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The Best YOU Ever: 6 Months to Feeling Your Best With Body Ecology

Heather Fougnier, a former executive turned professional coach and writer, is certified in: Body Ecology, Success Coaching and Energy Healing. After 15 years in a fast-paced corporate career, Heather healed long-standing, chronic digestive pain and disordered eating with her first Body Ecology meal. It is her mission to transform people’s lives and health by showing them how to successfully (and profitably) do what they love.

At Body Ecology, we’ve always been a proponent of emotional healing and energy healing. Heather’s series will explore the connection with food, mood, energy healing and well-being. You can find out more about Heather at

As we move toward the halfway point of the year, where are you with your New Year’s resolutions ? Did you commit to a healthy eating program? A fitness program? Getting more sleep?

At the end of every year, we take stock in our lives and make a bunch of well-meaning intentions for the coming year…promising things will be different. Except, if you are like most people, all that enthusiasm starts to wear off when the rubber meets the road and life gets really busy again.

The truth is, we are often too immersed in the routines, the details of life, to pick ourselves up and make big changes.

Yet we know positive intentions, law of attraction and yes, even New Year’s resolutions often work. So what is it that sets apart the failed resolutions from the successful ones?

About ten years ago, I started working with a business and health coach. Back then, the term “life coach” was unheard of and business coaches were for “bad” employees. I was actually doing really well in my career, so I didn’t fit the mold for hiring a coach. I simply wanted to change my life and I wanted someone to work with me on the changes.

The thing is, I was tired of setting intentions, resolutions and goals and never meeting them because life got too busy. I wanted to make real, lasting change. I wanted someone to brainstorm with, to hold me accountable for the goals I set and to motivate and inspire me when the going got tough.

Working with my business and health coach, I made major changes in my life. I worked less and made more, got promoted, made tough yet successful business decisions and finally, left the rat race to live the life of my dreams.

In fact, it was so successful and fun, that I became a certified professional life coach myself and launched my own business. My passion for health led me to Body Ecology coaching as well and since then, I have seen many of my clients – and other Body Ecology followers, change their lives in dramatic and wonderful ways.

Ready to Change Your Life With Body Ecology?

In my work with Body Ecology and as a health coach, I am aware that now more than ever, we want to feel our healthy best. These are stressful times and one of the ways we can stay calm, centered and keep our moods up is to feel healthy, to cultivate optimism and to trust that we are always okay.

If you know anything about my background, you know I haven’t had it easy health and mood-wise in the past. Yet the simple act of eating healthy with Body Ecology dramatically changed my life by helping me feel my best in mind and body.

Donna Gates, Body Ecology’s founder, asked me to provide some free life coaching to her readers, right here in this newsletter. If you are not already signed up for the newsletter, how about signing up now (invite your friends too!) and committing to join me here each month – for the next 6 months – to work on creating the best you ever?

The Best YOU Ever – Free Life Coaching for Readers of the Body Ecology Newsletter!

Here’s what we’ll do each month:

  • We will talk about key principles for changing your life.
  • I will give you action steps to allow you to practice what we learned together.
  • I’ll offer tips and suggestions for making changes.
  • We’ll cover everything from healthy eating the Body Ecology way to emotional healing tips and suggestions.
  • I’ll provide options for tracking your progress and staying accountable.
  • We’ll discuss how to make these changes work in an already busy life.

First Steps – Creating Your Vision of Your Best Health

So are you ready to join me? Let’s get started – there’s no better time than the present! Here’s your first assignment…and this is a really fun one: write your vision for the best you ever.

This may sound really simple – so simple that some of you may be tempted to skip it altogether, waiting for the glitzy, sexy stuff that seems meatier. But I will tell you, that this one simple step of writing your vision for the best you ever is more profound than you can imagine.

Six years ago, when I wanted to make a huge change in my life – a change that would set the tone for my best health and living the life of my dreams – I took a chance and wrote my vision.

At first, like some of you, I pooh-poohed the whole idea of a vision. Yeah, I heard that Olympic athletes and millionaires had great success with their vision, but hey, this was before The Secret and Law of Attraction, so I wasn’t quite sold. While at a seminar, I learned about writing my vision and decided to experiment...something had to change and I figured, what did I have to lose?

Within one year of writing my vision, I was on a plane heading to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. As the plane touched down, I burst into tears and as my husband looked at me and asked what was wrong. My answer was, “I’m so happy because I just realized that I have achieved just about everything in my vision.”

It was true, I was on the way to my home on a small nearby Caribbean island, where I would be working in my own business and living the simple, healthy life I had dreamed of just one year ago. All of this from writing my vision…and believe me, it’s not like I had all the pieces, money or resources in place when I started.

So here’s my invitation to you: write your vision for your best health – for the best you ever. Here are some guidelines:

  • Write about how you want to FEEL – not so much about what you want to have or do, but focus on how you want to feel, so you can experience the feeling of it as you think about it or read it.
  • Provide detail – be really specific. As you write your vision, provide all of the details of your ideal day, week or month. Make it so real that you can see and feel yourself living it.
  • Write in the present tense – write as if you are in your ideal vision right now. An example from my vision is something like, “ I wake up with the sun shining into my bedroom window. I awake peacefully and look out at the ocean. I get up and meditate for 20 minutes and then do yoga...”
  • Write about your ideal health – provide detail about how it feels to be healthy.  Include the kinds of food you’d be eating and how it feels to eat that way.
  • Focus only on the positives – instead of saying, I don’t have headaches, say “I feel healthy and vibrant all day.” If you are saying things like, “can’t, don’t, not, or no, rephrase them in positive terms. Talk about what you can do, what you are doing.
  • Dream big – this is not the time to be realistic: “Well, I want to live in a warm climate, but I can’t because of my job...or my spouse, or my current health situation.” This is the time to see the possibility of the life you truly want...of the health you truly want to achieve.
Vitality SuperGreen

Take Your First Step Toward Your Best Health with Vitality SuperGreen!Vitamin-mineral-probiotic-rich Vitality SuperGreen is the easy, ideal way to start your day. Just add two scoops to 8 oz. of water first thing in the morning and you’re on your way to feeling your best. Fast, easy and delicious, nothing tastes better than good health with Vitality SuperGreen.

Over the next month, I invite you to complete your vision and read it or visualize yourself living it every day.

If you want more guidelines, you can get a free copy of the Live Your Dreams Guided Exercise that I used to achieve my dreams that first year. Think of this as your foundation for success.

Take One Step for Your Best Health

Once you’ve accomplished your vision, I encourage you to take one first step toward feeling your best. One of the easiest ways to create good health is by adding a green drink, like Vitality SuperGreen to your morning routine. This one habit alone changed my health dramatically and helped me give up my morning coffee.

You deserve to live your dreams and to feel your best. It may not happen overnight, but taking small steps each day can lead to big changes over time. Join me as your health coach for the next 6 months and see how you can be the best you ever!

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