue makes life easy.

  • Mark

    Dr. Paul.Hartch out of mettarie,la is a leading authority on hbot treatments and also Dr.Kyle candles of Wisconsin intergretive hyperbaric medicine is also top enough I suffered a tbi in 2009 hbot helped reverse my symptoms don't be a fool hbot does work far better than conventional medicine.

  • Eileen

    I know this conversation is about HBOT, but along with exercise there is benefit of taking added niacin for opening capilaries for increase oxygen to the skin. That's why you get that "flush" more blood circulates to the top of the skin.

  • Janie

    Does this treatment help MS?
    Also what's this deep breathing about?
    Would love to hear some answers please.

  • ine

    There is a difference between mild hyperbarics and high pressure hyperbarics. The mild version doesn' t have any potential side effects, the high pressure can do. The mild pressure is very good for neurological conditions and for good skin and it is more economical.

  • Veronica

    It's interesting that some people have commented by saying that HBOT causes dangerous side-effects. How can breathing oxygen under pressure cause side effects? HBOT heals wounds and I've seen people's skin become clear from acne after several sessions where other remedies such as antibiotics and steroids (which are hardly healthy) have failed.

  • angela

    Kristin, you may be interested in Oxycise, its a deep breathing method, the is Jill R Johnson. I heard about it from a friend years ago who said how much it had benefited her mother who was to ill to do regular exercise, she said after a few months of regular practice her health had greatly improved and her face looked less wrinkled, worth a try I thought, but I was only able to buy VHS format in Australia at the time which was useless to me, I think I might go on google and see if its still available in the states.

  • Sue Froeschner

    I was surprised and disappointed to see this article on the Body Ecology site which has always been about improving health. Except for very serious medical conditions, which make it worth the tradeoff, using HBOT for anti-aging is a ridiculous idea at best. It causes free radical damage and accelerates aging. Why is there a promotion of HBOT at this site? It just doesn't make sense.

  • Heather

    Nice to see a post with some much needed perspective. While HBOT is no doubt very beneficial for those people with serious medical conditions for which it is prescribed, to use this sort of hype as a solution to the reality of aging seems ludicrous. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will do far more in the long run. Eat your veggies, get yourself out and go for a walk and keep fit and active. This seems like an expensive gimmick that has some very serious potential hazards and/or side effects when used for non medical reasons.

  • Suzanne

    I have worked in the clinical hyperbaric medicine world for about 18 years. I have seen the wonderful benefits of the this particular form of medicine.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a primary treatment option for decompression illness and carbon monoxide poisoning and an adjunct therapy for a number of other indications. My experience is that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is most beneficial to patients with with circulation issues, primarily diabetics. Due to their diabetes, they often develop wounds on their extremeties that will not heal even with good wound care. Depending on the wound, a patient may receive 30+ treatments. This is breathing 100% oxygen at 2.4 ATA or 45 feet of seawater for 90 minutes (with 2 10 min air breaks). In all of the patients that have been treated for this type of indication, not once have they left the treatment talking about how wonderful their skin is after the treatment. And working in this industry for this long I would think I might notice. Their diabetes is not cured and the patient can still develop additional wounds if they are not careful.

    There are a number of indications with good reasearch being treated in clinical facilities. You can find accepted indications at There are also a number of off-label uses of this medicine, anti-aging being one of them. Some of them are getting the needed research, others are experimental and if you are willing to pay, someone is willing to tell you it works.

    Trust me, if you have a chronic wound and your surgeon is telling you the only way to heal it is to amputate, then get to your nearest wound care and hyperbaric medicine center. If you are trying to look healthier, then get healthier by diet and excercise. I know that we would not have 1/2 the patients we do if they were healthy to start off.

    Good luck in your journey to healthiness.

  • Ine

    Wonderful to see hyperbaric covered, it is becoming more and more common for obvious reasons. There are portable mild hyperbaric chambers available which reduces the cost greatly.
    Ofcourse we do yoga and deep breathing, it does not compare with the amount of oxygen which reaches the cells when under pressure.

  • Val

    Sounds great but expensive. There are none available in or area. Are there any other alternatives to this?

  • Lynn

    Though HBOT offers cleaner, concentrated oxygen, how beneficial -- comparatively -- is daily exercise, yoga, and/or breath-work? Most people don't have constant (or any) access to a chamber, so I feel that it's interesting to know these benefits but not practical. Would be helpful to also include alternatives to achieving the benefits, even if the benefits aren't completely identical.

  • Kristin

    Do you suppose that, for those of us who are " financially challenged", deep breathing can have somewhat of the same effect?

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