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Body Ecology Core Programs

Excited to start the Body Ecology Diet but don't know where to begin? Then you've come to the right place!

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Superfoods are the staple of a thriving inner ecosystem teeming with healthy microflora.

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Probiotic Beverages

The first step to supporting the health of your inner ecosystem is to provide your body with the healthy microflora that it needs to defend against harmful bacteria.

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Probiotic Culture Starters

Probiotic culture starters give your body the beneficial bacteria that it needs to boost your immunity and even provide anti-aging benefits.

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Fermented Foods

Improve your overall wellness and immune system. Body Ecology is one of the leading providers of products specifically designed for improving your health with fermented foods.

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Digestive Aids

Health and longevity all center on proper digestion.

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Cleanse Aids

Body Ecology offers unique products for cleansing and detoxification.

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Mineral Supplements

In today's world, we have to eat more food than ever to get the valuable minerals that we need in our diets.

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Natural Sweeteners

Having a hard time kicking your sugar habit on the Body Ecology Diet?

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Healthy Living Books

To fully understand how the Body Ecology Diet can improve your health and vitality, you can learn more in The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.

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Educational Materials

Want to learn more about the Body Ecology way of life?

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