3 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Halloween!

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I love seeing all the kids dressed up and having fun! Kids will naturally load up on as much candy as they can carry, but parents are rightfully growing concerned about the amount of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients in Halloween bags.

Here are some tricks to get those treats from your kids:

1) The Great Switch - Have your child place their trick or treat bag on the porch before bed and tell them that "The Great Pumpkin" or "Switch Witch" is coming to take the candy away and leave them a surprise. This approach is gaining popularity and kids love it. Just like the Tooth Fairy and Santa, kids like the story and especially to find a new toy in the morning.

2) Ferments & Favorites - If your kids do indulge, have them pick a few of their favorites and then serve them a bowl of cultured veggies or a nice probiotic drink like a glass of coconut water kefir or Innergy Biotic. At least you'll be putting in trillions of beneficial microbes that will help gobble up the sugar.

Believe it or not, sugar is considered to be a drug that is more addictive than cocaine! You can help your kids recover from the aftermath of Halloween by supporting their gut health to boost their immune system.

3) Sour Over Sweet - If you feed your kids sour tasting fermented foods, they won't be attracted to sugar. Fermented foods take away the desire for sweets. This is hugely important so that they don’t gain undesirable weight or become insulin resistant and eventually diabetic. Since sugar elevates triglycerides you’ll be protecting your child from heart disease too.

Sour foods restore our ability to taste the natural sweetness of a carrot stick. And the sweet flavor of an apple will be off the charts! Should your kids are offered candy, it will taste too sweet !!! and they'll either dislike it or certainly won't eat much of it. Start adding fermented foods and beverages to your family’s meals and by next Halloween, they'll be more excited about the costumes and the fun than the candy.

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  • Sharon, my kids and many adults don't really care for one or other of the fermented foods/drink at first. Infact most kids eat so poorly they wouldn't like real food if it was offered. Continue to sneak in different fermented foods at different times. In our house just like with a new food they must eat a piece or two. I have 4 kids. Some like sauerkraut, some kimchi, some love coconut kiefer, etc. Smile and offer. Have them help make fermented veggies and let them choose which ones to add to the jar. Works at our house.

    Posted on Nov 6 at 11:48 am

  • My kids are revolted by the smell of my cultured veggies. They took one small taste and won't eat any more. Does kefir (store bought, haven't tried making my own yet) offer the same benefits? I think they will prefer that.

    Posted on Nov 1 at 6:52 am

  • Love this article!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

    The Great Switch! What a great idea!

    Posted on Oct 31 at 6:32 pm